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Possible Role for Ascorbic Acid in COVID-19

A Possible Role for Ascorbic Acid in COVID-19

pdf here: A_Possible_Role_for_Ascorbic_Acid_in_COVID-19


IV ascorbic acid has a long track record of safety. It has been used historically in the management of viral infections and more recently for sepsis. Ongoing clinical trials in the United States, Canada, China, Italy, and other countries will hopefully support its widespread use for patients with COVID-19 infection in the larger medical community. (See pdf link for entire paper)


For more:

In short, COVID is a virus, which means the stronger your body is the more powerfully it can fight to keep you healthy.  Lyme/MSIDS patients have to learn this simple truth in their journey.  If there’s a silver lining in the COVID debacle, it’s that the general population has an opportunity to become educated on health – IF and only IF they do not accept the COVID narrative that is being spun by ‘authorities,’  which essentially is – cower in fear, wear a mask, and wait for our lucrative vaccine.

These ‘authorities’ are the same ones behind the Lyme/MSIDS debacle, following the same narrative: malign everyone else’s tests and treatments and bully doctors into only using things ‘authorities’ approve of.  

I recently posted a paper by none other than Dr. Fauci himself who insists that “Big Science” is the only way to go – sending a clear message to doctors.

Chris Newton explains it here:

My husband and I and thousands of Lyme/MSIDS patients would be dead if it weren’t for doctors willing to treat us without those precious randomized controlled trials.  Right now there are thousands of Lyme/MSIDS patients being treated with Disulfiram/Antabuse based mainly upon 3 case studies and clinical experience.  Many of which are finally getting their health back after decades of suffering.



Researchers Investigating Possible Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency and COVID-19

Researchers investigating possible link between vitamin D deficiency and COVID-19

Amanda Morris

Arizona Republic
Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine lab technician Beverly McCall takes a sample of blood from a COVID-19 clinical study participant.

For months, many of us have stayed home on the advice of health experts, quarantining indoors to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. Now some researchers are investigating the possibility that spending a little more time in the sun could actually help prevent COVID-19.

That’s because sunshine is a key ingredient for our bodies to make vitamin D. 

After seeing a correlation between severe COVID-19 patients and vitamin D deficiency, the researchers hypothesized that the vitamin, absorbed through sunlight by the skin, could play a role in helping the body’s immune system fight the novel coronavirus. (See link for article)



I posted on this back in April and considered it common sense, but I’m discovering common sense isn’t so common.

The article discusses a study of nearly 500 patients and found those with vitamin D deficiencies were nearly twice as likely to test positive for COVID.  I’m not impressed with these findings because the tests are abysmal and not to be trusted..  Plus, testing positive means nothing as you may never even develop symptoms.

What’s important is the  correlation between COVID severity and vitamin D deficiency.

This review found:

“When mortality per million is plotted against latitude, it can be seen that all countries that lie below 35 degrees North have relatively low mortality. Thirty‐five degrees North also happens to be the latitude above which people do not receive sufficient sunlight to retain adequate vitamin D levels during winter. This suggests a possible role for vitamin D in determining outcomes from COVID‐19

What is helpful in the article is that it reminds the reader that we make less vitamin D as we age and those with darker skin tones (higher melanin content) block UV rays which are required to make vitamin D.  This may explain COVID severity in the black population and why it’s imperative to know your vitamin D levels and to either get sun or supplement.  For those of us in the North, we can’t achieve the amount of sunlight necessary for most of the year and supplementation is required for us to have appropriate vitamin D levels.  Make sure you test before you supplement.

The article goes on to mention a study that showed the following percentages are at risk of low vitamin D

  • 21% of whites
  • 42% of hispanics
  • 73% of blacks

Interestingly, they state the higher rate of vitamin D deficiency in overweight people is due to the fact D is dissolved in fat and isn’t getting into the blood stream.  Another reason to keep your ideal weight.

I will add that not only is sunlight invaluable and the only way to increase vitamin D levels naturally, fresh air (oxygen) unimpeded by masks is also healthy..

Similarly to the attack on HCQ, ‘authorities’ are also coming down on vitamin D:

Here’s another example of misinformation:  Within this link Dr. Mercola highly advises you get your vitamin D levels optimal before fall and the seasonal flu.

That’s not to say there aren’t things to know.  Since Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, it’s important to check your levels at least yearly.  For a great read on D and everything you need to know:

Nutritional Supplements For COVID-19 Prophylaxis and Symptom De-Escalation


Chris Newton

Research Director CIMMBER (Center for Immuno-Metabolism, Microbiome and Bio-Energetic Research)

A week ago on Friday 3rd July 2020, a call was put out on LinkedIn to biomedical scientists and physicians and all informed individuals to form Consensus-COVID, an initiative to establish a consensus list of non-prescription agents for COVID prophylaxis and symptom de-escalation. The call has so far raised around 1900 views and responses from physicians, biomedical scientists and various other professionals. What follows is a distillation of these suggestions into two lists, one for COVID prophylaxis and the other for immediate use following the onset of symptoms.

Over the past three to four months, numerous articles have been written and posted at the this site and the site of other individuals in the list below, particularly Jeannette Hospers, and Dr Ian Brighthope, concerning what might be considered a ‘trinity mix’ for COVID-19, namely vitamin C, vitamin D and a zinc salt. These three compounds will form the immutable core of both consensus lists. For more information on this combination, I would thoroughly recommend visiting the site of Dr Ian Brighthope and listening to a recent interview.

The lists below are an amalgamation of suggestions made by the following individuals in response to the call:

  • Dr John H Abeles MD, General Partner at Northlea Partners, West Palm Beach, Florida Area
  • Dr Alex (Kennerly) Vasquez DO ND DC FACN. Physician, Researcher, Presenter, Academician, Editor, Consultant 
  • Dr Ian Brighthope, Founder and Managing Director at Entoura Pty Ltd, Greater Melbourne Area
  • David Steenblock, BS, MS, DO. President, CEO, Chief Scientist, Research Physician at Personalized Regenerative Medicine, San Clemente, California
  • Dr Alan Vinitsky. Physician, Owner at Enlightened Medicine. Owner Enlightened Nutritionals & Illumivites. Washington D.C. Metro Area
  • Dr William A. Shaver. Founder at Center of Meaning in Health and Disease, Lubbock, Texas Area
  • Dr. Larry G. Martin. Cellular research related to oxidative stress. Albany, Oregon  
  • Dr Emma Derbyshire. Research, Writing, Media Liasons, Epsom, Surrey, United Kingdom 
  • Dr Jeannette Hospers. Senior Scientist/Clinical Trial Manager, Basel Area, Switzerland
  • Dr Chris Newton. Director Center for Immuno-Metabolism, Microbiome and Bio-Energetic Research, Yorkshire, UK

It must be stated that the lists below do not constitute medical advice. The clinical science and indeed clinical philosophy behind this consensus is that agents will support immune cells and other somatic cell types by acting as immuno-modulators and not immuno-suppressants. In particular, it is hoped they will prevent the accumulation of oxidants and help tailor a more appropriate immune response to SARS-CoV-2. For an excellent review on optimal nutrition and antiviral immunity see:


No alt text provided for this image

The list above is relatively extensive and may be onerous for some individuals. A compromise might be made with supplement from companies such as Now Foods. They manufacture a combination of vitamins and minerals with addition of CoQ10 and other substances. The levels in these mixture are too low for vitamins C, and D and some minerals like magnesium, but for some of the B vitamins, they approach or exceed the lower limit in Table 1. By choosing single agent supplements, it will be possible to reach the upper limit of the range in Table 1.

In comparison to the list presented on July 3rd 2020, there are several additions and also one deletion- melatonin. This compound might be considered ‘optional’, to be taken before sleep in late evening at a dose level of 6-12mg. At least in the UK, melatonin is not easy to source and so one might consider natural products such as Feverfew. For an excellent review on natural sources of melatonin see: .

Whilst choline is easily available as a supplement, one might also consider natural sources, such as eggs (three eggs a day will reach the dose in Table 1). Also, Brazil nuts are high in selenium and 4-5 whole nuts will provide around 200 microg.

Although it has been suggested that butyrate is appropriate to add as a supplement, for now, it is considered ‘optional’. So, 500-1000mg per day might be appropriate. This substance is produced by bacterial fermentation in the gut and it is known to inhibit inflammatory responses (see post at this site and the work of Dr Larry Martin). The decision not to add butyrate to the list in Table 1 may change following further discussion with Dr Larry Martin and Dr William Shaver.


No alt text provided for this image

Immediately at the onset of symptoms increase ascorbic acid (AA) intake and vitamin D as indicated in Table 2 above. Also increase zinc and quercetin along with NAC. The latter is a thiol antioxidant and a glutathione precursor.

Whilst dropping back to the protocol in Table 1 for vitamins C (0.5-2g four times daily) and D (4000IU/day- but have blood 25OHD measured if possible and maintain D at around 80-90nmolar), after symptoms have abated, all other components in Table 1 should be maintained, if possible, at the higher dose levels for 2 weeks after onset of symptoms. Following this period, the prophylaxis ‘protocol’ of Table 1 should be resumed.

None of the above is ‘set in stone’. They are merely suggestions and a continuing dialogue concerning merits of substances (and amounts) included, and others not included, would be much appreciated.



Great resource.  Here’s some more: (Many other links at the end of this article for nutritional/supplemental treatments for COVID – and just beefing up the immune system)


MTHFR & Lyme

MTHFR detoxification in Lyme disease by Marty Ross MD image

updated 6/26/20

Marty Ross MD on MTHFR & Lyme

In this video article, Marty Ross MD discusses MTHFR detoxification genetic defect in Lyme disease. Watch the video to learn:

  • what the MTHFR genetic defect is,
  • how MTHFR defect can interfere with detoxification,
  • why it is not always necessary to correct for this defect,
  • how the gut microbiome can fix this problem even if you have a genetic defect,
  • when to take supplements to correct this problem.
(See link for article and video)
__________________________  Pharmacist Suzy Cohen states 100’s of diseases are the result of methylation problems, including Lyme, chronic viral infections, schizophrenia, Dementia/Alzheimer’s, addictive behavior, insomnia, cancer, and more. (Wonderful 1 minute video explaining methylation in link)

While methylation problems do not directly cause Lyme (it is caused by a pleomorphic bacteria called borrelia) it causes severe symptoms due to the inability to clear infections & their by-products, as well as repairing the damage they cause.

If you are extremely sensitive to medicine you probably have a methylation problem.


Everything You Want to Know About Zinc

By Dr. Rhonda Patrick


Zinc is an essential nutrient that participates in numerous biological processes and modulates the activity of more than 300 enzymes and 2,000 transcription factors.[1] First identified for its influence on growth and development, zinc is now understood to play critical roles in immune function, protein synthesis, wound healing, DNA synthesis, and cell division.  (See link for article)



Great read on the importance of zinc.  The article goes on to discuss zinc’s role in the immune system which includes T cell regulation as well as its ability to destroy pathogens as well as inhibit RNA viruses.

Important excerpt:

One study in particular identified zinc as an inhibitor of RNA-dependent RNA polymerase – an enzyme that drives the replication of RNA from an RNA template – in the virus SARS-CoV-1. Zinc is a positively charged ion and cannot enter cells without a transporter. As described above, zinc requires an ionophore, a molecule that can transport ions across a lipid membrane. The zinc-ionophore (pyrithione) in combination with supplemental zinc inhibited RNA polymerase activity and blocked viral replication of SARS-CoV-1.[84]

Hydroxychlorquine is an ionophore, which is why the combination of zinc and HCQ is so effective for COVID-19:

Please see Dr. Eric Berg‘s FB video explaining HCQ vs Remdesivir:

Zinc also helps control infections by preventing excess inflammation.