Laura Jeffery is blowing the whistle on what she has been finding as a funeral director and embalmer in the post-novel injection world, and wonders why no one else is doing the same.

by Tamara Ugolini
Rebel News

Funeral Director and embalmer Laura Jeffery recently testified at the National Citizens Inquiry in Toronto, Ontario.

Jeffery detailed aspects of her profession as a basic method of ensuring that people who have died were well-represented in their appearance.

Embalmers use a technique that drains the circulatory system of deceased patients and fills it with preservation so “that we can present a person that is reasonable to how their appearance should be,” said Jeffery.

“I started to notice anomalies to what the return was – the return blood was stickier, thicker, darker and I started seeing little tiny pieces of clot like polka dots coming out… there was something different. I would call it ‘dirty blood.’”

Jeffrey had a routine that she followed to conduct her work, which was interrupted shortly after the roll out of the gene therapy injections, known as COVID-19 vaccines, when she began discovering white fibrous masses in the veins of the deceased people in her care.

“It’s an anomaly that I have never seen before in 27 years as an embalmer and funeral director. I started seeing them in the Spring of 2021,” Jeffery said.

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  • Similarly to other embalmers, Jeffrey has found solid fibrous clots in the deceased who got the COVID shot.
  • She also found jelly clots incorporated into the tentacles of these white fibers making it appear parasitic.
  • Masses are getting bigger over time.

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