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New comparative Autism Rate Data Study

Published March 14, 2019

Dr. Paul Thomas commissioned an independent quality assurance project.  The researcher found 3,345 patients born into Thomas’ practice in the last 10.5 years.

  • 715 in his practice had ZERO vaccines. Autism rate 1 in 715.
  • Remaining 2,630 followed his “vaccine friendly” schedule getting between 7-18 vaccines. There were 6 cases making the Autism rate 1 in 440.
  • The recommended CDC schedule mandates kids of this age group get 25-40 vaccines with an Autism rate of 1 in 45.
The “vaccine friendly” plan gave 1,000% improvement from the CDC vaccine schedule.

Speaking of “real life” data, in the first ever patient sample in Lyme, Connecticut, only a quarter of the patients had the EM rash, yet the CDC tells us it’s between 70-80%:













Meningitis with cranial polyneuritis and cavernous sinus thrombosis by Borrelia crocidurae. First autochthonous case in Europe.

Malincarne L, et al. Int J Infect Dis. 2019.


Borrelia crocidurae is endemic in West Africa, where it represents the leading cause of tick-borne relapsing fever (TBRF). TBRF typically presents with high fever and systemic symptoms, followed by recurrent episodes. Neurological complications may occur during febrile relapses. B. crocidurae is considered the most neurotropic agent of TBRF and is associated to severe neurological manifestations i.e. meningitis and encephalitis.

To date, European cases of B. crocidurae infection have been reported in travelers returning from endemic areas. We report the first autochthonous case in Europe of B. crocidurae infection, presenting as meningitis with cranial polyneuritis and cavernous sinus thrombosis that were not preceded by classical febrile recurrences.



This is important as it shows again that Borrelia burgdorferi is not the only borrelia we need to be concerned about.  While endemic in Africa, this case is in a non-traveling European demonstrating the prolific spread of ticks and subsequently the pathogens they carry:

It also demonstrates once again that current CDC 2-tiered testing will NEVER pick this up.  

Cranial polyneuritis = inflammation of many nerves simultaneously.

Cavernous sinus thrombosis =  when the immune system creates a blood clot to prevent bacteria or other pathogens from spreading within a cavity at the base of the brain which drains deoxygenated blood from the brain back to the heart. Typically it is caused by an infection. The clot increases pressure inside the brain which can cause damage.  Mortality is 30%.  

Symptoms of cavernous sinus thrombosis may include:

Tests for Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis

Doctors may order brain scans, including CT and MRI scans, to look for cavernous sinus thrombosis. They may also test blood or spinal fluid to check for signs of infection.

Treatment of Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis

Doctors treat cavernous sinus thrombosis with high-dose antibiotics. These are usually given though an IV drip.

Corticosteroid medications may also be used to reduce swelling. Blood thinners are sometimes given.

Surgery may be needed to drain the site of the initial infection.







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Toxicity and the Impact of Our Environment on Chronic Illness With Dr. Neil Nathan

Published on Mar 15, 2019

Learn more at Cindy Kennedy, FNP, is joined by Dr. Neil Nathan, who discusses his book, Toxic, and how the environment can impact chronic illness.
Neil has been practicing medicine for 47 years, and has been Board Certified in Family Practice and Pain Management and is a Founding Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine and a Board member of The International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness. With Dr. Rich van Konynenburg he did the ground-breaking clinical research which demonstrated the importance of methylation chemistry in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and he has recently completed a study with Dr. Robert Naviaux on the metabolomics of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He has written several books, including Healing is Possible: New Hope for Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Persistent Pain, and Other Chronic Illnesses and On Hope and Healing: For Those Who Have Fallen Through the Medical Cracks.
He has hosted an internationally syndicated radio program/podcast on Voice America called The Cutting Edge of Health and Wellness Today. He has been working to bring an awareness that mold toxicity is a major contributing factor for patients with chronic illness and lectures internationally on this subject which led to the publication of his book, Mold and Mycotoxins: Current Evaluation and Treatment, 2016 and now to his most recent book Toxic: Heal Your Body from Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Chronic Environmental Illness.
His current medical practice is the Redwood Valley Clinic in Northern California. He can be contacted most easily through his website,, through which consultations are available. Neil has been treating chronic complex medical illnesses for 25 years now, and Lyme disease for the past 15 years. As his practice has evolved, he finds himself increasingly treating the patients who have become so sensitive and toxic that they can no longer tolerate their usual treatments, and his major current interest is in finding unique ways of helping them to recover. The recent findings that mast cell activation and porphyria are more common than has been appreciated by the medical profession are of particular importance in this regard.

Dr. Charles Ray Jones turns 90; still helping kids with Lyme disease


Dr. Charles Ray Jones is the world’s leading pediatric Lyme specialist. He has treated well over 15,000 children from around the globe, over a period of more than four decades.

He has helped countless more, by training doctors and sharing his vast knowledge at conferences for both professionals and patients.

Despite years of harassment from the medical establishment, now, at age 90, Dr. Jones continues to see young patients at his office in New Haven, Connecticut. Many parents have credited him with saving the lives of their children.

His battles with medical authorities were documented in the 2008 Lyme documentary “Under Our Skin.” Here’s a clip from that:

The photo at the top of this blog is of Dr. Jones with’s founder and president, Phyllis Mervine. joins the rest of the Lyme community in wishing a happy birthday to Dr. Jones–and we hope he’ll continue to help children with Lyme for many years to come.


For more:

Dr. Charles Ray Jones: Straight Talk With a Fearless Pediatrician  Janet Jemmott interviews veteran Lyme disease Dr. Charles Ray Jones, introduced in our July, 2014 newsletter

A true rock star who’s saved the lives of thousands. May he live to celebrate many more birthdays and continue to train the next generation of doctors so our children can lead productive lives.

Dr. Jones Pic


Google is deleting all websites of this kind in its system.
This is one of 15 Google websites I’ve been sharing info on.
I am trying to hurriedly save and transfer this information.
However, there is a deadline quickly approaching. 
If I am able to get a Children’s site up and running
It will be at the same address (I think)-
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Lucy Barnes
February 2019

Episode #88: Brain Under Attack with Maria Rickert Hong, CHHC, AADP

In this episode, you will learn about PANS, PANDAS, and related developmental disorders.

About My Guest

My guest for this episode is Maria Rickert Hong. Maria Rickert Hong, CHHC, AADP is a former Wall Street sell-side equity research analyst who is now a Certified Holistic Health Counselor. She is the author of the bestselling book, “Almost Autism: Recovering Children from Sensory Processing Disorder, A Reference for Parents and Practitioners” and the co-author of “Brain Under Attack: A Resource for Parents and Caregivers of Children with PANS, PANDAS, and Autoimmune Encephalitis”. As a health coach, she helps parents make diet and lifestyle changes to recover their children from symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder, autism, PDD-NOS and ADHD. She has recovered her two boys from SPD, asthma, and acid reflux. Maria is a board member, Media Director, and blogger for Epidemic Answers, a 501(c)3 non-profit that lets parents know that recovery is possible and is the sponsoring non-profit of “The Documenting Hope Project”. Maria is also a board member of Parents as Partners.

Key Takeaways

  • What is the difference between PANDAS and PANS?
  • When does PANS generally present?
  • What are the symptoms of PANS?
  • What is the role of inflammation in PANS?
  • Do PANS and autism overlap?
  • What leads to a blood-brain barrier breach in PANS?
  • What is the role of EMFs in PANS?
  • What role do glutamate, phenolics, and salicylates play in PANS?
  • What are some of the triggers for PANS?
  • Does mold exposure play a role in PANS?
  • What tests are done to explore the potential for PANS?
  • What is the Epidemic Answers Four Step Healing plan?
  • Why is detoxification and drainage key in PANS recovery?

Connect With My Guest

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Epidemic Answers

Brain Under Attack

My Kid Is Not Crazy

Disclaimer:  The content of this show is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness or medical condition. Nothing in today’s discussion is meant to serve as medical advice or as information to facilitate self-treatment. As always, please discuss any potential health-related decisions with your own personal medical authority.


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In this video, Miami attorney Jack Hickey explains how to tell if you’re a victim of gadolinium poisoning, and what you can do if you’re affected. Call 888-393-1388 to contact Jack Hickey. Learn more about his practice and experience here:

Transcript: I’m Leslie Rhode for and this is a legal brief. MRIs are a common medical procedure. However there is one potentially dangerous element in them and everyone needs to know about it. It’s called gadolinium. It’s a metallic substance used in contrast dyes and patients ingest it to make the results easier to read. It’s also potentially toxic. Gadolinium can stay in your system, causing symptoms like pain in the joints, hair loss, skin lesions, tinnitus, muscle weakness, balance problems and cognitive issues.

The FDA issued a warning about it, but it may have come too late.

Jack Hickey is an attorney based in Miami. He says that not everyone has a reaction to gadolinium. However, he says:

“People with the reactions, which tend to be a pretty significant percentage, the reactions can be pretty significant, and they can last a lifetime. A majority of these symptoms last anywhere from two months to six years.”

Hickey says that pharmaceutical companies might try to deny that the material is toxic because the symptoms are so widespread. Hickey explains that the wide range of symptoms makes sense. He says:

“You’re injecting this rare earth mineral into the bloodstream, so it’s going everywhere in the body. It’s potentially going to affect any and every system in the body so it’s not surprising the symptoms are so far reaching.”

He recommends that if you have a liver condition, systemic neurological condition or any kind of auto immune disease, make sure your doctor knows about that before you undergo an MRI. If you’ve had an MRI in the past and wonder if it’s causing your current symptoms, call your doctor and ask for a copy of your radiology report. If your doctor says that you had that MRI with contrast, then you should call an attorney who handles these types of cases. If you have questions or need a lawyer to talk to about gadolinium, or want to get in touch with attorney Jack Hickey, visit I’m Leslie Rhode and this has been our legal brief.

Episode 59: My Talk with Detox Expert Wendy Myers

Cindy Kennedy, FNP, is joined by Wendy Myers, a detox expert, functional diagnostic nutritionist and NES Bioenergetic Practitioner based in Los Angeles.Wendy founded and is the best-selling author of Limitless Energy: How to Detox Toxic Metals to End Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue.

She is the host of and also hosts two podcasts: the Live to 110 Podcast about detox and the Supercharged Podcast about bioenergetics.

Passionate about the importance of detox to live a long, disease-free life, Wendy created both the revolutionary Myers Detox Protocol and the Mitochondria Detox system after working with thousands of clients.



For more: