December 20, 2020

Nurse Manager Tiffany Dover from CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Story and video.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The first week of injecting American healthcare workers with the experimental illegal Pfizer mRNA vaccine has resulted in over 3000 of these healthcare workers reporting that they were injured to the extent that they could not continue on their jobs and perform normal activities, requiring care from a doctor or healthcare worker.

This report is directly from the CDC and was published yesterday, December 19, 2020.

If the staffing issues and overcrowding at hospitals across the U.S. were being over-exaggerated in the Pharma-controlled corporate media in recent weeks to instill fear over COVID to the public, that is all about to change as the next phase of the experimental COVID vaccine trials is being conducted on the American public, starting with healthcare workers this past week.

Because according to this CDC report, the healthcare system just lost over 3000 staff due to the experimental COVID vaccine, and not COVID itself.

Using healthcare workers as the first human lab rats in the public was obviously planned from the start. Those trained in the dogma of the pharmaceutical industry, at least many of them, were able to roll up their sleeves and get this experimental vaccine and be convinced that the side effects are “normal” and for the “greater good,” because that is what their training has taught them.

This will also lead to REAL hospital over-crowding as more and more of these healthcare workers will not be able to show up for work next week, and probably the weeks ahead, and the pharma-controlled corporate media will spin this as being due to the rising “cases” of COVID to convince the general public to line up and get this vaccine.

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It appears that the nurse who passed out on camera after receiving the injection is most likely dead.

I’m updating this list as reports come in.

The CDC reported that through June 4, 2021, there were 5,165 deaths (0.0017%) and 294,801 adverse events reported to VAERS following injections of the three experimental, non-FDA approved, COVID-19 injections.  Recent reports indicate a plausible causal relationship between the J&J/Janssen injection and a serious adverse event – blood clots with low platelets – which has caused deaths, but the CDC says the benefits outweigh the risks.

By comparison, during the same time period VAERS received reports of 83 deaths following flu vaccines.

And for a further perspective on the magnitude of deaths, the current death count exceeds the total number of deaths reported to VAERS for the past 23 years.

These reports are voluntary. Historically only 1% of vaccine injuries & deaths are reported to VAERS. The system has been backlogged by months possibly indicating there are so many reports coming in that that the CDC can’t handle them and that the true numbers of adverse reactions are not reflecting reality.

Injecting children with this experimental gene therapy, who rarely get COVID or transmit it, and have more than a 99.9% chance of surviving is the height of insanity. Sadly, there 5 recorded deaths among children receiving the injection and a 17 year old with mental illness who committed suicide 8 days after the shot.  A respected geneticist has issued a warning for young people stating,

“the risk is higher to be vaccinated by Astra-Zeneca than not to be vaccinated. That’s it. It’s as clear as that.”

Important quote:

One of the most incredible statements made by the CDC on this page regarding the COVID injections is that they found no link to the Pfizer and Moderna experimental mRNA shots.

The CDC  admits “vaccine” breakthrough cases are fully expected & that no “vaccine” is 100% effective.  What this simply means is that fully “vaccinated” people can STILL get sick, become hospitalized, or DIE from COVID-19.  


Source  This is public information funded by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), but is being censored by the corporate media.  Go here for a current tally of types and totals of each adverse reaction. 

  • The CDC as well as Israel are investigating cases of heart inflammation after COVID injections. Myocarditis has been linked to the influenza, tetanus, live virus smallpox, and the genetically engineered HPV vaccines.
  • Denmark and Norway have completely suspended use of the AstraZeneca experimental COVID-19 shots.
  • A statement issued by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health stated that the AstraZeneca COVID “vaccine” is more dangerous than COVID itself, especially for young people.
  • The EMA continues to recommend it. They did, however, add a safety warning to the J&J shots, due to fatal blood clots. (Source.)
  • Even the corrupt CDC sees a “plausible causal association” between the J&J shot and clotting disorders, but that the benefits of the vaccine still outweigh the risk. 
  • The FDA is also now monitoring vaccine recipients for facial paralysis due to a potential safety signal in the clinical trial.
  • There is concern that COVID injection may not protect people with immune disorders.
Dentists, Optometrists, Podiatrists, and Veterinarians Can Now Administer COVID-19 injections. The Prep Act protects them from lawsuits if the injected person dies or is injured.

