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Online Saturday January 23, 2021 @ 5pm PT

Join Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute for our second Hope & Health Now webinar, which will focus on coronavirus. Your $29 donation to Sound Choice provides you access to these distinguished speakers and timely topics:

  • about the SARS-COV-2 virus, how it infects, and how itis mutating

  • the latest science and data available on the safety &effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines

  • the laws concerning vaccine mandates, employer requirements, and informed consent

Featured Speakers

Theresa Deisher, PhD ~ Doctoral degree in Molecular andCellular Physiology from Stanford University School ofMedicine. Holds more than 47 issued US/EU/Japan patentsand 4 discoveries in clinical trials. Over 30 years ofpharmaceutical leadership experience includingGenentech, Repligen, ZymoGenetics, Immunex, andAmgen.

Manon Cox, PhD ~ Doctorate from the University ofWageningen. MBA with distinction from the University ofNyenrode and the University of Rochester, NY.Doctorandus degree in Molecular Biology, Genetics andBiochemistry from the University of Nijmegen, TheNetherlands. Co-founder of NextWaveBio. Led thedevelopment of Flublok®, the only FDA approvedrecombinant influenza vaccine while serving as Presidentand Chief Executive Officer of Protein SciencesCorporation.

Gary Grohmann, PhD ~ Doctorate from University ofSydney, Department of Infectious Diseases. Bachelor ofScience University of New South Wales, Department ofMicrobiology and Immunology. Director of ImmunisationCoalition and Director/Founder of EnvironmentalPathogens. Former Director of Immunobiology and WHOERL at the TGA, and former WHO Advisor and Consultant.

Mary Holland, JD ~ Mary Holland is a former ResearchScholar and Director of the Graduate Lawyering Program atNYU School of Law. She has written several law reviewarticles and blog posts on vaccine law and policy and isthe co-author and co-editor of the books “VaccineEpidemic” and “HPV Vaccine on Trial: Seeking Justice for aGeneration Betrayed.” She is chair of the advisory board ofHealth Choice, legal counsel to and board member ofChildren’s Health Defense. Educated at Harvard andColumbia Universities, Holland has worked in internationalpublic and private law.

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For more:  

For an excellent article on how there are no completed clinical trials on the COVID-19 vaccine, and should you get vaccinated, you are actually a test subject in a drug trial:

But more importantly:

The DNA template does not come directly from an isolated virus from an infected person.

This brings us full-circle to the fact you can not have an effective vaccine or test without an isolated/purified virus. So what is this?  Please see these links to learn what it’s truly about:

We were warned about this back in March:

And even much earlier with other supposed viral ‘pandemics’ that weren’t:

Regarding testing:  For a brief, old interview with Mullis, PCR creator:  He’s obviously not a fan of Dr. Fauci.

And the paper the house of cards is all built upon has fatal errors:

A Survey of Ticks Infesting Dogs and Cats in Ireland

Free PMC article


Ticks are important ectoparasites of dogs and cats. Infestations can result in itching and localised dermatitis. In addition, ticks can act as vector of a range of viral, bacterial and protozoal pathogens. This paper reports the results of a nationwide survey of ticks infesting dogs and cats in Ireland. Seventy veterinary practices submitted a total of 120 ticks collected from 56 dogs and 16 cats.

  • Ixodes ricinus was the most abundant species on dogs
  • Ixodes hexagonus was the most abundant species on cats
  • The remainder were Ixodes canisuga and a single Rhipicephalus sanguineus specimen
  • The garden was most frequently associated with tick exposure in both dogs and cats
  • Sporting dog breeds (n = 17; 31%) were more likely to be infested with ticks than any other breed
  • Nearly all (n = 56; 95%) veterinarians indicated that ticks are a concern to their clients when they are found on their pets
  • Pet owners used a variety of products to control ectoparasites on their animals but a significant number (n = 18, 31%) indicated that they felt that the products are less effective highlighting the need for further investigations
  • Field sampling indicated that ticks are present at a low level in much of the greater Dublin area


For more:

I just listened to a presentation on how the insecticide Lambda Cyhalothrin (a pyrethroid) offers nearly 100% control of the Asian Long-horned tick for up to 7 weeks when sprayed on foliage.  They sprayed in June, July, and August.  For more:

Tick prevention is for your yard, yourself, and your pets:

Controlled burns are also effective:

6365b76d-title_10e70a9000000000000028Lyme + Gut Dysfunction with Dr. Bill Rawls

Digestive issues like abdominal cramps, heartburn, nausea, and diarrhea often plague Lyme disease patients. The symptoms can be life-disrupting and tough to treat, and combined with the underlying causes, they can actually inhibit your ability to overcome Lyme.

What’s going on, and how can you heal your gut to jumpstart your Lyme recovery?

Join a live webinar with Dr. Bill Rawls, author of the best-selling book Unlocking Lyme, who knows firsthand what it’s like to live with chronic Lyme disease and gastrointestinal symptoms. He’ll reveal what’s to blame for Lyme-related gut dysfunction, and the holistic approach that helped him and thousands of others restore gut and overall health.

PLUS: Don’t miss an exclusive giveaway for webinar attendees, and have your questions ready for a LIVE Q&A on Lyme disease and gut health with Dr. Rawls.

  • Why digestive distress is a common and major complaint for people with chronic Lyme disease
  • How gut bacteria and other microbes trigger a range of symptoms from GI issues like nausea, abdominal pain, and reflux to systemic ones like fatigue, joint pain, and brain fog 
  • The foods, medications, and lifestyle factors that prevent healing and make symptoms worse 
  • The best diet, habits, and natural remedies for restoring a gut health 
  • Numerous insights during the live Q&A with Dr. Rawls


IV OZONE – What it is and What Are the Benefits

By Holtdorf Medical Group



Ozone Therapy is a unique and integrative treatment that is used to increase the amount of oxygen in the body through the introduction of ozone. Ozone Therapy can provide many powerful and healing benefits with little or no side effects. Ozone suppresses infections by killing viruses, bacteria, and yeast, especially those hard-to-treat, resistant pathogens that can be found in chronic conditions, such as Lyme disease. Ozone therapy is also helpful in preventative healthcare. In preventative care, ozone may help strengthen the body’s natural defenses. Lastly, it improves circulation by enhancing the flow of blood.

Below are some of the benefits that can be obtained through Ozone therapy treatment:

  • Effective treatment of resistant pathogens found in chronic conditions
  • Improvement of circulation by enhancing blood flow
  • Stimulation of mitochondria to give your cells’ “powerhouse” energy
  • Improvement of immune function as Ozone IV therapy is a potent immune booster
  • Increasing antioxidant protection and capabilities by stimulating enzyme system
  • Decreasing the immune “overtime” response in autoimmune disease
  • Detoxification by neutralizing toxins processed in liver and kidneys

Who Can Benefit?

IV Ozone therapy is a very effective treatment modality yet should not be thought of as a magic bullet. The treatment can be an indispensable addition to any protocol’s success and is most effective when it is used as part of an integrative treatment plan. The number of treatments needed for therapeutic results are unique to each individual and should be discussed with your practitioner. Individuals experiencing success using Ozone IV therapy treatments:

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic hepatitis
  • Herpes
  • Chemical sensitivities
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Chronic bladder conditions Colitis
  • Crohn’s disease

Ozone therapy has been studied and used in treating patients for centuries. It is extremely safe when performed properly and under the proper care. Talk with your doctor regarding this treatment to see if it is a good fit for you.

Holtorf Medical GroupThe Holtorf Medical Group specializes in optimizing quality of life and being medical detectives to uncover the underlying cause of symptoms, rather than just prescribing medications to cover-up the symptoms. We are experts in natural, prescription bioidentical hormone replacement and optimization, complex endocrine dysfunction, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and Lyme disease. We’ve dedicated our practice to providing you the best in evidenced-based, integrative medicine that’s not only safe and effective, but provides measurable results.



Ozone is a powerful oxidant and something you should learn about and consider, either as a primary treatment or an adjunctive therapy.  

That said, in my experience it has NOT proven to be curative for Lyme/MSIDS.  While people have improved, they need “tune-ups” or further treatments.

Both my husband and I used blood IV ozone for 2.5 months done weekly under UV light.  I must say neither of us noticed anything.  We were probably at our sickest and desperate to get help.  That’s not to say it wouldn’t make a noticeable difference in someone else OR that it did something positive in us we didn’t feel.

Like any other treatment, one must consider cost – both in time and in money.  Blood ozone requires you to use a practitioner which means travel to and fro and time for treatment.  It is also recommended to be done weekly or even biweekly.  Costs vary, but are approximately $150-$200 per treatment.  Another variable is the machine being used as well as the dosage (type of ozone and amount).  Ozonating a single pint of blood is called “Single pass” vs 10 pints of blood being called “10-pass” or even the “dialysis” type of ozone which makes a complete circuit and allowing blood to ozonated for an hour (strongest form).  We used the single-pass.  After talking with others, I believe the “dialysis” type to be the most effective for Lyme/MSIDS, but obviously costs more ($900-$1,000 per treatment) and takes longer.

One patient’s experience:  This patient also received Prolo-ozone – an injection with ozone & dextrose– typically for pain.  My husband has had this in numerous joints with success.  Not only does it help pain, but it puts the ozone in hard to reach areas where antibiotics have difficulty getting into.  Please also see:

For more on 10-pass:  Patient stories of ozone on all kinds of conditions.

Ozone research:

Dr. David Martin on Experimental mRNA COVID Vaccines: This is NOT a Vaccine! It is a Medical Device

Dr. David Martin. Image Source.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Jan. 13, 2020

Recently Sasha Stone hosted a 2 hour live stream event called “Focus on Fauci.” Participating in the event were Dr. Rocco Galati, Dr. David Martin, Dr. Judy Mikovits, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Dr. Martin has made tidal waves in the Alternative Media since this event, by explaining that the experimental mRNA COVID vaccines are not even vaccines, and legally cannot be called “vaccines,” because they are really medical devices.

Dr. Martin should be familiar to readers of Health Impact News (as are the other participants), as he was the featured scientist in filmmaker Mikki Willis’ excellent production: Plandemic. He exposed, for example, how the U.S. Government has owned patents on coronaviruses since the 1990s.

Here is a partial bio of Dr. David Martin from his website:

His first invention was a laser integrated system to target and treat inoperable tumors. His mathematics helped unravel the way the human body processes hormones and led to the detection and treatment of many diseases.

His observation of human behavior led to his development of technology which deciphers the intention and motivation of communication – a technology that has impacted and saved the lives of billions.

His global business activities served to develop the world’s top-performing global equity index (including the CNBC IQ100 powered by M·CAM).

He’s brought the world’s largest white-collar criminals to justice and brought the world’s most oppressed and disenfranchised transformative ways to engage.

From the starry expanses of Mongolia to the flashing lights of New York, his work is as passion-filled whether it’s with a camel herder or a global CEO. (Source.)

“This is not a vaccine.”

Here is a partial transcript of the video below explaining that the mRNA vaccines are not really vaccines:

This is not a vaccine.

We need to be really clear. We’re using the term “vaccine” to sneak this thing under public health exemptions.

This is not a vaccine. This is an mRNA packaged in a fat envelope, that is delivered to a cell.

It is a medical device designed to stimulate the human cell into becoming a pathogen creator.

It is not a vaccine. Vaccines actually are a legally defined term, and they’re a legally defined term under public health law, they’re legally defined term under the CDC and FDA standards.

And a vaccine specifically has to stimulate both an immunity within the person who is receiving it, but it also has to disrupt transmission.

And that is not what this is. They have been abundantly clear in saying that the mRNA strand that is going into the cell, it is not to stop transmission. It is a treatment.

But if it was discussed as a treatment, it would not get the sympathetic ear of the public health authorities, because then people would say, well what other treatments are there?

Watch the full explanation by Dr. Martin.  The entire 2.5 hour event can be viewed here on Bitchute.

For more:

Transcript of video:

Important points:  Operation Warp Speed has a middleman company called at ATI [Advanced Technology International], a defense contractor out of [South] Carolina that clears the billions of dollars of orders for vaccine.  ATI also has another contract with the Department of Defense and other gov. agencies for propaganda and misinformation.  The government is violating its own laws. 15 US code has been used against practitioners around the country time and time again for violating what are called deceptive practices and medical claims, which is exactly what our own government is doing right now.

And just a reminder, Moderna themselves have admitted that the mRNA injections are an Operation System, the “Software of Life”:

Second Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine Will Provide More Intense Side Effects  January 13, 2021

By Dr. Mercola

Calling it a “more robust immune response,” Illinois Department of Public Health director Dr. Ngozi Ezike is warning that the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will produce more intense side effects than the first.

When NBC 7 San Diego reported that health care workers getting their second doses were complaining of more intense effects such as headaches, joint pain and fatigue, infectious disease specialist Dr. Edward Cachay said the same thing happened in clinical trials, so this was expected.

Ezike downplayed the more serious reactions as something not to be alarmed about, but drug industry news agency FiercePharma told drug manufacturers to brace for “a tidal wave of adverse event reports,” followed by possible lawsuits. “It’s not just vaccine makers who need to actively look out for potential adverse events or drug interactions,” FiercePharma added.

One reason companies other than vaccine makers will be affected is because many people taking the vaccines will be on other drugs, sometimes multiple drugs, which in turn will cause new adverse event reports.


NBC Chicago January 12, 2021

NBC News 7 San Diego January 9, 2021

FiercePharma January 7, 2021



In their effort to quell vaccine hesitancy, they are using “newspeak” and calling adverse reactions, immune responses:

For an ongoing list of adverse reactions, please see:  Adverse reactions are pouring in daily.