Despite the fact a Washington Post article admits, using CDC data, that “vaccinated” people make up a majority of COVID deaths, the CDC lied about Pfizer’s study results, and the FDA is purposely hiding studies, the madness continues with mafia overlord Fauci & HHS still pushing the clot shots. Please go here to watch WION give a report on “Fauci’s farewell briefing goes off the rails.” Rather than let Fauci answer the question about the origin of COVID, White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, embarrassingly scolds and shuts down reporters. You must watch foreign news to get the truth about your own country now.  A FOIA request for Fauci’s emails has revealed that Christian Drosten and other Corona virological villains discussed messaging strategies and agreed to “challenge a certain theory, and if we could, drop it.”

Fauci’s is also being grilled in the social media censorship case that he states should be protected by “executive privilege,” which so far the judge isn’t buying.

Interestingly, WaPo changed their title to “Covid is no longer mainly a pandemic of the unvaccinated.  Here’s why.”  The first title was apparently too honest and had to be fixed.  Video Here (Approx. 9 Min)

Ontario Tells Doctors to Consider Psychiatric Drugs For Vax Refusers

Despite 93 doctors dying suddenly or unexpectedly after receiving the experimental COVID gene therapy shots, that have been linked to more adverse reactions and death than any other “vaccine” in the history of VAERS, Dr. Makis explains how Ontario is telling doctors to consider psychiatric drugs for those who do not want to take the COVID shot.  He also explains:

  • turbo cancers are on the rise now
  • an autopsy has revealed the spike protein in the heart, brain
    • when the spike protein gets into the brain it can cause inflammation which can trigger the shaking, tremors, collapsing, and uncontrollable movement many are experiencing after the COVID shots.
  • At about 7:00 Makis explains how the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario sent out a letter to all the doctors in Ontario suggesting that any of their unvaccinated patients might have a mental problem and should receive psychotherapy and be put on psychiatric medication.
    • This suggestion is completely unethical and a slippery slope.
  • Of course the medical group has “amended” their information but someone posted a screen shot comparing the new version with the old one.

As reported by LifeSiteNews last month, a recent report by Public Health Ontario shows that of the 21,439 confirmed COVID injection adverse events reported in the province, nearly 1,200 met the “serious definition” criteria which is defined as an event “that results in death, is life-threatening, requires in-patient hospitalization or prolongs an existing hospitalization, results in persistent or significant disability/incapacity, or in a congenital anomaly/birth defect.” 

Despite this, Canada continues to promote the COVID jabs as “safe and effective,” with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau repeatedly saying that all Canadians must receive their initial shots as well as all subsequent booster shots if Canada is to avoid the reimplementation of mandates and lockdowns.   Source

Please remember these experimental gene-therapy shots do not stop infection, transmission, hospitalization, or death and they are not “safe and effective.”  Don’t believe the continued propaganda.

The demonization & discrimination of those who choose to forego COVID shots continues:


http://  Approx. 12 Min

Nov. 19, 2022

New Zealand: Saving Lives By Ratting Our Neighbors

New Zealand has rolled out a handbook called “Know the Signs,”for citizens to report their neighbors for extremism. How do you know someone is extreme?  

  • If they question “Covid measures the government took”
  • If they question polices that infringe upon individual rights
  • If they believe in “conspiracy theories”

New Zealand is weaponizing citizens against one another for speech because Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern thinks words should be regulated like weapons.

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Sky News

New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern: Speech is a Weapon of War

Ponder this: if they are censoring/manipulating information about “climate change,” then they can censor/manipulate information about anything – including Lyme/MSIDS or any other topic.

This article written in May shows that New Zealanders “Desperate to Leave” as Thousands Flee “Controlling and Fearful” Jacina Ardern.  But she just doesn’t care.

The real goal here is New Zealand’s quarantine program utilizes Digital ID wallets – the ultimate end-game.

