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Nov. 26, 2020

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, research scientist, author, president and CEO for the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge (IPAK) speaks on numerous topics including important information on the COVID-19 vaccine:

  • Condemns the politicization/commodization of citizens’ health.
  • Coronavirus vaccines historically have a terrible safety record.
  • Coronavirus vaccinated animals got more serious disease and many died.
  • His research has shown that all but one of the proteins in the SARS-CoV2 Virus have “unsafe epitopes” which can cause autoimmunity against proteins in our own body.
  • Research has shown SARS-CoV2 affects many tissues within the body (it’s not just upper respiratory symptoms).
  • People appear to be gravely concerned about getting infected with COVID-19 but have an amazing lack of concern about getting vaccinated with something that will inject these same proteins in the body which can cause autoimmunity.
  • Not a single vaccine manufacturer removed these unsafe epitopes after Weiler notified them.
  • The FDA has allowed COVID vaccine manufacturers to skip the most important safety step of animal testing to see if there is “pathogenic priming.”
  • They are also combining phase 1 & 2 trials speeding the process up further.
  • The only results in are from the Moderna trial were 21% had serious side-effects.
  • He talks about treatments that are working for COVID.
  • He states that tens of thousands and soon hundreds of thousands of medical doctors around the world are coming together to condemn the politicization of coronavirus & public health in general, including vaccines.
  • He states public health officials can not just regurgitate what the CDC has to say.
  • Why do we not hear good news about effective COVID treatments from public health officials?  They are intentionally keeping people in fear.
  • Forced, mandatory vaccinations is a disproportionate response considering COVID-19’s low mortality rate.  If you are not over 70 years old, you have less of a chance of dying from COVID than from influenza.
  • According to Paul Offit, 75% of the population is required to get the vaccine in order for a 50% efficacy rate for herd immunity.  Already 51% of the population states it will not get the vaccine.
  • It is imperative we do not discount prior immunity in the population from prior exposure to corona viruses as well as COVID-19.
  • We have memory B and T cells in response to coronavirus so we don’t have to carry around antibodies expressing proteins all the time.
  • The fact our public officials are not reducing concern is political and their response to the virus is far worse than the virus itself.
  • He briefly takes on the faulty PCR test. Regardless of being faulty, these tests are being used to shut down businesses.
  • He discusses cleaners used in schools are causing reproductive issues in mice.  
  • He finishes by stating that the national vaccine compensation program is completely corrupt.  He was an expert in that program previously but resigned after someone attempted to bribe him.  HHS determines which vaccines injuries are real but are also the defendant in the case. (The wolf guarding the hen house)

**UPDATE**  Dec. 7, 2020

Weiler just sent a letter to the ACIP, the committee that chooses whether any vaccine and which vaccines are recommended for children, and more recently, for adults.  He warns them of coronavirus vaccines causing “disease enhancement,” or worse health outcomes upon viral infection:




While not mentioned in the video, two sources are now saying the COVID-19 vaccine can cause sterility in women:  

Article on QUATS:

For more on the COVID vaccine:

Sign the petition against mandatory vaccinations:

Vaccine information is important for everyone but Lyme/MSIDS patients are more vulnerable to adverse reactions than the general population due to being infected with numerous things that impair their immune systems.  Please learn all you can before you make a vaccine decision.

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