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Congress Investigates PRET As WHO is ‘Desperate’ For Global Control & Experts Predict Next Pandemic

WHO to Use ‘Listening Surveillance Systems’ to Monitor Americans’ Speech for ‘Misinformation’

Congress is launching an investigation into the World Health Organization (WHO) after details emerged of the United Nations health body’s disturbing Orwellian plan to combat so-called “misinformation.”

The WHO’s pandemic prevention initiative, the Preparedness and Resilience for Emerging Threats (PRET), pushes plans to use “social listening surveillance systems” to monitor the public’s speech for “misinformation.”

However, PRET has been met with a backlash as more people start to push back against unelected bodies who are trying to suppress speech and potentially override sovereignty.

PRET aims to “guide countries in pandemic planning,” according to documents from the UN agency.

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BTW: many in our own government want censorship and increased control of free speech.


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WHO ‘Desperate’ To Have Global Pandemic Treaty

May 27, 2023

Sky News host Rowan Dean says the World Health Organization is “desperate to have some kind of global pandemic treaty” to give them a greater say during a pandemic crisis. “At its worst the reality is, or the fear is that the World Health Organization will have the powers to be able to say ‘such and such state … is in a pandemic and situation and must be locked down’, even if that entity says, ‘no, we’re not’ or disputes it,” Mr Dean said.

PRET proves that desperation, along with the recent WHO warning that the public must prepare for a disease “even deadlier” than COVID.  

Predictably, WHO mouthpiece, GPMD Co-Chair Joy Phumaphi says we need the next pandemic exercise:

“We … suggest that member states, together with other key stakeholders, carry out a simulation exercise based on the draft Accord and the draft IHR (International Health Regulations) amendments later this year before they are finalized and adopted,” urged GPMD Co-Chair Joy Phumaphi. “A simulation exercise beforehand and robust monitoring and accountability following their adoption are two ways you can ensure these important instruments fulfill their potential and that we are ready for the next pandemic.”

The WHO, known for its closed-door meetings recently met to discuss the IHR Amendments.  Go here for the WHO update from the World Health Assembly.  The power grab of a Pandemic Treaty which would supersede the U.S. Constitution is very real, and very frightening.  We need to exit the WHO that has been described as “rotting from the head.”

Sign the petition to stop the WHO power grab.

Serious concerns about the new WHO treaty and International health regulations

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Pandemic Treaty Update: Analysis of the Bureau’s Text

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CDC Warns About Uptick in Metapneumovirus

Metapneumovirus, like all viruses, can be dangerous for people with weakened immune systems as well as children and older adults. And, similarly to many respiratory viruses, it usually improves within 2-5 days, however, for the unlucky few it can turn into more serious conditions such as bronchitis and pneumonia.

The key point:  there is no vaccine and antibiotics do not apply because it is not a bacterial disease, so naturally the CDC is all over this because “vaccines” and lucrative drugs are their business.

An infectious disease specialist at Boston Children’s Hospital told USA Today that this “uptick” could be because we have more ability to test for these viruses than ever before. Nobody at the CDC wants to talk about good hygiene, diet, immune supports, or simple at-home treatments.    Source

Which Virus Will Cause the Next Pandemic?

Experts Predict Virus Will Be Airborne–Narrows Field Considerably

MAY 31, 2023

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

We are constantly being barraged by fear-mongering messages about a “next pandemic” as if new global catastrophes have been put on a schedule. I have remarked that it would be quite difficult to anticipate an organism arriving from nature and afflicting the entire world’s population of any mammal, let alone man.

Neumann and Kawaoka published a review of past pandemics, a broad list of viral threats, and then indicated that the likely winner would be a zoonosis (virus that jumped from a bat or rodent) to a human. Additionally, for human to human spread it would need to be airborne and highly contagious. We learned with the fizzled Monkeypox scare that homo-bi-sexual transmission from man to man was not enough the scare the world into mass vaccination or hold the public captive very long in the news cycle. President Biden dropped the US Monkeypox Emergency in January 31, 2023 with no press release.

The list of possibilities for future pandemics is listed in the table. Most have no antiviral therapy that is specific, however, the authors fail to mention viricidal nasal sprays/gargles, vitamin D, curcumin, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, favipiravir, famotidine, or other agents to mitigate viral specific inflammation such as maraviroc and nonspecific agents including corticosteroids and colchicine.  (See link for article)



I highly recommend you educate yourself on how to strengthen the immune system and find an independent doctor who utilizes immune treatments as a strategy for disease.  It’s become clear that ‘pandemics’ along with ‘vaccines’ and lucrative yet ineffective and dangerous drugs are big, big business and are part and parcel of a highly orchestrated and planned endgame that has absolutely nothing to do with health.

We can not trust Big Media or corrupt public health ‘experts’ to tell us the truth.

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The Great Reset Fully Explained


The Great Reset Fully Explained

May 10, 2023

Marc Moano explains the lunacy of the past 3 years.  Decades of trends utilizing a multi-pronged attack have been deployed against an unsuspecting public for global control of virtually all of life on planet earth.

This is the zoomed out picture, but explains the health-care monopoly which will hurt Lyme/MSIDS patients even more than they currently are.

Zooming in further, the CDC has already tipped its hand by showing they will monopolize health data with an initiative that will:

  • unify public health data systems at the state and federal levels
  • “help” states hire staff to work on data collection & analysis (using $3 BILLION CDC funds)
  • create a “Travelocity”-like system where a “cloud-based” framework would allow staff to quickly analyze data and understand what is happening in real-time

Your private medical information of course will all be utilized by corrupt global agencies like the UN and the WHO for a greater purpose: The Great Reset

Individuality will be lost forever for the collective greater good.

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New Federally Funded Study Which Threw Out 75% of Cases & Didn’t Stratify for Gender Admits Covid Shot Health Risk For Children


Importance  Active monitoring of health outcomes after COVID-19 vaccination offers early detection of rare outcomes that may not be identified in prelicensure trials.

Objective  To conduct near–real-time monitoring of health outcomes following BNT162b2 COVID-19 vaccination in the US pediatric population aged 5 to 17 years.

Design, Setting, and Participants  This population-based study was conducted under a public health surveillance mandate from the US Food and Drug Administration. Participants aged 5 to 17 years were included if they received BNT162b2 COVID-19 vaccination through mid 2022 and had continuous enrollment in a medical health insurance plan from the start of an outcome-specific clean window until the COVID-19 vaccination. Surveillance of 20 prespecified health outcomes was conducted in near real time within a cohort of vaccinated individuals from the earliest Emergency Use Authorization date for the BNT162b2 vaccination (December 11, 2020) and was expanded as more pediatric age groups received authorization through May and June 2022. All 20 health outcomes were monitored descriptively, 13 of which additionally underwent sequential testing. For these 13 health outcomes, the increased risk of each outcome after vaccination was compared with a historical baseline with adjustments for repeated looks at the data as well as a claims processing delay. A sequential testing approach was used, which declared a safety signal when the log likelihood ratio comparing the observed rate ratio against the null hypothesis exceeded a critical value.

Exposure  Exposure was defined as receipt of a BNT162b2 COVID-19 vaccine dose. The primary analysis assessed primary series doses together (dose 1 + dose 2), and dose-specific secondary analyses were conducted. Follow-up time was censored for death, disenrollment, end of the outcome-specific risk window, end of the study period, or a receipt of a subsequent vaccine dose.

Main Outcomes  Twenty prespecified health outcomes: 13 were assessed using sequential testing and 7 were monitored descriptively because of a lack of historical comparator data.

Results  This study included 3 017 352 enrollees aged 5 to 17 years. Of the enrollees across all 3 databases, 1 510 817 (50.1%) were males, 1 506 499 (49.9%) were females, and 2 867 436 (95.0%) lived in an urban area. In the primary sequential analyses, a safety signal was observed only for myocarditis or pericarditis after primary series vaccination with BNT162b2 in the age group 12 to 17 years across all 3 databases. No safety signals were observed for the 12 other outcomes assessed using sequential testing.

Conclusions and Relevance  Among 20 health outcomes that were monitored in near real time, a safety signal was identified for only myocarditis or pericarditis. Consistent with other published reports, these results provide additional evidence that COVID-19 vaccines are safe in children.



Please notice the strategic use of the word only.  Sorry but myocarditis and pericarditis are not small matters.  To suggest that it is normal for young people to go through life with a heart condition is truly abominable and demonstrates perfectly tyranny of the past three years. Dr. McCullough writes that myocarditis is not recovered in 80% at 6 months after the gene therapy injections.



They did not stratify the results by gender and dropped 75% of the records due to lack of medical records. RRs reported? 5.50, 3.95, 10.19, 3.47, 10.26, 22.44, 8.72, 3.49, 18.65, 4.98, 10.29, 50.01.

MAY 26, 2023

Safety of the BNT162b2 COVID-19 Vaccine in Children Aged 5 to 17 Years | Pediatrics | JAMA Pediatrics | JAMA Network

One of the authors of the study is from the US Food and Drug Administration.

Dropping the 75% without medical records no doubt reduced the statistical power, the same trick used by the infamous Destefano et al study (2004) to make the association between on-time MMR vaccines and autism go away after rigorous p-hacking.

These are kids. Please retweet or share somewhere, wherever you hang out online.

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Many are trying to normalize heart conditions, particularly in children and babies and the timing is suspicious.

Maine’s First Powassan 2023 Death

Tick-borne disease that kills up to 15% of sufferers just claimed its first life in the US this year — and experts warn the virus is becoming more common due to CLIMATE CHANGE

Health officials in Maine reported the first death this year of an untreatable tick-borne illness, putting Americans on alert as outdoor warm-weather activities kick off.

Robert J. Weymouth, a 58-year-old from Topsham, Maine passed away due to complications from the Powassan virus, which caused severe neurological problems, according to the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The illness is extremely rare with about 25 cases reported each year since 2015, but it is also untreatable and can lead to severe health problems including infection of the brain, called encephalitis, or of the membranes around the brain and spinal cord, known as meningitis.

Many people who become infected with the virus do not develop symptoms, but those that do typically notice them up to a month after being bitten by an infected tick, which could include flu-like symptoms, seizures, brain swelling, and, in up to 15 percent of cases, death.

Weymouth’s death marks the third Powassan death in Maine since 2015, and, as winters become warmer and shorter, the world becomes a more hospitable place for disease-causing ticks.  (See link for article)


A few points:

  • Powassan, like any other virus IS TREATABLE; however, doctors are not catching it early enough because they are uneducated about tick-borne illness. It’s highly politicalized and has polarized the medical community.  Doctors are too afraid to diagnose and treat it due to this and are either ignorant or acting ignorantly out of self-preservation.  Either way, it’s not a good scenario & patients lose.
  • Powassan is rarely diagnosed because most who contract it are asymptomaticsimilarly to many other viruses – but also because testing is not available through clinical or commercial laboratories, but only through the Health Department. Further limiting diagnosis:
    • Patients should be hospitalized with meningitis or encephalitis
    • Have a presumed infectious cause of illness
    • Be negative or concurrently tested for more common causes of meningitis and encephalitis such as West Nile virus, Lyme disease, herpes and varicella.
  • The patient’s wife was “frustrated at how little the doctors around her husband seemed to know about the illness. He was in the hospital for weeks before the medical team determined he had the virus.”  And, BINGO!  This, right here is the problem not that it is untreatable.  Please begin to pick up the continued use of language blaming peripheral things instead of addressing the root of the problem.
  • And speaking of the continued emphasis on peripheral things rather than root issues, the title makes sure to bluster about “climate change,” a contentious but popular topic that many experts are flat-out denying and an independent researcher has stated has ZERO to do with tick and tick-borne disease proliferation.  Very little is discussed about the tweaking of ticks in labs and then dropping them out of airplanes.  Very little is discussed about the continued denial of chronically infected patients, the research showing it, and the juggernaut on faulty testing – which our government owns the patents on.  As you can see, ‘climate change’ is a wonderful diversion from these issues that would put the government in the spot-light.
  • Please note that Wisconsin is a hot-spot for Powassan.  Please read this article on how Powassan IS NOT RARE.
  • Coppe Labs, a specialized CLIA-certified lab, right in Waukesha, Wisconsin tests for Powassan, West Nile, Anaplasma, Babesia, Human Herpes Viruses 6 & 7, COVID, and Lyme disease.

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The Great Awakening Trailer

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