Since Youtube censored McCullough, you can read an article at Dailymail on the same subject matter.

http://  Approx. 30 Min

Nov. 18, 2022

Dr. Peter McCullough on Zoom

  • New York-based firm Weber Shandwick has been responsible for elevating Pfizer’s profile for decades. In 2003 it assisted with marketing Viagra and other treatments

  • In 2020 Weber Shandwick also won an up to $50 million contract from the US Government to promote flu vaccines to the public
    • Its responsibilities included distributing social media posts and articles promoting vaccines, and sending press releases to the media
    • It was also involved in ‘paid media placement’, a common euphemism for advertising
  • It also partnered with Moderna in June this year

  • The company was hired by the CDC to create PR campaigns pushing COVID shots

  • Now Weber Schandwick is working with American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM), despite their charter stating they need to be free of conflicts of interest, & with an artificial intelligence firm called Blackbird AI, and will be co-presenting at a conference called South By Southwest in Austin, TX
    • The title of their presentation: “When Doctors Present Misinformation”
  • This clearly demonstrates that Pfizer and Moderna infiltrated the CDC and the medical boards long ago
  • Predictably, Dr. McCullough has been attacked by the medical board for “misinformation,” and wasn’t even allowed to attend the disciplinary meeting. They recommended that he be decertified (stripped of his credentials) after 4 decades of perfect service
  • McCullough points out that prior to COVID, the National certification of levels of training is done by the American Boards of the American the Colleges was only concerned with medical knowledge, practice-based learning, and competence.
    • Since COVID the group has adopted a “misinformation” policy
  • This again proves that Big Pharma is using medical boards to promote their products, including “vaccines”
  • This is happening globally
  • McCullough speaks here about his new book that he co-authored with true-crime author John Leake: “Courage to Face COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex”
    • McCullough and his colleagues developed an early treatment protocol of generic, repurposed drugs and supplements that saved millions of COVID-19 patients from hospitalization and death
    • In spite of their success, their early treatment protocol was not welcomed by public health officials
    • Fraudulent papers maligning the protocol’s repurposed drugs were published in academic medical journals
    • Other acts of fraud revealed a coordinated smear campaign against early treatment and doctors
    • During this same time of suppression and censorship, the US government and mainstream media proclaimed that the cure to COVID-19 lay in a new generation of “vaccines” that were being developed at warp speed. 
    • The Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex of multinational drug companies, the NIH and other federal agencies, research and virology labs, and the Gates Foundation have become the threat of misplaced power he warned about in his 1961 fare-well address.
    • The book recounts how McCullough and his colleagues began by fighting a virus, but then were forced to fight the tyrannical regime that threatens life on planet earth.

For more:

Lyme disease can result in sensory overloading, causing patients to develop a sensitivity to both light and sound.

A few years ago, some new friends invited me for a night out at what I thought was going to be a quiet restaurant. When I got to the establishment, though, I discovered it was a club with strobe lights and loud music. Wanting to be polite, I sat down at a table with the group and tried to make conversation. I lasted about five minutes before I needed to excuse myself.

Before I got sick with the tick-borne illnesses Lyme disease, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, and possible bartonella, I enjoyed nights out at clubs. I danced the night away to loud music. I never even noticed lighting. Now, the neurological effects of my illnesses cause sensory overload, with particular sensitivity to light and sound. Bright flashing lights, fast-moving images on a screen, or even fluorescent lighting in a store can make me want to turn away and close my eyes. Loud noises ranging from music to an action-packed movie make me quickly cover my ears or turn down the volume.

Doctors Explain the Science Behind These Lyme Symptoms

As Brian A. Fallon, MD and Jennifer Sotsky, MD explain in their book Conquering Lyme Disease: Science Bridges the Great Divide, “Lyme disease can affect the sensorium early and severely, and such effects, in some cases, persist beyond recovery from other symptoms.”[i] The disease can affect the sensorium via the infection itself and systemic immune effects, changes in neurotransmitter balance, and altered neural pathways, all impacting sensory processing. For some patients, this might mean sensitivity to extreme lights or sounds that can cause a flare of other neurological symptoms. Just a few minutes of overload can bring on a sense of my head feeling “full,” brain fog, or twitching and burning extremities. Drs. Fallon and Sotsky note, “Exposure to light may lead to headaches, eye pain, or even panic attacks. It can be very helpful to recognize that the feeling of extreme anxiety in certain settings is related to sensory issues rather than coming out of the blue or in reaction to interpersonal tension.”