Take a look for yourself at some examples:

  • 186 “break through” cases resulting in 29 hospitalizations and 2 deaths in Las Vegas.
  • California mother has seizure and cardiac arrest and a week in ICU after COVID shot. She died.
  • Another California mother is in a coma and has been unresponsive since May 21 after 2nd COVID shot.
  • 61 year old Maryland woman dead within 24 hours after shot.
  • 39 year old woman dead 12 hours after shot. The shot was a “prerequisite” to donating an organ to her husband.
  • 35 year old woman developed blood clot issues requiring brain surgery after COVID shot. She died from a bleed in the brain while recovering from surgery.
  • 32 year old man has major stroke and then died after shot.
  • 54 year old Australian filmmaker dead 2 months after jab.
  • Swollen joints, still limping 3 weeks after COVID shot.
  • 12 DEAD, Four Miscarriages 1 Week Following COVID-19 Injections in Hong Kong.
  • CDC vaccine tracking system developer dead two months after shot.
  • 52 year old Atlanta news anchor develops 2 brain tumors 12 days after jab.
  • 52 year old Canadian woman develops blood clots in brain – dead 12 days after shot.
  • 50 year old Canadian woman dead 7 days after shot.
  • Toronto actress develops Bell’s Palsy after shot.
  • 44 year old BBC presenter dies of blood clots after injection.
  • NJ bishop hospitalized for blood clots after COVID jab.
  • Another woman stuck with medical bills (over $1 million) after blood clots caused most of her organs to shut down, the need to remove most of her small intestine necessitating a permanent feeding tube, and physical therapy to relearn how to walk and use a fork.
  • 18 Connecticut teens hospitalized with heart problems after injection. Watch the news story.
  • Comic book artist dies after developing blood clots after Moderna injection.
  • Young mother dies nine days after getting AstraZeneca injection.
  • Former Malaysian Olympic archer dies 10 days after injection (blocked coronary artery)
  • 78-year-old Bollywood music composer dead six days after second AstraZeneca shot
  • 62 year old New Jersey woman suffers blood clots, collapsed lung 10 days after J&J shot
  • 74 year old Australian man dead after doctors refuse to treat blood clots after COVID njections.
  • 58 year old British man has leg amputated after infection following AstraZeneca shot.
  • Chicago man gets COVID jab, 5 days later has heart attack, dies 12 days later.
  • Young mom suffers brain hemorrhage after J&J shot.
  • 32 year old single mom intubated after Pfizer shot. Now in physical therapy to learn to walk & talk again. She owes $160K in medical bills.
  • Musician Eric Clapton regrets getting COVID jabs that caused his hands and feet to be “useless” for 2 weeks causing him to fear he would never play music again.
  • 75 year old Madison, WI woman dead after injections.
  • Former head of Indian Medical Association dies from COVID after being fully “vaccinated.”
  • British model in Cypress dies after shot (blood clot). Cyprus health authorities now investigating see if the “serious thrombotic episode” was linked to the AstraZeneca jab.
  • 43 year old Canadian man has 7 feet of intestines removed after vaccine-induced blood clots. He states he wasn’t adequately warned of vaccine risks. A University of Toronto professor, epidemiologist, and infectious disease specialist believes that Canada may have initially missed signals that COVID injections given to older people caused strokes.
  • 65 year old Air Force Veteran dies after jab.
  • Syracuse teachers union president dead 10 weeks after second shot. (This and a few other “near-term” deaths have occurred. Dr. Tenpenny states the real damage begins from day 42 on after the injections are given, specifically with ADE.)
  • 37 year old ballerina dead 2 weeks after shots.
  • 32 year old German psychologist dead 12 days after shots.
  • Australian student nurse gets blot clots (TTS) after COVID jab. It took 5 trips to the hospital before a correct diagnosis.
  • Pregnant Brazilian woman dies after the jab, 2 Brazilian states suspend shots for pregnant women.
  • 20 of 26 “fully vaccinated” Kentucky nursing home residents positive for COVID.
  • Nearly 20,000 ‘eye disorders’ including blindness reported in Europe, following injections. 
  • Yale public health professor states 60% of new COVID-19 cases have received the injections.
  • Two young mothers paralyzed after injections.
  • Third-grade teacher develops GBS after J&J shots. (developed numbness and couldn’t walk)
  • Canadian woman dead after shots (blood clots that caused a stroke).
  • 45 year old California father dead 10 days after shot. (Gofundme link to help family)
  • After mocking “anti-vaxxers,” another man dead 7 days after getting the J&J shot.
  • Healthy 17 year old athlete develops blood clots in and outside his brain after shots. (Heartbreaking video)
  • 16-year old Wisconsin teen dead after injections.
  • Health care workers no longer able to work speak out about tremors, memory loss, and “full-body convulsions” after shots.
