New Study Found A 9-Times Increased Rate Of Myocarditis In Males After mRNA Booster | 3 Or More COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Associated With A 6-Fold Increased Risk Of Infection Said Cleveland Clinic | ETC

Very important data appeared over the past days that was suppressed by the media. Specifically, two new shocking studies were released that associated mRNA COVID-19 vaccination with higher than previously estimated rates of myocarditis, and higher than previously reported risk of infection.

Start here. A new Nordic study found males aged 12-39 who took a Moderna COVID-19 booster compared to a second dose experienced a 9-fold increase in the risk of myocarditis. It should be noted, the previously mentioned figure was based on populations from Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden who have recently stopped recommending mRNA vaccines for males under 30.

Next, a very prestigious medical institution named The Cleveland Clinic published new data that revealed every COVID-19 vaccine dose increased the risk of infection 6X- much higher than previously documented. The results are harrowing.

There is much more covered in this publication.

Of course, all data are summarized for you below. However, please read the sources. Finally, please make sure you share this bombshell new data by clicking the button immediately below so the truth gets out!  (See link for article)



This is a must-read that only further corroborates what’s been found previously – although this shows it’s even worse than previous findings.  The shots are not only worthless, they are extremely dangerous.  But, ‘the powers that be’ seemingly just don’t care.  COVID theatre must continue at all costs despite the absolutely ludicrous lack of ethics  that have been deployed against an unsuspecting public.

Further, a comment at the end of the article points out another glaring issue that is completely swept under the rug: the toxic effects of graphene on biological tissues.  Study here which found sub-chronic toxicity.  For a deeper read which includes numerous studies on graphene’s damaging effects in the human body go here.

The information about graphene was first made available in the summer of 2021 by Spanish researchers and others who studied what exactly was in the COVID vials, masks, and PCR swabs, since the package inserts for the COVID mRNA injections are completely blank.  And please don’t believe the trollop that it’s because the information isn’t up to date.  Try and find it yourself.  Nothing but “trust me, it’s safe.”

Not only was graphene the main ingredient, heavy metals, parasites, and other toxic elements were discovered.  While the Spanish researchers concluded it was graphene oxide, an expert in graphene – Dr. Andreas Noack, (RIP) states that two frequency bands in the Micro-Roman Spectroscopy shows that in fact it is graphene hydroxide – nanoscale mono layer activated carbon with C6 rings – with every corner a carbon atom, which is not biologically decomposable, but can be best described as tiny razor blades only one atom layer thick.  The results of which can be seen here. (Viewer discretion advised.  It’s not pretty)

This would explain what is being seen in reality but has been purposely kept from the public.
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