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Dr. Coleman – Tick Borne Illness

 Approx. 2 hours  (The audio is soft so turn your volume up)

Dr. Robert E. Coleman, Jr. ND, LMT practices integrative medicine, environmental toxicology, and naturopathic physiatry. He began his life’s journey in Los Angeles, California where his passion for humanity, science, and technological innovation excelled.

He is an accomplished graduate of Bastyr University’s Naturopathic Medical School in Seattle, Washington. He has received advanced training in IV therapies, physical medicine, primary care, and integrated pain management.

Dr. Coleman is the president of the Wisconsin Naturopathic Doctors Association (WNDA) and active member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP).

He has proven himself through exceedingly challenging medical cases. He has collaborates with integrated physicians, surgeons, chiropractors, and other alternative medicine practitioners to reengineer a patient-centered approach to health care. Dr. Coleman continues to establish himself and encourages other primary care trained naturopathic doctors to practice in the state of Wisconsin. He perceives every moment in life to be a learning experience and blessing that he is most often able to incorporate into practice.

Dr. Coleman participates in seminars, grand rounds, continuing medical education, webinars, and conferences in order to continuously enrich his clinical knowledge.

This lengthy presentation covers many topics but primarily treatment options for tick borne illnesses.  Dr. Coleman treats each individual differently depending upon what infections they have, what imbalances are present, and what immune issues they are dealing with.

Hemp Oil Presentation

 Part 1, Approx 30 Min.

Saturday, November 4, 2017
Topic: Hemp Oil
Speakers: Anna Zachow and Lyssa Blakeslee have a combined caregiver background of over 40 years. They’ve cared for and advocated for the elderly, and disabled parents collectively.
Their journey has led them to discover hemp oil as a solution to their own health issues as well as their families. They’ve made it their mission to share the power of one plant with the world.

They will share:
• a sample of the product
• the difference between marijuana and hemp
• the endocannabinoid system
• why we haven’t had access to it
• what to look for in a quality product

 Part II, Approx 2 min



Rebecca Keith on MCAS, Parasites, & Lyme/MSIDS

Wisconsin Nurse Practitioner Rebecca Keith spoke at the Madison Lyme Support Group in March on an issue she’s finding many Lyme/MSIDS patients have: MCAS & parasites in relation to Lyme/MSIDS.  

For more information on Keith:

Apologies for the low volume.  You need to crank it up to hear well.

  Part 1  (52 Min)  MCAS, Parasites, & Lyme/MSIDS

  Part 2 (18:30 Min)  Q & A

Dr. Green’s Presentation

Dr. Green Part 1  Approx. 35 Min

Part 2 Approx. 35 Min

Part 3 Approx. 35 Min – Green answers questions

Part 4 Approx 13 Min – Green answers questions


Microbiologist Tom Grier

  Approx. 1.5 hours

Presented by:  Minnesota Lyme Association

Grier dispels Lyme/MSIDS myths

Grier, infected himself, has done cutting edge work and we need to listen to it. He shows autopsy results – demonstrating Borrelia Burgdorferi (Bb) in numerous tissues, including the brain (glial cells, neurons, endothelial cells), kidneys, placenta, and much more.

More on Grier:

Lyme on the Brain, part 1:

Lyme on the Brain, part 2:

Lyme on the Brain, part 3:

Lyme on the Brain, part 4:

IGeneX Presentation

Published on Dec 7, 2016

The Madison Area Lyme Support Group hosts the IGeneX Lab to present information regarding testing of tick-borne illnesses.   2 Hours long

Transmission Time:  Only one study done on Mice.  At 24 hours every tick had transmitted to the mice; however, in the following video microbiologist Holly Ahern explains how this information has been inappropriately used for the widely held belief that if you pull a tick off before 24 hours you won’t get infected.  No human studies have been done and animal studies have proven that transmission can occur in under 16 hours and it occurs frequently in under 24 hours.

Bob Giguere of IGeneX states a case by Dr. Jones of a little girl who went outside to play about 8:30a.m. and came inside at 10:30 with an attached tick above her right eye.  By 2 o’clock, she had developed the facial palsy.  At the hospital she was told it couldn’t be Lyme as the tick hadn’t been attached long enough.  They offered a neuro-consult…..

By 4pm she couldn’t walk or talk.

Dr. Jones met the family in his office on a Saturday, gave her an intramuscular injection of antibiotics and within 2 hours the palsy was gone.  He continued her treatment for approximately 4 weeks.


I think not.  

Do not believe what the “experts” tell you about transmission times!

Immune Support Talk

  Approx. 1 hour

Made possible by Minnesota Lyme Association

Excellent presentation on Immune Support for Chronic Lyme Disease by Dr. Radovsky