  • Ohio doctor dead after mockingly writing his own obituary.
  • The Israeli People`s Committee, an independent organization relying on publicly available information, states that risk of death is greater after the second injection with a high rate of cardiac related injuries. They also ask that the radical idea of vaccinating children be completely rejected. “Never has a vaccine injured so many! “
  • “Doctors for COVID Ethics” recently gave evidence regarding risks. The science shows these injections are dangerous, unnecessary, and lack efficacy.
  • World renown vaccine specialist, Geert Vanden Bossche, states mass vaccination drives viral immune escape, and countries undertaking mass vaccination, (UK, Israel, USA), will initially experience a drop in infectivity rates, but they will inevitably suffer a steep incline in severe COVID cases in the weeks to come.
  • Increasing “vaxxidents” are occurring. In once such case, a driver who had just received his second COVID-19 injection, “went blank and started holding his chest.”  (Thankfully his wife steered the car to safety.)
  • Women getting shots, and women NOT getting the shots but are around those who have, are reporting severe cramping, heavy bleeding for days on end, post-menopausal women suddenly menstruating, and irregular periods. (Women are up to 4 times more likely to experience adverse reactions to these injections than men.)  More reports also coming in on miscarriages, hemorrhaging, passing clots, delayed cycles, and abnormal pain, and milk supply stops after nursing mothers get injection.
  • UK miscarriages, in just 6 weeks, skyrocket 366% after shot.
  • There are concerns of the “vaccinated” causing harm to the unvaccinated. Video explanation (Approx. 12 Min).  
  • We’ve been warned about self-replicating “vaccines” that spread like a disease. The link also explains “virally spread immunocontraception.” i.e. sterility. Ten institutions, primarily in the U.S. but also Europe and Australia are currently doing significant work in the area. This research has been bankrolled by the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and the Department of Health and Human Services. Private organizations like the Gates Foundation and academic institutions have also financed projects. Recently, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has gotten involved in the research.  The concern is dual-use – that the same research that is used to develop self-spreading vaccines to prevent disease, could also be used to deliberately cause harm, and which could be uncontrollable and irreversible.
  • America’s Frontline Doctors state the spike proteins in these injections are pathogenic (“disease causing”) just like the full virus, and that a person’s body is being suddenly flooded with 13 trillion of particles which bind more tightly than the fully intact virus. Because of the biomimicry (similarity) on the spike protein, shedding appears to be causing wide variety of autoimmune disease (where the body attacks its own tissue) in some persons.
  • 5 doctors state the injections are bioweapons. (This was never a viral illness but blood poisoning due to a spike protein. The injections are NOT “vaccines” but cause YOU to manufacture spike proteins – perhaps indefinitely – the very thing causing illness. Those getting the shots are now transmitting this spike protein to those who are foregoing the shots. Those getting the shots should be quarantined.
  • Coroner’s office investigating death of CA woman who died several days after 2nd injection.
  • Despite being fully “vaccinated”, 58 year old Israeli fashion icon dead. (European new sources are blaming the “South African variant of COVID-19″).
  • 54 year old Canadian woman, 48 year old Australian woman, 27 year old British engineer, 35 year old Ionia Co. woman, ALL DEAD after injections.  Nearly all developed blood clots.
  • Judith Reisman, adversary of the porn industry dies 10 days after shot.
  • A 30 year old Bay Area man’s case is the first instance of U.S. public health officials acknowledging “vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia syndrome”.  (After J&J injection)
  • VAERS data show reports of blood clotting disorders after all three EUA “vaccines.”
  • Leaked study states Pfizer injection may cause heart inflammation in those under age 30.
  • Dozens in Central Florida contract COVID after getting shots.
  • 246 fully “vaccinated” Michigan residents get COVID, 3 dead.
  • British Columbian doctor defies gag order and states shots killed and permanently disabled Indigenous people in his community.  (The doctor states this method of intimidation is being used against other doctors who have become too afraid to speak out, because the College of Physicians and Surgeons has great authority to shut down doctors’ careers, or heavily fine them – just like with those who dare to treat Lyme/MSIDS.)
  • Indian actor turned “health ambassador” dies 2 days after shot.  (Last month, an analysis of 79 Indians who died after a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine found that around half suffered strokes or heart attacks.)