For other patients, the sensitivity may come from more subtle light or sound exposure, things that other people might not notice but that can send the Lyme patient’s nervous system into overdrive. I know one patient who felt like she was listening to loud music if someone merely whispered on the other side of the room. Repetitive noises, like a ticking clock, can be especially grating. “Most of us take for granted that our senses provide us with a more or less accurate representation of the external world,” write Drs. Fallon and Sotsky. “But when colors appear suddenly too intensely bright, or normal ambient sounds, rather than being soothing, grate against us like a rasp on metal or fingernails on a blackboard, then there is a brutal awakening to the fact that we are, in our very essential being, at the mercy of our sensory apparatus.”

What Lyme Patients Can Do to Control These Symptoms

Because sensory overload may or may not improve with treatment as other symptoms do, patients need to learn to control external factors that can set this symptom off. For example, I have realized that I can handle watching a movie in the theater as long as I don’t sit too close to the screen, and as long I as wait in the lobby during previews, which tend to be particularly loud and flashy. I’ve gotten rid of ticking clocks from my home. I’ve turned off the “zoom” feature on my phone, so it doesn’t look like the apps are flying at me when I open the screen.

Making these lifestyle adjustments can be frustrating, especially if you’re someone who previously enjoyed big shows and now cannot. For me, the modifications are worth it to avoid neurological symptom flares. And while my sensory overload has not gone away, it has improved over time. When I was acutely ill, I couldn’t even watch a movie on a small screen at home. Loud voices were too much for me. My tolerance has improved, and now I can handle acoustic concerts and stores with fluorescent lights. And I don’t need a club scene to enjoy a night out with friends. I just need their company, which is more fun anyway when I don’t have to shout over loud music to talk to them

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The above material is provided for information purposes only. The material (a) is not nor should be considered, or used as a substitute for, medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, nor (b) does it necessarily represent endorsement by or an official position of Global Lyme Alliance, Inc. or any of its directors, officers, advisors or volunteers. Advice on the testing, treatment or care of an individual patient should be obtained through consultation with a physician who has examined that patient or is familiar with that patient’s medical history. 

[i] Fallon, Brian A., MD and Sotsky, Jennifer, MD. Conquering Lyme Disease: Science Bridges the Great Divide. New York: Columbia University Press, 2018 (315).


Jennifer Crystal

Opinions expressed by contributors are their own. Jennifer Crystal is a writer and educator in Boston. Her work has appeared in local and national publications including Harvard Health Publishing and The Boston Globe. As a GLA columnist for over six years, her work on has received mention in publications such as The New Yorker,, CQ Researcher, and Jennifer is a patient advocate who has dealt with chronic illness, including Lyme and other tick-borne infections. Her memoir about her medical journey is forthcoming. Contact her via email below.


For more:  Go Here for Podcast  (Approx. 11 Min)

Julie Mellae, author of “Australian Lyme Crimes, The global Disgrace,” gives an enlightening podcast on Lyme disease, particularly in Australia.  Points covered:

  • Lyme disease was initially a mysterious rheumatoid type of disease discovered in 1976 in a cluster of children in Lyme, Connecticut, USA hence its name
  • Now known to be harmful to humans, this disease can be transmitted human to human
  • Estimated Lyme patients worldwide could be over one million, the numbers rising
  • The following story covers my personal battle with Lyme disease and the history of the collaboration of Australia, America and Russia in their modus operandi of biological warfare
  • In this book, we look at Lyme disease’s origins, and the reasoning behind its denial and negligence by Australian doctors sworn to the Hippocratic Oath
  • We depict the actions and role of three main protagonists:
    • Willy Burgdorfer who discovered the causative spirochete of Lyme disease which was named after him
    • Dr Erich Traub, a Nazi scientist who was saved by the Americans, from a litany of war crime charges, due to his knowledge of viruses and diseases in Germany and Europe
    • Dr Allen Steere, who named the condition, dodged the Draft and omitted vital evidence from his scientific papers to deny Lyme disease credibility
  • We look at the action of governments and their various instrumentalities, which on the one hand seek to exploit sections of their own populations while at the same time resorting to manipulating decisions and laws for their own self -protection. It is the sickening story of lust for power, the fear of losing it, and the might agencies will bring to bear against the people who threaten these ambitions
  • This is not hyperbole on the part of the author. At the time of writing this, we have all become aware that biological warfare is a fact that can no longer be hidden as it once was.The highly mutating virus COVID 19 has practically brought the world to its knees, and we must assume it was ‘released from the lab’ in Wuhan, China. Dr Francis Boyle, an expert in bio-warfare, recently said: ‘the Coronavirus that we are dealing with here is an offensive biological warfare weapon. There have been previous reports of problems with the Wuhan Institute of Virology and ‘things’ leaking out of it’
  • The Salisbury Poisonings series on television during the COVID 19 lockdown acquainted a broad global audience the horrendous properties of Novichok (nerve agent) and its terrible effects on people who come into contact with it. And, there has been yet another targeted attack on a Russian citizen who is a long-standing vocal critic of Vladimir Putin
  • In Australia, we have seen the effects of Thalidomide, the British Nuclear testing in Maralinga and the ramifications and destructiveness it has wrought on families. We witnessed Australia’s appalling response to HIV Aids in 1980.  Our government is guilty of many sins to humanity.  And yet, the intransigence of political parties remains. Admit nothing. Do not own any responsibility. Dismiss, denigrate, destroy if necessary, those who challenge the status quo
  • This is my story and that of others who dispute the claim that ‘Lyme Disease does not exist in Australia’. Alongside the history of Lyme will be the history of the strategies used against those patients and researchers who are fighting to claw back the right to decent medical care.  Indeed, that is not such a big ask.  Then why is it?

‘In the fullness of time, the mainstream handling of chronic Lyme disease will be viewed as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of medicine because elements of the government and virtually the entire insurance industry have colluded to deny the disease.’ Dr Kenneth Leigner, Lyme Patient Human Rights defender

For more:

Vitamin D2 and D3 Study Retrospective Study

220,000 veterans given D3… Large retrospective study… 33% reduction in mortality rate… Should IPAK do a prospective RCT on Vitamin D3 supplementation?

John Campbell reviews a study published November 2022.

Gibbons JB, Norton EC, McCullough JS, Meltzer DO, Lavigne J, Fiedler VC, Gibbons RD. Association between vitamin D supplementation and COVID-19 infection and mortality. Sci Rep. 2022 Nov 12;12(1):19397. doi: 10.1038/s41598-022-24053-4. PMID: 36371591; PMCID: PMC9653496.

The study found (among other very promising results):

  • 20% reduction in COVID-19 cases in people receiving D3.
  • 0.23% mortality rate, 33% mortality rate reduction in people receiving D3.

While it’s not a RCT, John emphasizes that no one will do an RCT on D3 because there is no money in it, so no one will fund it.

http://  Approx. 20 Min

Vitamin D: Safe and Effective for COVID

Dr. John Campbell

Conclusions:  These associated reductions in risk are substantial and justify more significant exploration and confirmation using RCTs.

These will never happen, just like many topics with Lyme/MSIDS will never happen, and for the same reasons: money.  Nobody wants to study something that won’t be a “cash cow.”  Also, researchers are well aware of the need to push the government narrative and the fact studying cheap drugs/supplements isn’t popular and will not receive government funding.  The ‘powers that be’ are pushing a “climate change” agenda and all new studies must push this somewhere in order to receive training.


Will You Survive the ‘Tripledemic’?

‘Experts’ warn of pending doom
Nov 9 2022
According to mainstream media, a winter triple-blizzard of disease is headed our way and hospitalizations are already on the rise. But this time, although they won’t admit it, it’s not the unvaccinated most at risk. Are we on track for insane COVID measures to resume?


  • According to mainstream media, hospitalizations for respiratory infections are on the rise and “experts” warn of a potential “tripledemic” this winter, as COVID, seasonal influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) are all in circulation
  • The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports a 1% increase in new admissions of patients with confirmed COVID-19. Maine — which has one of the nation’s highest COVID jab rates — has the most COVID hospitalizations. RSV cases are also unseasonably high
  • “Health experts” are now calling for voluntary indoor masking again, even though all the evidence garnered over the past three years confirms that face masks cannot prevent viral infection and spread
  • The first-ever RSV vaccines are now in the pipeline, directed at pregnant women, newborns and seniors. Some of them are based on mRNA technology
  • No vaccine for RSV has ever been successfully developed before, because the vaccines had a persistent tendency to cause worse disease, a phenomenon known as antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE(See link for article)

Important excerpt:

Do you really want to go through all of that again? If not, just say “no” from the start. Say no to masks. Say no to social distancing. Say no to canceling the holidays. Say no to lockdowns. Say no to flu vaccines and COVID shots. Just say “NO” to their fearmongering and live your life.

Fear is a tool used to control you, but that only works if you buy into it.

And speaking of fear, Fauci and HHS are back spreading it liberally:

HHS believes a new wave of COVID should cause everyone to social distance and mask up  again, despite the fact masks don’t work for viruses and lockdowns were proven to be ineffective and devastating on many levels.  They also somehow believe masking will prevent long COVID (and evidently racism) despite many stating masks may actually contribute to long COVID by causing hypoxia and rebreathing of the virus and other bacteria by the wearer.  And Fauci, true to form before exiting stage right, wants everyone to make sure to get their COVID and flu shots, despite the fact the COVID shots have negative efficacy, and have caused more adverse reactions and death than any other “vaccine” in the history of VAERS. Big Pharma now is planning to combine the COVID & flu shots into one so everyone gets that mRNA technology into them whether they want it or not. 

Regarding the flu shot:

  • The flu vaccine increases COVID-19 infection by 36%, and the flu vaccine alone increases the risk of contracting a non-flu respiratory illness by 65%
    • In fact, rising case numbers of RSV, the most common respiratory virus in children, have been reported across the U.S. Immunity has been suppressed due to being sheltered in place and not getting usual exposures to viruses, as well as due to the COVID shots causing immune suppressionsetting people up for illness.  But of course corrupt public health has ONE singular answer: get yet another shot, and quickly create another lucrative “vaccine” for it.
    • According to Robert F. Kennedy, the crisis “has become a vehicle for re-implementing the COVID-19 playbook all over the country and responding with vaccines.”
  • The flu shot, like the COVID shot, doesn’t prevent the spread of the flu or prevent death, and is also notoriously ineffective as well as dangerous.
  • It was announced early in 2022 that the dominant strain circulating doesn’t match the vaccine, and that it isn’t that effective, yet for some reason we should still get it.  (Sound familiar?)
  • There is a very strong correlation between getting the flu shot and dying from COVID if you are 65 or older.
  • Similarly to the fraudulent COVID shot studies, a 2018 Cochrane review found that only 15% of flu research studies were well designed and conducted, and concluded:

recommendations for routine use of influenza vaccine as a routine public health measure was not supported by the published evidence base.

But truth be damned.  When you are NIAID mafia overlord, you can say what you want even if it’s all false.

It’s worth reposting this 2014 video of investigative journalist Harry Vox as everything he predicted as come true:


“Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development”

By the Rockefeller Foundation in 2010

Lays out the “Lockstep” scenario which details the global response being used

These people will stop at nothing to push their lucrative, dangerous injections.