  • 44-year old pastor dead after second shot.
  • In California, recalled dictator Gavin Newsom, is partnering with two hundred “faith based” organizations to set up “pop up” vaccine clinics. What were once reverent churches, are now being converted to government and vaccine worship centers.
  • Pro-“vaccine” cybersecurity expert dead after shot.
  • Study states Pfizer’s COVID injection may trigger Herpes virus that causes Shingles. Two centers in Israel have recorded six such cases.
  • 20-year old Scottish man dead 12 hours after shot. (Whole body pain, high temperature, suffered a seizure where foam was coming out of his mouth)
  • 21 year old dead 24 hours after shot.
  • 33 year old hospitalized for ‘mysterious’ paralysis‘ 12 hours after shot.
  • Healthy 43 year old suffers stroke from blood clot hours after shot.
  • 30 year old actress dead.
  • 18-year-old has undergone three brain surgeries related to dangerous blood clots.
  • 61-year-old Darlene Blackwell died two days after shot. (massive bleeding in her brain)
  • MSNBC legal analyst dead one month after shot.
  • British educator dead 6 weeks after shot.
  • 27 year old Chicago resident doctor dead 3 months after jab.
  • 24 year old Texas nurse has seizures, brain aneurysm two hours after shot.
  • 67 year old woman from Malta dead 3 weeks after shot.
  • 82 year old Australian woman dead 3 hours after shot.
  • Medicare/Medicaid program giving Texas doctors DOUBLE the normal reimbursement per injection. Shots are “free” to the patients. 
  • Israeli woman dead after shot. (Started with muscle pains, discomfort, trouble breathing and chest pains. Diagnosed with myocarditis)
  • Texas teen diagnosed with Guillain-Barre weeks after injection.  
  • Two more Italian teachers dead. (both were blood clotting issues)
  • Radiologists are finding a side effect of the injection looks like breast cancer.  (For more on harm caused by mammograms.)
  • Wisconsin music teacher dead 4 days after injection.
  • 65 year old Greek woman dead 30 minutes after shot.
  • German whistleblower says 7 of 31 residents immediately died after forced injections.
  • 74 year old man and 41 year old woman break out in full-body rash.
  • 78 year old woman immediately complains of discomfort, passes out in observation room, and then dies.
  • Female military member dies 2 days after shot.
  • College professor dead 48 hours after J & J shot. (stroke) 
  • 37 year old Italian professor dead. (cerebral hemorrhage) 
  • 31 year old Italian professor dead 3 weeks after shot.
  • 32 year old stagehand dead 24 hours after shot.
  • Kansas City Council Woman dead hours after shot. (allergic reaction)
  • Two Australian seniors die after shot. Both were reportedly in good health prior to the injections, but both developed pneumonia after the shots and died soon after.
  • COVID is spiking in states with the highest vaccination rates.
  • Serious illness in Denmark, including death after jab. (Blood clots and cerebral hemorrhage)
  • Nine Irish nursing home residents die of COVID despite being mRNA “vaccinated. The Irish Health Products Regulatory Authority said it has received reports of 17 elderly people dying after receiving experimental shots as of early march.
  • Manslaughter investigation into whether injection caused the death of Italian teacher hours after shot.
  • Australian sailors are suffering widespread adverse reactions, but only sanitized media news reports of “mild side effects” are to be found despite the fact the ship’s crew needed hospitalization. Tellingly, the government is quietly “walking away” from mass vaccination plans. 
  • Pregnant Pediatric nurse delivers stillborn baby eight days after second injection. (Details in link)
  • Boxing Champ, Marvin Hagler dead. Pharma-controlled media silent on the jab.
  • Surgical Tech dies 4 days after the jab.
  • Twenty nations halt COVID shot after reports of blood clots. (But we are told benefits outweigh risks)  Chief physician and professor Pål Andre Holme has come forward stating the injection triggered a powerful immune response caused by specific antibodies against blood platelets.  
  • UK changes stance on pregnant women getting the injection – causing at least 20 miscarriages so far.
  • Australian Health Minister admitted to hospital after injection.
  • South Korea reports 7 deaths and 2,800 adverse reactions.
  • Austria’s Federal Office for Safety in Health Care (BASG) is suspending administration of Oxford/AstraZeneca viral vector “vaccines” after one death and another severe adverse effect.
  • 46 Spanish nursing home residents in Andalusia, 22 in Chiclani, and another nine in Lagartera die from the shot and all experience a COVID outbreak after the injection.  Health officials have halted the second shot due to the deaths.
  • 32 dead and 137 infected in NY nursing home after shot. “The outbreak started at the same time the facility started to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.”6
  • 28 and more die in Israel.
  • 23 from Norway die after shot.  The agency noted that the vaccine may indeed have caused side effects that led to “a more serious course of existing diseases in older people.”
  • 22 elderly die in the Netherlands within a week of the injection and many become infected.
  • 22UK nursing home residents died after shot.  (COVID is blamed but deaths occurred after the injection.  Many are testing positive after the injection.)
  • 12 die in Wale’s nursing home, while 36 residents and 54 staff are now testing positive for COVID.
  • 9 die in India and 16 are hospitalized.
  • 8 German nursing home residents die after being forcibly injected. “We’re dealing with homicide, maybe even murder.” – Attorney Reiner Fuellmich  Source According to the Defender, 25% died immediately after the injection and 36% were severely injured within a short time.
  • Four Italian healthcare workers die.
  • Two nuns die in Kentucky and 28 out of 35 test positive after the injection.
  • Two die in South Dakota.
  • Polish doctor mocks “anti-vaxxers”, dies days after the shot.
  • Wisconsin healthcare worker dies days after injection.
  • Dr. Sara Beltran Ponce of Milwaukee, WI miscarries 3 days after injection.
  • So many French health workers suffered from side-effects that the French vaccination task force recommended staggering the vaccination schedule for people working in the same care unit.
  • Dozens of Italian teachers too ill to teach after the jab.
  • Entire Ohio School District cancels class due to vast injection reactions.
  • 39 year old dies within hours of shot.
  • 73 year old Iowan dead hours after shot.
  • 70 year old Floridian dead 72 hours after shot.
  • 28 year old physical therapist dead 2 days after shot.
  • Former anchorwoman dead one day after shot.
  • Doctor dead.
  • Memphis doctor dead (The CDC is calling it a rare COVID-related syndrome but he died weeks after the injection and he already had natural COVID antibodies. This update states multi-system inflammatory syndrome (MIS) is more common in children and looks like Kawasaki disease (they’ve already tried blaming Kawasaki on COVID but were called out as it’s a common vaccine reaction.  MIS is a reaction in someone who has had COVID weeks or months earlier and mounted a severe, delayed immune reaction, which often causes significant organ damage.  (Expect to see more of this)
  • Hank Aaron dies after 1st dose.
  • 58 year old dies one hour after 1st dose (flash pulmonary edema likely caused by anaphylaxis which many people have experienced after receiving the COVID vaccine), an autopsy was refused.
  • X-ray tech dies.
  • Nurse aid dies 48-hours after shot (mandatory to keep her job).
  • CA man dies.
  • OBGYN dies after Pfizer shot. It began with a strong set of petechiae on his feet and hands which sent him to the ER.  A CBC showed his platelet count to be 0. Experts from all over the country were involved in his care, but nothing could raise his platelets causing a hemorrhagic stroke and death.  “I think it is a medical certainty that the vaccine was related.” Dr. Jerry L. Spivak, an expert on blood disorders at Johns Hopkins University.
  • Pediatric Assistant dies.
  • Israeli man dies within 2 hours.
  • Elderly person dies.
  • Numerous vaccine trial participants die.  (Even those given a ‘placebo’ are often given another vaccine)
  • Greek nurse paralyzed.
  • 12 deaf and 5 blind in the UK after shot.
  • Israeli teenager hospitalized with myocarditis.
  • 23 year develops “Life threatening syndrome” with heart damage after vaccine.
  • Nurse explains how the COVID shot gave her Bell’s Palsy:
  • Mexican doctor suffers seizures and is paralyzed.
  • 27-year-old Canadian healthcare worker faints & has multiple seizures & requires CPR.
  • Peruvian suffers Guillain Barre-like symptoms after shot.
  • Indiana woman with tongue spasms and whole body convulsions. Doctors are telling her it’s “stress”:  (Facebook is removing posts as fast as they are put up)
  • Frontline Wisconsin worker suffers severe allergic reaction to shot (doctors told her a second dose could kill her)
  • Louisiana woman uncontrollably convulses.
  • Painful side-effects in those with facial fillers.
  • Get injection, come down with COVID?  240 get COVID-19 after shot but we’re told it wasn’t due to the vaccine.  The media is calling them “Break through cases.”  
  • CA nurse tests positive for COVID after shot.

But these deaths and life-altering outcomes due to injections don’t matter because it’s “for the greater good.”

A Canadian doctor has been removed from hospital duty simply for telling others about about his vaccine injured patients. This has resulted in his income being slashed by half, which he explained is “the price of advocating for the safety of my patients.”

For more:  

Public ‘authorities’ renamed vaccine “Adverse Reactions” to “Immune Responses” for the COVID-19, hoping to downplay vaccine concerns:  (Many other links about the vaccine within article)

And here we learn that the CDC is thwarting efforts tracking adverse reactions:

The WHO and Fauci freely admit the vaccine may not prevent infection or transmission: