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Vaccines and Retroviruses: A Whistleblower Reveals What the Government is Hiding

When I read Judy Mikovits’ book, Plague, One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth About Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, and Other Diseases, I honestly didn’t know what to do with this new information – although I wanted to shout it from the roof-top.  First, it allowed me to see how vaccination can trigger and/or exacerbate Lyme/MSIDS and other chronic illnesses.  Second, it radically changed the way I view academia, science, and research in general.

Just as Dr. Andrew Wakefield was “Wakefielded” or completely destroyed by the powers that be, so to was Judy “Mikovitsed.”  But neither Wakefield nor Mikovits are going away.  They continue to champion very sick patients even though they no longer are able to work in their professions due to unfair character assassination.

Please take the time to read the following expose’ on how you can be jailed in the U.S. without a search warrant or charge, how multimillions of tax-funded U.S. dollars are used to cover up damage caused by vaccines, and how those who are damaged from vaccine retroviruses can be helped.

We’ve all asked the age old question, “Why do some people get chronic Lyme and some don’t?”  This article explains one very real way.

by John P. Thomas
Health Impact News

Data suggests that 6% of the U.S. population is harboring a retrovirus in their bodies that can develop into an acquired immune deficiency. This is not the well-known AIDS caused by HIV, but Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) associated with other retroviruses.

These non-HIV retroviruses were unintentionally introduced into humans over the past 75 years.

It began with trials of polio vaccines and yellow fever vaccines given in the early 1930s. This is when the first recorded cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and autism appeared. It involved the use of laboratory mice to prepare vaccines for human use. [1]

20 Million Americans Likely Infected with Retroviruses

Retrovirus exposure intensified in the 1970s as new vaccines and pharmaceutical products were developed. These retroviruses and related infectious agents are now associated with dozens of modern chronic illnesses – perhaps nearly all of them. In these diseases, infection leads to inflammation — and unresolved inflammation can lead to chronic disease.

The list of diseases stretches from autism to cancer and from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to Alzheimer’s. The diseases cripple the development of the young, steal the productivity and enjoyment of life for adults, and provide a slow and withering death to the elderly.

“An inefficient virus kills its host. A clever virus stays with it.” James Lovelock

The retroviruses being discussed are very clever and very stealthy. They can infect a person and stay with them for their entire lifetime. Sometimes they shorten life substantially. But, they are just as likely to bring a person to total disability and deny people the opportunity for a normal life.

Even though 20 million Americans are likely to be infected, not everyone will develop serious illness.

Retroviruses in the human body are like sleeping giants. They are quiet until they are activated in immune deficient people.

Once activated, they create diseases such as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, also called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Chronic Lyme disease, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), numerous cancers, and a wide range of other autoimmune, neuroimmune, and central nervous system diseases. Please see reference number 2 at the end of this article for a comprehensive list of diseases. [2]

Retroviruses can Promote A Perfect Storm of Illness

The retroviruses being discussed here do not directly cause diseases by themselves. A perfect storm of events need to come together to create acquired immune system deficiency (non-HIV AIDS). When conditions are right, the viruses create unrelenting inflammatory processes that disrupt the immune system.

The perfect storm occurs when human DNA is disturbed by retroviruses, when there are co-infections, when there is severe shock or trauma, when hormones are dysregulated, when there are genetically modified organisms and glyphosate in the diet, when there are pesticides and other toxic substances in food and the environment, and when there are genetic susceptibilities.

If some or all of these conditions occur together, then the immune system will be weakened to the point where the perfect storm occurs, and people become ill with some type of modern chronic disease.

Not everyone who has retroviruses in their bodies will develop one of these diseases, but for those who experience a perfect storm the possibility is much greater. The risks increase with age as the immune system naturally weakens.

How Did These Viruses Infect Millions Worldwide?

These viruses were most likely introduced into humans through contaminated vaccines and biological products including GMOs, human blood products, the milk of cows, and human breast milk. These retroviruses can be passed between family members through body fluids.

It is not unusual to find a family where everyone tests positive for a retrovirus, but only one person is experiencing a retrovirus-related illness. Symptom free carriers are common in human retroviral infections.

You Probably Haven’t Heard Much about the Retrovirus Problem

If you have never heard about the retrovirus problem, then you can thank the CDC, NIH, FDA, and other government agencies for covering up the problem since it was first reported to them in 1991 by American immunologist Elaine DeFreitas. [3]

They did not want to alarm you. They didn’t want to induce a panic, or a rebellion against the use of vaccines. They didn’t want to send shock waves through the conventional medical care system and the pharmaceutical industry that would threaten their profits. They didn’t want to risk a public panic among people needing blood transfusions. They didn’t want to disturb the resolve of Big Pharma and political leaders working to pass mandatory vaccination laws. They didn’t want to interfere with the full implementation of genetically engineered crops. They didn’t want to lay the groundwork for numerous class action lawsuits from people who were harmed or who will be harmed in the next 20 to 30 years as the retroviruses continue to multiply in the bodies of infected persons.

Ultimately, government leaders didn’t want us to be able to make informed decisions regarding the true risks associated with certain therapies – they preferred to keep us all in the dark. They just wanted to cover up the whole mess and act as if it never happened – but it did happen, and millions of Americans are now suffering from a plague of modern diseases that were once rare or non-existent.

My Sources for this Information


The information that I am sharing in this article came mostly from an interview I did with Judy A. Mikovits, Ph.D. and from the book, Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Autism, and Other Diseases, written by Kent Heckenlively, JD, and Dr. Mikovits.

My article will explain the history of retrovirus contamination and the government cover-up. It will provide an introduction to effective treatments for those who suffer with the illnesses mentioned above. It attempts to do what our government didn’t have the political courage to do.

Retroviruses Escaped Safeguards Designed to Contain Them

Before I go any further, I need to tell you that safeguards most likely were implemented in December of 2014 to clean up retrovirus contaminated blood products and vaccines. The FDA approved technologies developed by the Cerus Corporation on that date that were specifically designed to solve these problems.

The problem was well understood by public health scientists and researchers for five years, but the problem was not made public until the FDA approved a solution. The press release from the Cerus Corporation describes some of the problems with the blood supply, and tells us about their new technologies. [4] Dr. Mikovits proved that this new technology is effective for inactivating these viruses in blood products, even though as you will soon read, she was viciously persecuted for bringing this problem to light.


This is good news for people who are choosing to take vaccines and for those who need to receive blood products. However, we must not forget the large number of people who were unknowingly infected by retroviruses over the past 20 or 30 years. The Cerus technology will not help them.

How did the Retrovirus Nightmare Begin?

The most recent chapter of the story began in the 1970s. It took place in research laboratories throughout the world where scientists were doing research on diseases such as cancer and HIV/AIDS.

These were the same laboratories where they were manufacturing vaccines. These labs work with mice that are genetically engineered to have immune system deficiencies, which made them vulnerable to express certain diseases. In other words, their immune systems have been altered in such a way that they will get a certain disease when exposed to a certain pathogen or toxin.

Research activities involved injecting lab mice with human viruses to attenuate or weaken the viruses. Scientists routinely did these experiments with mice in the same laboratories where they were growing human cell lines. They believed that mouse viruses and human viruses would not interact, or travel from one part of the research facility to another.

In the past, scientists didn’t worry about mouse virus contamination, because they believed that these viruses would not harm humans if they actually made their way into a human being. Scientists acknowledged the risks, but maintained the judgment that the benefits of vaccines outweighed the risks. The work of Dr. Mikovits and other scientists challenged their beliefs. They suggested the problem with mouse viruses was already out of control and the cost of the damage could destroy the economies of nations.

Other Doctors Who Warned about Retroviruses


Dr. G. Stuart made the same warning in 1953, when he spoke to the World Health Organization. He was talking about the yellow fever vaccine at that time. He stated:

Two main objections to this vaccine have been voiced, because of the possibility that (i) the mouse brain employed in its preparation may be contaminated with a virus pathogenic for man although latent in mice … Or may be the cause of a de-myelinating encephalomyelitis; (ii) the use, as an antigen, or a virus with enhanced neurotropic properties may be followed by serious reactions involving the central nervous system. [5]

In 1996, Dr. John Coffin, a leading expert on recombination in viruses, warned against transplanting cells from animals into humans to improve the functioning of the immune system of HIV-AIDS patients. He stated:

The infection is a virtually inevitable consequence of xenotransplantation and this is a very serious worry because the animals that have been chosen for doing this — the baboon and the pig — are both known to carry endogenous viruses, replication competent, but very poorly studied, that are capable of infecting human cells. [6]

Dr. Judy Mikovits and Other Scientists Discover Retroviruses now Present in 6% of Americans


The long held judgement of the majority of the scientific community was proven wrong in 2009 by Dr. Judy Mikovits and other scientists who discovered that something unexpected and very harmful was happening in laboratories throughout America and the world. They discovered that a retrovirus called XMRV (xenotropic murine retrovirus) and other related retroviruses were now present in 6% of Americans and that this retrovirus was appearing in a very high percentage of people with diseases such as prostate cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, autism, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, treatment resistant Lyme disease, and Parkinson’s Disease.

The term “xenotropic” indicates that the virus had a non-human origin and it is now able to live and multiply in humans. This retrovirus had an appearance that was similar to mouse virus, but it also had qualities of human virus. It was a chimera – like a mythical beast – part human and part mouse. It was accidentally created in laboratories when a naturally occurring mouse virus recombined with a human virus found in a prostate cancer culture.

This would be confirmed in 2011 by European researchers. Their 2011 article stated:

One of the most widely distributed biological products that frequently involved mouse tissue, at least up until recent years, is vaccines, especially vaccines against viruses … It is possible that XMRV particles were present in virus stocks cultured in mouse cells for vaccine production, and that the virus was transferred to the human population by vaccination. [7]

Retroviruses Released into the Air and Escape Laboratories


What scientists didn’t realize was the way they managed their mouse colonies and managed the production of their human cell lines created conditions in laboratories where viruses could unexpectedly mutate and recombine with one another. Even more astounding was the fact that these retroviruses could easily reproduce themselves and travel through the air.

Up until 2009, scientists didn’t know that retroviruses could be aerosolized. Retroviruses that were in mice were being released into the air and travelling through their facilities to other labs where human cell lines were being cultivated. Once there, they were able to infect human cultures. They became part of the cells and part of the products that were made from the activity of the cell lines, such as the antigens used in vaccines. The retroviruses also infected lab workers.

Government Cover-up and Lies

Thus far, I have provided some very basic information about retroviruses – where they came from and how they facilitate human disease — but there is much more to the story. We need to explore why the U.S. government doesn’t want you to know that many strains of retroviruses exist, and why they don’t want you to suspect that they are making you sick.

I recently spoke with Dr. Judy A. Mikovits, Ph.D., to gather her inside perspective about these questions. Dr. Mikovits has dedicated her life to being a research scientist in honor of her grandfather who died of cancer when she was a teenager. Dr. Mikovits earned her BA from University of Virginia and Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from George Washington University.

In her 35-year quest to understand and discover ways to treat chronic diseases, she has studied immunology, natural products chemistry, epigenetics, virology and drug development. In just over twenty years she rose from an entry-level lab technician to become director of the lab of Antiviral Drug Mechanisms at the National Cancer Institute before leaving to direct the Cancer Biology program at EpiGenX Pharmaceuticals in Santa Barbara, California.

There in 2006, she became attracted to the plight of patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and autism. In only five years she developed the first neuroimmune institute from a concept to a reality and is primarily responsible for demonstrating the relationship between immune-based inflammation and these diseases. She has published over 50 scientific papers. [9]

I asked Dr. Mikovits to summarize the retrovirus controversy and the government’s effort to cover-up the existence of certain retroviruses. She stated it this way:

Evidence of retroviruses is found in 6% of the population – 20 million Americans. They were introduced through the blood supply and vaccines into the human population. These viruses are associated with many diseases. So if you look at how they [our government] are going to fix that problem — they just approved Cerus to clean up the blood supply and they just approved their filtering technology to clean up the vaccines. They want you to believe that gammaretroviruses are all gone… [10]

Dr. Mikovits’ Career Destroyed for Telling the Truth

Dr. Mikovits is not just one of the leading scientists in the area of retrovirus related illness, she stands at the center of a scientific controversy and political battle that has ended her career as a government-funded research scientist. She spoke the truth about the fraudulent use of government research money, the marketing of inaccurate retrovirus tests, Medicare fraud, the contaminated blood supply, and the harm that is associated with vaccines and their schedule of administration. Her research showed how retroviruses are linked to the plague of modern illnesses that are bankrupting the U.S. healthcare system.

The result of her unwavering determination to stick to the truth of her research and to stand up against those who want to keep the truth hidden, resulted in her being taken to criminal court and civil court. She was gagged for four years by fabricated criminal charges in Nevada, and could not speak openly about retrovirus science or the government cover-up without risking further persecution/prosecution.

The Ugly Truth the Government Opposed – Attacks Begin

The unfolding of the saga began in the summer of 2009 when she attended a meeting of scientists from the highest levels of the scientific community. All the government agencies involved with matters of human health were represented. Leaders from various research institutes and universities were present. They were experts in the field of virology and disease prevention and treatment. (See the reference at the end of this article for the list of participants.) [11]

During the time allotted to Dr. Mikovits, she described the results of her most recent research that would soon be published in the esteemed journal, Science. She drew an association between the XMRV mouse retrovirus and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Two months later Dr. Mikovits and two other scientists presented evidence to the federal government that a retrovirus might underlie autism spectrum disorder.

When her article about gammaretroviruses and myalgic encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) was published in October of 2009, it did not trigger government health officials to explain it to the public. Instead of acclaim, a vicious attack was launched against the findings of the presence of retrovirus in patients who had ME/CFS.

The attack was largely led by the psychiatric industry. They strenuously objected to a viral association with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. They believed that ME/CFS was a mental illness without a physical cause. They believed that talk therapy and psychiatric drugs were the only answer for those who were disabled by this retroviral disease. They held to their belief even when patients required oxygen to survive and rarely had the strength to leave their homes because of intense weakness and pain.

A Wake-up Call to the Retrovirus Problem


At the 1st and only International Workshop on the XMRV retrovirus, held in September of 2010, Dr. Mikovits and a group of other scientist presented research that would become the basis for conducting an international multi-center study on XMRV retroviruses.

Among the research discussed at the meeting, was a study involving rhesus macaque monkeys that were exposed to XMRV. This was particularly valuable. It showed that the XMRV retrovirus quickly disappeared from the blood stream after exposure — presumably going into tissues. As with HIV/AIDS, immune stimulation caused the virus to reappear in the blood, where it could be detected again. The immune stimulant they used was an injection of bolus peptides that mimicked a vaccination. This provoked the virus and caused it to replicate to detectable levels, and presumably cause disease. [12]

Another study presented findings about infectious XMRV in the peripheral blood of children and their parents. The study contained 66 subjects: 37 parents and 29 children. 17 children had autism, a pair of twins had Niemann-Pick Type C (a neurodegenerative disorder), and 10 children were healthy siblings. The families lived in 11 different states. XMRV was detected in 55% of the people in the study. The age range of the infected children was 2 to 18 years. 17 of the children (including the twins) were positive for XMRV (58%) and 20 of the 37 parents (54%) were positive for XMRV. 14 of 17 autistic children were positive for XMRV (82%). They noted that autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ME/CFS, and childhood neuroimmune disorders share common clinical features. [13]

This was earth-shattering news for autism parents, because it supported the theory that their children might have been harboring an undetected retrovirus in their immune cells that could be activated through vaccination. The immune challenge of a vaccination could have offset the body’s delicate suppression of the retrovirus, bringing it out of hiding. For other children, a simple fever could have begun the immune cascade that led to autism. [14]

During Dr. Mikovits’ presentation, she described her research and the research of others. Her research team found that 67 percent of ME/CFS patients in her study showed evidence of XMRV, and other researchers found that 86.5% of ME/CFS patients had evidence of infection by a broader group of retroviruses that were also linked to laboratory mice.

Dr. Mikovits and her team found that 3.7 percent of a healthy population showed evidence of XMRV infection, while colleagues showed that 6.8 percent of a healthy control population showed evidence of infection by a wider group of murine leukemia viruses. This meant that eleven to twenty-one million individuals in the United States were potentially infected by a group of related viruses that came from mice. [15]

Dr. Mikovits detailed how they’d found XMRV in a subset of ME/CFS patients in England, and that there was a need to understand more about replication and pathogenesis. There was also a great need to develop tools for screening and treatments. In response to a question about research controls from Dr. Francis Collins, head of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Mikovits indicated that 5% of control samples taken from the London Blood Bank were positive for XMRV. [16]

When all the data and all the findings from this conference were put together, it was easy to see that there was a serious problem with retroviruses in the general population of the United States and Europe. The blood supply was contaminated, families were infected, and a very high percentage of people with ME/CFS, autism, and other diseases also had XMRV and similar retroviruses. Many other people had these viruses, but most were not yet sick.

The Multi-Center Retrovirus Study

Based on these findings, Francis Collins, head of the National Institutes of Health, mandated a multi-center study that would be directed by Dr. Ian Lipkin, who was the head of Columbia University’s Institute of Infection and Immunity. At that time, Lipkin had been acclaimed the “World’s Most Celebrated Virus Hunter.” [17]

The Lipkin multi-center study would be a large scale study that on the surface would claim to investigate what was happening with ME/CFS and other neurological disorders in the United States. However, physicians were instructed to use an unusual set of criteria to exclude patients from the study. They excluded patients with evidence of infection with HIV, hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, Treponema pallidum (syphilis), B burgdorferi (the Lyme disease spirochete), medical or psychiatric illness that might be associated with fatigue, abnormal serum characteristics, and thyroid disease.

The study excluded the exact groups of patients who were most likely to be infected with the retroviruses. It looked as if the study was designed to fail.

Dr. Mikovits Fired As Research Director

Dr. Mikovits was one of the researchers involved in the multi-center study that took place during 2010 and 2011. She continued her research until the late summer of 2011 when she was asked by the head of the institute that housed her lab to approve fraudulent expenditures of federal research monies from her grant.

She also became aware that the retrovirus test, which was being marketed and sold by the owner of the institute, produced inaccurate results. She spoke out about these problems and was fired from her position at the end of September of 2011.

Jailed without a Warrant or a Charge


Dr. Mikovits was arrested 6 weeks later, and held in jail for 5 days without the opportunity for bail as a fugitive from justice. Eventually she was charged with stealing her own research notebooks. These notebooks contained all of her recent research about retroviruses. On the day she was fired, she was locked out of her lab and offices while they were ransacked. They might have taken her notebooks, but a coworker understood what was going on and he temporarily secured Dr. Mikovits’ notebooks as well as his own.

A research scientist’s notebooks are a precious possession. Their value is equal to his or her professional credibility and personal integrity. The notebooks of Dr. Mikovits are important, because they contained the confidential names and addresses of every patient that had been involved in her gammaretrovirus research. They contain proof of the existence of gammaretroviruses and their connection with ME/CFS that no one could deny. Gammaretroviruses are one of the retrovirus families that cause chronic illness.

I won’t go into the details of the court proceedings. But political corruption in Nevada and in the U.S. scientific research community made sure that Dr. Judy Mikovits would be silenced and financially destroyed. She and her husband lost everything. They now live in a rental unit in Southern California.

Results of the Multi-Center Retrovirus Study

Instead of finding that 67 percent of patients with ME/CFS had evidence of retrovirus infection, as Dr. Mikovits found in her study, or finding that 86.5 percent of ME/CFS patients had mouse leukemia type retroviruses as others had found – the Lipkin study found no association with disease. The Lipkin multi-center study, however, did confirm that 6% of the U.S. population is carrying retrovirus infections whether they know it or not. This finding was very significant. The study confirmed the findings from more than two decades of research, which consistently presented evidence of retroviruses in 4-6% of the population. The Lipkin study confirmed that 20 million Americans are carrying retroviruses. [18]

They didn’t find an association with disease, because they excluded the groups that were most likely to have the retrovirus.

This multimillion dollar study funded with U.S. tax dollars successfully covered up the relationship between retroviruses and chronic disease, but it was not able to obscure the existence of retroviruses in the general population.

They didn’t want to find an association with disease, because the government, Big Pharma, health insurance companies, and the conventional medical system did not want the truth to be revealed. The costs would be staggering if it became public knowledge that the healthcare system itself had infected 20 million people with a virus that was causing chronic illness, disability, suffering, and death.

Destruction of Dr. Mikovits’ Work and Career

The publicizing of her unlawful arrest in the journal Science, which even included her mugshot, seriously damaged her professional reputation. This was followed by an attack on Dr. Mikovits’ previously published work. Her 2009 article about gammaretroviruses was formally retracted by the editors of the journal that published it because she dared show evidence how retroviruses remained hidden from detection, just as her research had shown more than two decades earlier that HIV could remain hidden from detection.

Dr. Mikovits has been unemployed since September 2011. Her career has been destroyed. No one will give her grant money for new research, because the government doesn’t want to see any further research into any of the retroviruses that were created in laboratories and introduced into humans in vaccines, biological products, and food.

Dr. Mikovits Suffering but not Destroyed

As you might expect, Dr. Mikovits and her husband have experienced serious financial limitations during these years from the lack of employment income and the tremendous cost of legal fees. Dr. Mikovits has suffered, but her resolve has not been destroyed. She has been crushed economically, but her witness for the truth remains intact. Dr. Mikovits describes her situation this way:

Personally, we don’t need much and we don’t have much. There aren’t many people who live a half block from the beach in the sunshine in a nice place. We are surviving, and [are ready] to do whatever it is the next thing that God wants us to do. So, I consider myself blessed. There were many dark days and I am sure there will be more dark days, but the story is not over and these viruses and diseases are not dead. [19]

Dr. Mikovits continues to conduct research. She doesn’t need a lab to keep studying ME/CFS, autism, cancer and other diseases. She continues to provide consultations to patients with ME/CFS, to parents of autistic children, and to physicians who understand the truth of what her research revealed and are willing to act on it.

Dr. Mikovits and Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet

Dr. Mikovits consulted with Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet, M.D., who was one of the leaders in the treatment of autistic children. Dr. Mikovits describes her interaction with Dr. Bradstreet in the spring of 2015, shortly before his death. She had shared her research with Dr. Bradstreet and he had the courage to implement new treatments for his patients based in part on it. Dr. Mikovits stated:

I feel in the deepest part of my soul Jeff Bradstreet was suicided. That is shot in the chest with his own gun and thrown into that river. I saw him within two weeks of his death. We were at the autismOne conference this year and we were high fiving it. He said, “We are so close to a cure for autism.”

I felt like I was back. I was in a place where I was no longer totally gun shy. I was not ducking every time I walked through a door. I was able to take my hat off. [Her hats were part of the disguise she used to hide.] [20]

Dr. Mikovits and her husband were followed, harassed, and intimidated. Someone tried to give her a gun shortly after she was fired to “protect” herself. She refused to touch it, because she didn’t want it to become a tool that someone might use to simulate her suicide as she strongly feels they did to Dr. Bradstreet and others.

Specific Questions Answered by Dr. Mikovits

I posed the following questions to Dr. Mikovits during my interview with her on December 14, 2015.

QUESTION: What would you want to tell people in America who have various neurodegenerative diseases and cancers that are associated with retroviral infection? What is your message for America concerning non-HIV AIDS?

The message is that there are a significant number of people who understand how to treat these diseases and they should understand that they are certainly not crazy and they are not imagining things. It’s certainly not genetic and it is not their fault. The most important thing is that so many people blame themselves – “If I had never let them give my kid that shot.” Don’t go there, because we can fix it.

I won’t ever give up. There are a lot of doctors around the world who are trusting us. They have seen the same things themselves and who are energized by our book and by the revelations [that have happened] since. We will keep on addressing the science.

These diseases are certainly not a death sentence. You don’t have to suffer forever. We are not giving up. We can end your suffering, and your potential can be used!

Please don’t kill yourself because it might seem like forever but we are not going to let it happen. I am not going to let the Lipkins of the world bury the people who were infected with retroviruses between 1975 and 2014. I am delighted that they are cleaning up the blood supply and they are cleaning up the vaccines but I am not willing to let the ones that got hurt die in vain, or have their families die. We care about all the families.

You have to try and realize that there is a bigger plan beyond you, and of course we all know there is a bigger plan beyond us, but it is hard to see sometimes in the insanity.

QUESTION: Please explain how the immune system functions in the presence of a retroviral infection and what has gone wrong when disease results?

The immune system’s job is to clear pathogens. So, when the initial infection recedes, the immune system should put on the brakes so that you won’t develop autoimmunity. Our immune system enables us to distinguish self from non-self — that is the whole goal. In cancer, the natural killer cells and cytotoxic T cells can’t see the tumor any more. It is as if the tumor has a coat on and it is hiding from the immune system. So, the therapy is to teach the immune system to see the virus infected cell or the cancer cell [so it can do its job]. In those with diseases like ME/CFS and autism we are helping the immune system and other pathways regain their balance — their homeostasis.

That is what GcMAF does. It communicates with the macrophages. It’s called macrophage activating factor, but in fact it is not really activating. It takes the amoeboid microglia — the bad guys — that are producing all the glutamate and inflammatory cytokines, and takes these microglia, and turns them back into ramified surveillance microglia. These are happy cells that are not producing all these toxic intermediates. [This means] GcMAF is actually a deactivating factor.

In the brain, the gammaretroviruses infect the capillary endothelial cells. They don’t even infect the microglia. Those infected cells produce factors which activate the macrophages and put them into an angry over-active state. When GcMAF is given it turns the angry macrophage back into a happy quiescent macrophage. This clears the damage even though the infected cells were not cleared, because we didn’t target the brain endothelial capillary cells. We just quiet everything down and the virus will either become latent or we will clear it from the body. This works as long as we don’t have too many infected cells that crash the entire system, as happens with HIV/AIDS. We learned that if HIV/AIDS patients get treated early enough before their immune systems are too badly damaged [they can have a normal life.]

QUESTION: In your book, Plague, you made the statement that as a Christian you felt that God had placed you in the middle of this controversy for a reason. Do you have any more thoughts about that at this point?

I believe in God, I trust in the promises of the Bible, and believe that there is justice from God. Thus, I don’t care what anyone says, I know the truth and God knows the truth. Sometimes God places people in situations where you just simply obey. I don’t pretend to understand. God did it for a reason and I trust that ultimately that is for good.

I had to see a lot of other things, and a lot of tough things about myself. This has been a very dark time, and you do question everything about your faith. I can’t even comprehend the evil of some of what happened and continues to happen. But I try not to go there, I just trust God.

So as far as God goes, I am good with God. I know I am not dead yet and therefore I have a job to do. I have to keep living the horrors that I live every day. Those horrors are just seeing those sick people. I must never give up trying to help them. I get to see the people who can’t afford the antiretroviral drugs or any treatments — people suffering alone in dark rooms. I get to talk with this young woman later today whose entire family is sick. I see this family and this woman who is sick-sick-sick and all someone has to do is try an antiretroviral drug or an immune modulator like GcMAF and maybe she can have a life. I see all that potential wasted, all the suffering. That’s why we wrote Plague, in hopes of ending the suffering, not as I always thought I would in a laboratory but using the voice stolen from millions.

QUESTION: Do you do consulting work on an individual basis?

Yes — MAR Consulting, Inc. We post everything there. We don’t charge fees. We do have contribution buttons. We put people together with doctors. We put people together with other people who have supplements or therapies that can help. We look at the patient’s history. We look for the prime problem for each person, since the diseases are heterogeneous.

We put together our knowledge on supplements and therapeutics. If we can, we put them together with a doctor in their area who will work with us. We work with doctors. There are doctors that pay us just to talk with us about difficult cases. They ask us, what would you do in this case? There are patients that ask me to talk with their doctors. I can be busy 24/7.

MAR Consulting Inc.

FINAL QUESTION: What is the future for retroviral research?

The real big and sad part is that the field will die. If you don’t fund it, it doesn’t get done. Our government grants are policed from the beginning by the CDC, NIH, FDA and the various agencies to make sure that nobody says retrovirus. It seems like a case of David and Goliath, but I can sit here and say maybe with arrogance or simply with confidence, we know the truth and we are not going to give it up!

If you need more proof about the existence of retrovirus infection and non-HIV AIDS, and want more proof of government corruption in health research, I invite you to read the book, Plague.

Treatment Options for Retroviruses

People with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, autism, and the other non-HIV AIDS diseases have been successfully treated by physicians who step out of the box of conventional medicine and who are willing to take risks on behalf of their patients.

The risks to health care workers are real. Untimely death from unnatural sources is a real possibility. Persecution from medical peers and medical boards are real possibilities. However, it always must be kept in mind that there is evidence of retroviral infection in 20 million Americans. These people have a strong likelihood of developing some form of non-HIV AIDS, and that chance increases with every day they live.

Treatment is focused in two areas. Antivirals substances (natural supplements or pharmaceuticals) are used to reduce the viral population. Anti-inflammatory agents (natural substances or pharmaceuticals) are used to quiet the immune system and restore its normal functioning.




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[2] Retroviruses may be associated with the following diseases. This information was derived from my conversation with Dr. Mikovits and from her slides available from: “PRT 2013 Presentation,” MAR Consulting Inc., retrieved 12/ 18/2015.

Cancers : Prostate, Breast, Lymphoma, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, Mantle Cell Lymphoma, Adult T-Cell Leukemia, Hairy Cell Leukemia, Liver, Bladder, Kidney, Pancreas, Colorectal, Ovarian, and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Auto-Immune Diseases: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Crohn’s Disease, Peripheral Neuropathy, Primary Biliary Cirrhosis, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Polymyositis, and Bechet’s Disease.

Neuro-Immune Diseases: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Gulf-War Syndrome, Morgellons Disease, treatment resistant Lyme disease, and idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP).

Central Nervous System Diseases:  Alzheimer’s, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, multiple systems atrophy, autism, and Parkinson’s.

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Refusal to Vaccinate Child Gets Mom Jail Time: A Deeper Analysis

Refusal to Vaccinate Child Gets Mom Jail Time: A Deeper Analysis

“I want to make it perfectly clear. We’re leaving here today. Dad’s picking the child up and he’s going to be vaccinated regardless of what Mom did or didn’t do.” 

These were the words of Oakland County judge Karen McDonald during the open minutes of the recent court room proceedings that continue to grab international headlines. Metro Detroit’s Rebecca Bredow, the Mom, now sits in an Oakland Country jail with a criminal record forever attached to her name. Her 9-year-old son is now in temporary custody of his father who is ordered by the court to bring the child up to date on the boy’s vaccination status, which will be up to eight vaccines “…as rapidly as medically necessary.”

Unfortunately in America, the end result of cases like Bredow’s are becoming more and more common.  

Some are saying Bredow refused to vaccinate her child and is getting what she deserved but is it really that simple? The mainstream, corporate media narrative is attempting to paint a picture that Bredow’s case is an uncommon, one-and-done occurrence. The narrative is also suggesting that the family court process, when vaccination status is concerned, is a stone solid justice machine based on ‘settled vaccine science.’ The reality is that the judge and the court are taking a known and dangerous medical risk with another person’s child that they have no right to take. Do courts have the right to order an unavoidably unsafe medical intervention like vaccination in custody cases?

 At minute 3:30 Judge McDonald makes clear her forced vaccination agenda. 

Joel Dorfman of Michigan for Vaccine Choice, a group that advocates for parents’ rights to refuse vaccines told the Detroit Free Press, “If this child is injured as a result of being given eight immunizations, who do you think is going to take care of the child? The judge?”

According to Judge McDonald, Bredow’s case is about her refusal to follow court orders she previously agreed to. McDonald ruled Bredow was in criminal contempt for not following a 2016 agreement to vaccinate her child. However Bredow says that her attorney at the time signed the order and advised her not to worry since she had filed state waivers and vaccine exemptions each year in Michigan for her child. In Michigan, parents or guardians of children enrolled in public and private schools are required to attend an educational session before they are granted waivers.

Lecturing from the bench, Judge McDonald told Bredow “I understand you love your children. But what I don’t think you understand is that your son has two parents, and dad gets a say,” Her statement seems reasonable yet it is important to note that Bredow has primary caregiver status. Digging deeper into the information of the case, Judge McDonald’s recent ruling gives physical custody of the child to the ex-husband James Horne. In the past, Child Protective Services did an investigation on Horne and the case was confirmed as a Category 3 revealing a preponderance of evidence against him which the court knew about.

What about medical expert testimony? Although Bredow’s case didn’t involve the testimony of an expert witness or medical professional, this tactic is often a nonstarter in US courts. The courts don’t decide and rule on the science, their job is to weigh the evidence. For each doctor or expert witness brave enough to go on record against the safety of vaccines in a given case, there are many more doctors who are will testify for them. In addition, all US health agencies and organizations still toe the line for the false ‘safe and effective’ vaccine narrative and refuse to factor in any new or highly relevant information that says otherwise.

During the recent ruling, Judge McDonald appeared to be reading from a prewritten statement when handing down her decision suggesting that she did not factor in the day’s testimony and dialogue. If that is the case, perhaps McDonald’s prewritten decision was in response to the attention Bredow drew to the case by going to the media. Section 600.1715 of Michigan’s Revised Judicature Act of 1961 states:

“If the contempt consists of the omission to perform some act or duty that is still within the power of the person to perform, the imprisonment shall be terminated when the person performs the act or duty or no longer has the power to perform the act or duty…”

The “act or duty” to vaccinate Bredow’s 9-year-old child was ordered by the court to be done by the ex-husband. In addition, Bredow no longer had the power to perform the act or duty in question. It seems that, given the language of the act, Bredow’s jail time was handed down as a warning and a lesson rather than a necessary legal measure.

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Pharma Using Scare Tactics Over Pertussis Vaccine Failure  James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, Sept 26, 2017

Desperation Over Pertussis Vaccine Failure is Driving Pharma to Use Scary Propaganda

IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN the commercial in which GlaxoSmithKline has ripped a page out of 1930’s Nazi Germany, you won’t believe your eyes.  In this commercial, and in associated propaganda posters, grandparents are demonized and turned into wolves – leering at their own grandchildren.


Here, non-vaccinated grandparents are depicted as animals, less than human, and as a dire threat to a helpless infant. With the insinuation that grandparents could be responsible for any case of infantile pertussis infection, the message pitches family member against family member. Joseph Goebbels (Nazi propaganda Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945) would be proud that their tactic of de-humanizing part of the population is alive and well in 2017.

How accurate is the message is that grandparents can spread whooping cough (pertussis) to their new infant?

Yes, pertussis infection is contagious. What GSK has left out, however, is the fact that individuals who vaccinated can be turned into silent carriers, based on two reasons.

(1)   The vaccine itself, not low vaccination rates, can lead to persistent asymptomatic pertussis infection.
(2) As a result of (1), the TDaP/DTaP vaccination program has failed. 

That’s not my opinion.  That is scientific consensus:

In the commercial, we see that the grandmother has symptoms (a slight cough or sniffle).  This is meant to imply that an infection is the threat.  In reality, asymptomatic wild-type pertussis carriers are the threat, and they are created by exposure of the immune system to the failed vaccine.

The realization that TDaP/DTaP has failed has led to experimental use of TDaP (with no safety or efficacy data: Source: CDC) during pregnancy.  It is “hoped” that it will prove effective and safe.  Studies after the introduction of TDaP during pregnancy are biased: they removed (excluded) women who were at risk of complications.  These women are not screened out of the clinical vaccination program, however, and this represents a consistent failure of translational research on vaccines.  The FDA stands by while vaccines never tested on a given population are applied, and they are thereby complicit and responsible for the fetal deaths and other serious adverse events, such as autism, that can result from maternal immune activation during pregnancy.

New York Times Calls for Citizens to Break Federal Law

Today, The NYT ran a piece asking the question “Can I Spread the Word About an Unvaccinated Child?” and the author counsels the public to go ahead, spread the word about unvaccinated children.  Each person, and their children, are entitled to medical privacy under the The HIPAA Privacy Rule, which establishes national standards to protect individuals’ medical information.

Meanwhile, in 2017 Germany, Kindergartens must report their parents to the State if they have opted out of vaccination (Source: Reuters):

german prop

The Nazi propaganda protocols are well in place.  Turn your enemy (the informed, non-vaccinating public) into animals, and then turn people against each other. The next step is the argue that those who do not vaccinate do not have the same rights as those who do vaccinate.  Luckily, 48/50 states in the US allow non-medical exemptions for children whose parents are informed of the actual risks associated with vaccines.

Here are some additional reminders of disgusting Nazi propaganda posters depicting members of the Jewish faith into sub-humans.

1The caricatures from Musée des Horreurs include heads or faces of prominent Jews, Dreyfus supporters, and Republican statesman placed on grotesque animal bodies.

Remember, the TdaP/DTaP not only fails to protect individuals from infection – it can create silent carriers.  The logical outcome of continued use of TDaP in any population is a pertussis epidemic. Here a a Scientific American story on the problem:

With symptoms, infected family members could know they should stay away from baby, and they could seek treatment.  Pertussis infection is curable via antibiotics.

With the vaccine, family members could unknowingly spread pertussis to their newborns.

We don’t need propaganda.  We need CDC and ACIP to adult, and pull TdaP/DTaP from the schedule.  Better yet, GSK should pull it themselves.  If CDC/ACIP or GSK won’t, we need the FDA to ban the vaccine, forcing the development of safer, more effective means of controlling pertussis.

In the meantime, babies are at risk of pertussis infection from the vaccinated, silent carriers, and CDC/ACIP, FDA, and GSK – NOT grandparents – are responsible for the associated morbidity and mortality.


For more on Vaccines:  (I highlight Dr. Gentempo’s 9 part vaccine series which covers nearly every vaccine)  New Lyme Vaccine Coming Soon.  Caveat Empter – Buyer Beware!


Sacrificial Virgins – HPV Vaccine

 Sept. 2017

Sacrificial Virgins: Part I – Not for the greater good

The HPV vaccine is a treatment in widespread use but its efficacy in preventing cancer is medically unproven, while unintended, adverse reactions are blighting and even ending the lives of girls and young women across the world. However, pharmaceutical manufacturers and many health authorities are refusing to acknowledge there is a problem and the medical community is continuing to offer the vaccine. This is the subject of a three-part series of films – Sacrificial Virgins – the first of which was launched on YouTube on 11 September 2017.


Rob Verkerk, PhD, explains how there is no good current informed consent information being given regarding the HPV vaccine, that many medical practitioners are NOT reporting adverse events, and the importance of having accurate information in order to be able to make an informed consent.  In the UK, if a child is 12, they are deemed Gillick competent and can be vaccinated against the will of their parents.  

In the U.S., currently as of 2016, there are no federal vaccination laws, but all 50 states have laws requiring vaccination against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (DTaP), polio, and measles and rubella (MMR); however, exemptions exist but vary from state to state.  All school immunization laws grant exemptions to children for medical reasons. Almost all states grant religious exemptions for people who have religious beliefs against immunizations. Currently, 18 states allow philosophical exemptions for those who object to immunizations because of personal, moral or other beliefs.

To find your state laws:   I am happy to report that in my state of Wisconsin, all three exemptions exist.  Please discuss this with your medical professional and consider that if your child has Lyme/MSIDS, their bodies are in a war already.   

For more on Gardasil and HPV Vaccines:

Strange Case of Poul Thorsen – Vaccine Data Manipulator “Extraordinaire”

The CDC’s Strange Case Of Poul Thorsen, MD, PhD, Vaccine Data Manipulator “Extraordinaire”

By Catherine J. Frompovich

A few months ago after reading the book Master Manipulator, I wrote an article about Poul Thorsen, MD, PhD, the Danish medical researcher who produced the ‘premiere safety study’ that vaccines do not cause Autism; however, the study was produced fraudulently, but the CDC still promotes it and has not retracted it from vaccinology research, as science protocol requires.

One of the questionable studies involved is “A population-based study of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination and autism” co-authored by Poul Thorsen,  See comment in PubMed Commons below N Engl J Med. 2002 Nov 7;347(19):1477-82.  It’s the study CDC particularly likes to point to regarding vaccines and Autism, and is published online here.  The research was about ethylmercury in Thimerosal attributing to and/or causing Autism.

Poul Thorsen apparently was many things and probably even at cad, at that. He ingratiated himself both personally and professionally with CDC employee, Diana Schendel, PhD, who apparently was able to ‘guide’ his research around the CDC’s Atlanta headquarters.

When the CDC was notified by Thorsen’s Denmark colleagues about inaccuracies regarding CDC grants and funding, further investigation resulted “in 22 federal criminal counts – 13 counts of wire fraud and 9 counts of money laundering,” which never have been acted upon by the USA or CDC.  Thorsen is hiding in plain sight, working and publishing articles in Denmark, with no extradition apparently requested by the CDC!  How strange?“The United States has had an Extradition Treaty with Denmark since the Nixon Administration (1974).” (Pg. 4)

Enter into the story, Attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has been investigating mercury in vaccines (ethylmercury in the preservative Thimerosal) and mercury elsewhere in the biosphere and medicine.

Mr. Kennedy founded the World Mercury Project, whose

…Mission of the World Mercury Project is to work aggressively to reduce exposure to all sources of mercury, hold accountable those who failed to protect our planet and people from these unnecessary exposures, restore health to those who have been harmed, and to establish necessary safeguards to prevent such tragedies from ever happening again.

Thimerosal is a vaccine preservative that still is in multi-dose flu vaccines and as a residual ingredient in vaccines, since during the manufacturing process, Thimerosal is used but then extracted.  CDC and FDA admit there’s a residual amount in vaccines.

According to this CDC/FDA website:

 For two childhood vaccines, thimerosal is used to prevent the growth of microbes during the manufacturing process. When thimerosal is used this way, it is removed later in the process. Only trace (very tiny) amounts remain. The only childhood vaccines today that have trace amounts of thimerosal are one DTaP and one DTaP-Hib combination vaccine.

Mr. Kennedy even went so far as to post a science challenge regarding thimerosal:  Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Esq., offered a $100,000 reward to any journalist who “can find a peer-reviewed scientific study demonstrating that thimerosal is safe in the amounts contained in vaccines currently being administered to American children and pregnant women.”   Kennedy now, however, is turning his attention to getting Poul Thorsen extradited to the USA to face legal charges.  In order to explain the “Thorsen Saga,” Kennedy engaged Beth Clay to produce an update and report about Thorsen and his legal standing.

I’ve been in contact with Beth and obtained her permission to cite verbatim information she so eloquently put together and about which I thought readers ought to know.  There needs to be a public outcry directed to Congress and the U.S. Attorney General to get the fictitious science surrounding Autism and vaccines mainstreamed as such, plus retracted by HHS/CDC/FDA and other nation states, including the World Health Organization.  Beth’s outstanding report can be found here.

The report is 21 pages plus two pages of Exhibits.  What I’d like to bring to readers’ attention are the following facts:

The U.S. CDC apparently sank $16Million into a vaccine investment fraud in Denmark!

Thorsen, apparently from the very beginning of his CDC ‘stint’, had designs of grandeur and lived high off the hog, while raising flags with his expensive Harley Davidson and suburban Atlanta home.  In Clay’s paper we find,

CDC-Danish Coverup of Ethics Violations:  The next day, the beginning of an ethical crisis began to take shape.  Coleen Boyle, Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp and Diana Schendel participated in a Denmark Grantees Autism/CP conference call.  Poul Thorsen participated and presumably helped bring the two new principal investigators up to speed.  He was asked to provide Aarhus University a copy of all permissions in his files ASAP.  Coleen commented that from what they had discussed, most of the activities were completed.  Diana began discussing additional projects. Soren raised the issue of bringing the CP biomarker data to Aarhus for safekeeping.  Then, there was a discussion about who had the various data and whether it could be gathered and secured all in one place.  Diana and Poul were asked to provide historical context to this.  Marshalyn asked if Aarhus could work with the Danish Psychiatric Data on the autism project. Poul stated this was the registry based data on vaccines.  He stated that permission should already be in place.  (However, it would be confirmed later that no permissions were in place and that Thorsen had never applied for them.)  [Pp. 18-19] [CJF emphasis]

Not only were the above lack of permissions going on, Clay says,

Marshalyn had more questions.  She verified that there was no medical abstraction of the autism perinatal records.   Carsten had not found original approvals and was looking to Poul to provide them.  Carsten believed they did not have permissions for the autism disorder case control study.  Poul suggested checking with Kristine. (Exhibit 40)

On the 30th of November 2009, Coleen Boyle, Diana Schendel, Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp colluded with Danish grantees to cover up a serious ethical violation in already published andabout to be published research.  They sought to cover their tracks on their failure to ensure Poul Thorsen had obtained all the needed ethical approvals for the autism bio and genetic studies.  Two studies were published in which legally required ethical permissions were apparently never applied for and granted according to their notes. When repeatedly asked to provide them, Thorsen did not.  

In what are completely unethical acts by all involved, the team members went into damage control mode and decided that they likely could obtain permission for ongoing and future studies.  They concluded that it would probably be impossible to get permission for research that was already finalized (and published). It is absurd that experienced federal grants management officials even discussed the idea of seeking a human subject safety review retroactively.  These reviews, known as Institutional Review Boards (IRB) in the United States and Ethical Committees in Denmark are required before a study is initiated in order to protect patients and patient records from abuse. It would seem from the outset that the CDC was incompetent or inept in the management of this project.  They also failed to do a site visit for the first three years. [CJF emphasis]

Collusion on the part of yet other CDC employees to commit fraud

How many times do we have to learn about a criminal collusion culture existing at the CDC/FDA before Congress, or whoever has proper oversight since Congress seems out-to-lunch, does anything to stop vaccine fraud?

Beth Clay ‘punctuates’ an apparent “Peter Principle” [2] promotion scheme within the CDC culture:

The Peter Principle is an observation that the tendency in most organizational hierarchies, such as that of a corporation, is for every employee to rise in the hierarchy through promotion until they reach the levels of their respective incompetence. [CJF emphasis]

Look what happened to Dr. Coleen Boyle!

Dr. Coleen Boyle, who has since been promoted to be Director of NCBDDD at CDC should have shut this grant down immediately upon being informed that ethical clearances were not in place.  She should have immediately contacted the Office of Research Integrity, potentially even the Office of Inspector General.  Funding should have been discontinued.  She should have led the charge to have these papers retracted.  There should have been, at a minimum, a press release from the CDC to inform the public.  Instead, Dr. Boyle along with Dr. Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, Joanne Wojcik and Dr. Diana Schendel colluded with their Danish Grantees to ‘fix it’ and retrospectively apply ethics approvals.  Their next call on 14 December 2009 closed the case on Poul providing information to Aarhus.  Joanne and Diana determined to go back through older grant applications to search for permissions. 

Not only is this an egregious cover up, but it also points to poor grant management by CDC staff.  The CDC staff responsible for this multimillion dollar grant, starting with Diana Schendel, should have had copies of all the legally required ethics permissions in hand before the Danish grantees were allowed to get started and before the first US taxpayer dollar was sent to Denmark.   [CJF emphasis]

The Clay update on Thorsen is worth reading to understand how ‘legal sleight of hand’ goes on in federal bureaucracies and agencies where unelected bureaucrats apparently become ingrained and accepted culture ‘denizens’, knowing the CDC ‘has their backs’ (a la William Thompson, PhD’s whistleblowing [3]) and they will not be held accountable.

Well, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. apparently thinks differently and has shifted his attention to getting Poul Thorsen extradited to the U.S. to “face the music” and “pay the piper” for misappropriating between One and Two Million Dollars in CDC grant money.

However, who will make whole ASD children and their families as a result of Thorsen’s and other CDC researchers’ fraudulent work stating no association between Autism and vaccines, when in fact, there IS?


[3] VAXXED: from cover-up to catastrophe


CDC Knowing LIED About Mercury In Vaccines: Proof Has Surfaced

Action to Take: send an email to

Donald J. Trump (R), President
Mike Pence (R), Vice President
Jeff Sessions, Attorney General

Extradite CDC autism study fabricator & embezzler Poul Thorsen

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

Catherine’s NEW book: Eat To Beat Disease, Foods Medicinal Qualities ©2016 Catherine J Frompovich is now available


For more CDC fraud:

Aluminum, Flawed Assumptions Fueling Autoimmune Disease and Lyme

The reason I post information about vaccines to Lyme/MSIDS patients is you are confronted on nearly a daily basis to get the poke, and if you are like any normal person this confrontation will leave you feeling guilty if you don’t sprint to your local pharmacy for the latest “free” vaccine.
Please know that similarly to the Lyme controversy, there is a very real vaccine controversy with more and more medical practitioners speaking out about the very real concerns for safety, efficacy, and implications.  This is true for everyone, but particularly for those who are chronically ill with a pathogen invasion of the worst kind.  Please be informed and take the time to learn about the debate just as you learn about the debate on Lyme/MSIDS.  LLMD’s believe autoimmunity plays an important role in Lyme/MSIDS.  No one knows what part vaccinations play in a chronically ill person who already has autoimmunity.
   Dr. Suzanne Humphries July, 2017,
Approx. 5:30 Min
The Real Reason Aluminum is in Vaccines
  Injecting Aluminum Official Trailer  Approx. 2:30  Dr. Christopher Shaw and colleagues have established convincing biological evidence linking aluminum adjuvant used in vaccines to autism.  “This is the paper I have been waiting for. This paper reports measurements of cytokines in the brains of animals injected with aluminum adjuvant as neonates. The same cytokines are elevated as in human autism. IL-6 and CCL2/MCP-1 are elevated for example. Male animals are more strongly affected. It’s a perfect match to human autism.”  June, 2017 by Vinu Arumugham, Independent researcher

Flawed assumptions fuel autoimmune disease: The Sorry State of Vaccine Safety Science Infection, Vaccination and Autoimmune disease

Wraith et al.1 observe that there is a high probability that microbial antigens can induce cross-reactive immune responses against self-antigens. They explain that we have evolved fail-safe mechanisms that usually protect us from developing autoimmune disease following infections.

They write: “Here we analyse our understanding of how infections can lead to autoimmune disease and thus assess the relative risk of autoimmune disease arising as a consequence of vaccination.” and “These fail-safe mechanisms apply equally to the host response to vaccination. ”

Mojsilovic2 writes: “Moreover, one must not overlook the fact that vaccines only mimic natural infections, and infectious agents themselves can elicit the same immune phenomena. Indeed, the risk of developing immunemediated diseases by acquiring natural infection is even greater than the risk of the same diseases to develop by vaccine- associated reactions.”

Unfortunately, neither Wraith et al. nor Mojsilovic, provide any explanation, evidence or reference to literature supporting this fundamental assumption that fail-safe mechanisms operative during infections are active during host response to vaccination.

This fundamental assumption is easily demonstrated to be false. Live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV, Flumist) and live oral rotavirus vaccines come closest to natural infection and have routes of administration that match natural infection. So the immune pathways triggered may be similar. Even so, considering that the vaccines do not cause disease, one cannot guarantee that all immune pathways triggered by natural infection are also triggered by the vaccine. So the autoimmune fail-safe mechanisms cannot be assumed to have been operational.

Many vaccines administered today are subunit vaccines. They are administered through intramuscular or subcutaneous routes. Neither matches the route of natural infection. So they trigger different immune pathways. Subunit vaccines primarily contain one or more antigens from the target organism. These antigens are poorly immunogenic and the host response is weak. This weak immune response is part of the autoimmune fail-safe mechanism at work.

To make the vaccine work, adjuvants such as aluminum salts or toxoids are needed to boost the immune response. In other words, adjuvants, by definition, defeat the fail-safe mechanism.

Mojsilovic writes: “The main role of adjuvants is to trick the immune system in perceiving vaccine antigen as a serious threat, and thus initiate innate and consecutively adaptive response mechanisms, including long-term immune memory to that antigen.”

This artificial immune response was NOT engineered to mimic a natural infection. It was a serendipitous discovery (immunology’s dirty secret), tuned empirically3,4. The mechanisms of action involved in an adjuvant induced response is still not understood and is an active area of research. So there is no scientific basis to make the claim that the natural autoimmune fail-safe mechanisms are operational in the case of adjuvanted subunit vaccines either.

Fever is common during natural infections5 . Fever is rare with subunit vaccines6 . Even the rare vaccine induced fever is suppressed with the (controversial and changing) recommendation of using acetaminophen following vaccination, to overcome injection site pain. Acetaminophen may affect inflammatory pathways.7,8 Fever impacts immune system behavior including IL-6 and heat shock protein related pathways5 . Clearly, natural infection and vaccines DO NOT produce the same immunological effect. Therefore autoimmune fail-safe mechanisms operational during natural infection, CANNOT be assumed to be operational during a vaccine-induced host response. So, the Wraith et al. observation that there is a high probability that microbial antigens can induce crossreactive immune responses against self-antigens, needs serious consideration in the context of vaccines. And we see strong evidence of vaccines inducing numerous autoimmune diseases.9–17

In Biotechnology and Safety Assessment (2003)18, immunotoxicology expert Dr. François Verdier with vaccine maker Aventis Pasteur (now Sanofi Pasteur), writes: “Helicobacter pylori catalase was excluded from the screening of vaccine antigens because first it showed sequence homology with human catalase and second human catalase is reported to be an autoantigen in inflammatory bowel disease”

If Wraith et al. were right about “These fail-safe mechanisms apply equally to the host response to vaccination. “, an H. pylori catalase vaccine should have the same risk of causing autoimmune disease as the H. pylori infection. But as Dr. Verdier points out, the H. pylori catalase vaccine was considered unsafe and was excluded.

But unfortunately, numerous other vaccines contaminated with catalase, were inexplicably approved and are in widespread use.19 This can explain the epidemic of inflammatory bowel disease.

Tricking the immune system gets tricky

We understand very little about the immune system but we have decided to trick it. It is not a story you expect to end well.

Mojsilovic writes: “The main role of adjuvants is to trick the immune system in perceiving vaccine antigen as a serious threat, and thus initiate innate and consecutively adaptive response mechanisms, including long-term immune memory to that antigen.”

Vaccines are of course contaminated with non-target viral, bacterial antigens, numerous growth media proteins including casein, ovalbumin, yeast, bovine serum albumin etc.20 Example: the Pandemrix vaccine contained influenza hemaggluttinin proteins (target) and influenza nucleoproteins (contaminant).16

By tricking the immune system into perceiving ALL of the above proteins as a serious threat, adjuvants predictably produce numerous off-target immune responses such as food allergies21, asthma22 and disable the autoimmune fail-safe mechanism, producing autism11,23 and other autoimmune disorders19 .

The fact that adjuvanted vaccines work is proof that they create allergy and autoimmune diseases as well. This is a fundamental flaw in current vaccines.

Vaccine safety recommendations are ignored

Wraith et. al. call for autoimmune serology during vaccine trials. Vaccine trials have ignored that recommendation. No autoimmune serology is performed during vaccine trials.6,24–26 .

Serology is used only to check titers of antibodies against the target antigen. Checking for other antibodies such as IgE and IgG4 against self and contaminating antigens could easily identify vaccine-induced allergies, asthma, autism and autoimmunity.10,27–30

The fact that Pandemrix induced narcolepsy was only discovered after sickening numerous patients is proof that safety mechanisms required during vaccine design and testing, to avoid autoimmune diseases, are absent or dysfunctional.

Wraith et al. say autoimmune disease manifestation takes years. Yet vaccine trials last a few months. And post-marketing manifestation is easily dismissed with the statement: “Because these events were reported voluntarily from a population of uncertain size, it is not possible to reliably estimate their frequency or to establish a causal relationship to vaccine exposure.”31

Adjuvant and vaccine safety claims are premature

Vaccines and the adverse events they induce can be separated by decades.

In one mechanism, vaccine induced autoantibodies in women, attack the fetal brain and cause autism.11 With decades between vaccine induced autoantibodies and the adverse event affecting a different individual than the one vaccinated, there is no chance that vaccine surveillance mechanisms will ever find this type of adverse event or help in determining root cause.

This is the fundamental limitation of the “safety by testing” methodology. We need “safety by design”. Testing should be used to catch design errors. But current vaccines are empirically derived using trial and error. The result is fundamentally unsafe vaccines.

Mojsilovic: “Some of the first adjuvants discovered back then, on empirical basis of trial and error, are still in widespread use today, but only recently some light on the molecular mechanisms of their action has been shed.”

Immunological effects of current adjuvants were not designed. They are empirical, trial and error based. So no claim can be made that autoimmune fail-safe mechanism operative during natural infection are active during adjuvanted vaccine driven immune responses.

Diseases like cerebral infarction (CI), diabetes mellitus (DM), cardiovascular diseases (CVD) develop over the long-term due to inflammation32. There is evidence that they may have an autoimmune basis12,33. These diseases may been caused by aluminum adjuvanted vaccines decades ago. So the safety claims being made for aluminum adjuvants or vaccines are premature. The real cause and autoimmune basis of these adverse events is just surfacing now.

The autoimmune basis of many diseases are still being elucidated and researched.9,34–39. How can we rule out aluminum adjuvant and/or vaccines being the causative agent? It is therefore premature to make any claim about the safety of aluminum adjuvants or vaccines.

Tissue damage

Wraith et al. “Based on first principles, one could argue that a killed vaccine would be less likely than a liveattenuated vaccine to activate the innate immune response or cause tissue disruption.”

Not true. A live-attenuated influenza vaccine can at least be administered without tissue disruption. On the other hand, killed or subunit vaccine administration through intramuscular or subcutaneous routes involve tissue disruption. Vaccine antigens mimicking self antigens being present in the vicinity of tissue damage is therefore a very common occurrence with current vaccines. So the risk of autoimmune disease induction is greater with killed or subunit vaccines.

Further, killed or subunit vaccines are poorly immunogenic. As Mojsilovic points outs, “Adjuvants do that by triggering the same evolutionary conserved mechanisms that innate immunity utilizes to detect danger. By inducing innate immune reaction, adjuvants can concurrently provoke some undesirable immune response”. Even if the killed or subunit vaccines by themselves were less likely to activate the innate immune response or cause tissue disruption as Wraith et al. claim, the adjuvant used to fix the problem of poor immunogenicity, works by activating the innate immune response and causing tissue damage.40

Intramuscular or subcutaneous vaccine administration results in tissue damage due to the injection itself and further tissue damage caused by adjuvants. This results in Danger Associated Molecular Pattern (DAMP) receptor signals being asserted. Next, vaccine antigens trigger Pathogen Associated Molecular Pattern (PAMP) receptor signals. With natural infection, the signaling is reversed. The pathogen is detected before any tissue damage occurs. Any tissue damage due to infection and associated DAMP signaling follows. This is another difference between vaccines and natural infection. What effect does this have on the immune response and the autoimmune fail-safe mechanism?

Atopy and autoimmune disease

Wraith et al. state that atopy is unrelated to autoimmunity. Again they provide no references. This is an incorrect notion. We know that IgE antibodies are created to just about every type of protein that is injected.41,42 Once sensitized to IgE, we know that prolonged exposure to the antigen causes the synthesis of IgG4 to the same antigen.43–46 We know that one cause of autism is folate receptor alpha autoantibodies (FRAA)34,36. A majority of FRAA are of the IgG4 isotype.36 Many vaccines are contaminated with cow’s milk that contains the folate receptor protein. So we have an example of atopy, where induction of IgE to folate receptor proteins in milk contaminated vaccines is the first step in an autoimmune disease. Continuing exposure to dietary milk results in the induction of IgG4 autoantibodies causing this type of autism which is an autoimmune disease.47

So there are no clear delineations between atopy and autoimmune diseases.

Similarly, injection of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) contaminated vaccines can be expected to cause IgE mediated sensitization. Atopic dermatitis patients react to S. cerevisiae.48,49 Subsequent prolonged exposure to yeast will result in IgG4 induction.50 Many autoimmune diseases are associated with anti-saccharomyces cerevisiae autoantibodies (ASCA)51–53,9 .

Pertussis vaccine and autoimmune disease

The FDA made the flawed assumption that the acellular pertussis vaccine prevented transmission of disease, when they approved the vaccine. The acellular pertussis vaccine does not prevent transmission. The vaccine does not provide mucosal immunity.54 Vaccinated individuals are colonized by B. pertussis and spread the disease to infants too young to be vaccinated.55 This B. pertussis airway colonization has been linked to multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disorder.54 To protect neonates against pertussis via passive immunity, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) has recommended the Tdap vaccine for every pregnant woman. However, this increases the risk of autoimmune responses against the fetus.11,47

Vaccines are assumed safe until proven otherwise

The Infanrix vaccine package insert says: “The role of the different components produced by B. pertussis in either the pathogenesis of, or the immunity to, pertussis is not well understood.”6

The Flumist flip-flop by the ACIP, is more evidence that vaccines are poorly understood. So it makes no sense to assume that vaccines are safe until proven otherwise. Instead, with vaccines being powerful immunomodulatory interventions, we MUST assume that vaccines are unsafe until proven otherwise. Here’s an example of the unintended consequences. The pertussis vaccine enables subclinical colonization by B. pertussis. The consequences of colonization include Alzheimer’s disease. 56

In the WHO methodology described by Wraith et al. Vaccines are assumed safe until proven otherwise. This does not make any sense. With widespread molecular mimicry between vaccine antigens, contaminants and self antigens, vaccines can impact numerous functions in the human body. Therefore, if any disease occurs after vaccine administration, vaccines MUST be assumed to be the cause unless one can prove otherwise.

The only way to ensure that all the immune pathways required for natural autoimmune fail-safe mechanisms are triggered is to make the vaccine produce the disease. Therefore any useful vaccine cannot be guaranteed to trigger the autoimmune fail-safe mechanisms. Therefore, all vaccines must be considered autoimmune disease causal agents unless proven otherwise. The WHO approach of assuming vaccines are safe until proven otherwise is wrong and unsupported by scientific evidence.

The bar for vaccine safety has been set too low.

The scientific process has failed

Peer review has failed to identify these problems that have continued to persist for decades with devastating consequences. In the case of the acellular pertussis vaccine, reality’s rude awakening in the form of pertussis infections, at least led to the FDA/CDC acknowledging the problem.

Theory vs. Practice

Mojsilovic on an advantage of adjuvants:

“… including the possibility to restrict the number of antigens present in a vaccine, and thus further reduce any risk of undesired (cross-reactive) immune responses to self tissues.”

Pandemrix was adjuvanted but the manufacturer failed to restrict the number of antigens thus triggering narcolepsy. So a theoretical advantage of adjuvants backfired in practice due to a sloppy vaccine design. Coupled with sloppy vaccine testing which was not designed to catch such problems, the consequences were devastating.

Regulatory failure

Mojsilovic: “By carefully monitoring the rare adverse events and scrupulously studying their mechanism of development, regulatory agencies, vaccine manufacturers, and researchers are participating in a joint endeavor to identify the specific factors that contribute to these events and to develop even safer vaccines.”

Mojsilovic: “there are carefully elaborated regulatory mechanisms to ensure that risks of such adverse reactions are kept at minimum.”

Unfortunately, Mojsilovic cites no references to support these claims.

How can one assume that adverse events are rare? It may be as common and widespread as obesity or atherosclerosis caused by vaccine-induced autoantibodies.12,16,57,33 If above claims by Mojsilovic are true, why did Pandemrix induce narcolepsy? Why no autoimmune serology in clinical trials, as suggested by Wraith et al.? Wraith et al.

“Criteria underpinning the assessment of adverse events of vaccines have been established by the WHO”

But WHO has no criteria for designing vaccines to avoid autoimmune diseases in the first place?

Vaccine risk vs. disease risk

Wraith et al. “However, the degree of vaccine-related risk should always be compared with that associated with the corresponding natural infection, either for the whole population or for a specific subgroup.”

The touted benefit of a vaccine is the avoidance of natural infection and its sequelae. So it is unacceptable for a vaccine to have the same risk of autoimmune disease as the natural infection. Depending on the disease, natural infection may be rare (say tetanus). But everyone is going to get a tetanus vaccine, multiple times. This increased exposure must be accounted in risk evaluation.

Wraith et al. “potential molecular and immunological mimicry between vaccine antigens and host components should be extensively analysed through a combination of bioinformatics and immunological studies.”

Never happens. Pandemrix induced narcolepsy could have been avoided if this homework was done.17 Where are studies establishing safety of these cases of mimicry?11–16

Accounting for antigen exposure dependent autoimmune disease

Autoimmunity caused by molecular mimicry to food antigens could result in severe illness due to ongoing exposure to food antigens. An example of this is cow’s milk contaminated vaccines inducing folate receptor autoantibodies that block folate receptors and cause autism spectrum disorders.34,47 A milk-free diet reduces autism symptoms.34,58 Similarly, vaccine induced autoimmunity caused by molecular mimicry to bacterial or viral antigens could be transient and only manifest itself upon re-exposure to that bacteria or virus. Studies that don’t account for such details will come to the wrong conclusion.


Whitaker et al.59 write: “the promise of adversomics is to understand the mechanisms behind vaccine adverse events in order to improve vaccine safety”

200 years after Dr. Jenner’s vaccines, understanding the mechanisms behind vaccine adverse events remains a novel concept? Proof that root cause analysis is an alien concept in vaccine research and industry.

Whitaker et al. write: “If vaccine adverse events are noted, then further studies will need to be conducted to determine whether the adverse event is related to the adjuvant, to the antigens in the vaccine, or to an adjuvantantigen combination.”

Applying that statement to aircraft, accentuates the absurdity:

“If air crash occurrences are noted, then further studies will need to be conducted to determine whether the crash is related to the engine, to the airframe of the aircraft, or to an engine-airframe combination.”

Explains why Pandemrix caused narcolepsy. If “further studies” can be performed, you don’t wait for people to get hurt but you should perform them before the product hurts people.

With little root cause analysis, little design for safety, the vaccine industry has been stuck tinkering with trial and error for over 200 years. The devastating consequences are predictable. This is no way to build a product that has such an enormous impact on people’s lives. It is doubtful if any other safety critical industry can get away with such a callous disregard for human safety.


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One such experience with atoimflammatory syndromes induced by adjuvants:

More on vaccines:


Autism-Aluminum Adjuvant Link Corroborated

New Canadian study: Autism-Aluminum adjuvant link corroborated

BY J.B. HANDLEY September 18, 2017

In the December 2017 issue of the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry and released online today, Dr. Christopher Shaw and colleagues at the University of British Columbia have established convincing biological evidence linking aluminum adjuvant used in vaccines to autism.

“This is the paper I have been waiting for. This paper reports measurements of cytokines in the brains of animals injected with aluminum adjuvant as neonates. The same cytokines are elevated as in human autism. IL-6 and CCL2/MCP-1 are elevated for example. Male animals are more strongly affected. It’s a perfect match to human autism.”

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Just two weeks ago, I wrote about a study from France that raised major concerns about aluminum adjuvant used in vaccines. The French study authors wrote: “Concerns about its [aluminum adjuvant’s] safety emerged following recognition of its unexpectedly long-lasting biopersistence within immune cells in some individuals, and reports of chronic fatigue syndrome, cognitive dysfunction, myalgia, dysautonomia and autoimmune/inflammatory features temporally linked to multiple Al [aluminum]-containing vaccine administrations.”

In a nutshell, the French study found that when smaller doses of aluminum adjuvant were consistently injected over a short period of time — like during childhood vaccinations —the aluminum was more likely to end up in the brain, and the French scientists issued a stern warning about the use of aluminum adjuvant in vaccines:

In the context of massive development of vaccine-based strategies worldwide, the present study may suggest that aluminium adjuvant toxicokinetics and safety require reevaluation.

Canadian researchers establish direct link

In the December 2017 issue of the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry and released online today, Dr. Christopher Shaw and colleagues have established convincing biological evidence linking aluminum adjuvant to autism. The study’s title alone should cause concern for parents everywhere:

Subcutaneous injections of aluminum at vaccine adjuvant levels activate innate immune genes in mouse brain that are homologous with biomarkers of autism

As the study authors state:

“It thus appears that Al [aluminum adjuvant] triggered innate immune system activation and altered cholinergic activity in male mice, observations which are consistent with those in autism. Female mice were less susceptible to Al exposure as only the expression levels of NF-κB inhibitor and TNFA were altered. Regional patterns of gene expression alterations also exhibited gender differences, as frontal cortex was the most affected area in males and cerebellum in females. Thus, Al adjuvant promotes brain inflammation and males appear to be more susceptible to Al′s toxic effects.”

It’s critical to note that the researchers found gender differences in how the mice responded, with male mice showing higher susceptibility, which is consistent with what we are seeing in autism: roughly 80% of the cases are boys.

The Canadian researchers included a diagram in their study that showed how aluminum adjuvant can contribute to an inflammatory cascade in the brain that leads to autism.

What does this mean in plain English?

Six months ago, I wrote an article about how close it appeared international scientists were to establishing a clear biological basis for how aluminum adjuvant can create autism. My article has been read more than 250,000 times, and I have heard from scientists from all over the world (most unwilling to let me quote them in public, which is its own great tragedy), including a scientist who has created a great website called Vaccine Papers. I asked “VP” about the importance of this study, and words were not minced:

This is the paper I have been waiting for.

This paper reports measurements of cytokines in the brains of animals injected with aluminum adjuvant as neonates. The same cytokines are elevated as in human autism. IL-6 and CCL2/MCP-1 are elevated for example. Male animals are more strongly affected. It’s a perfect match to human autism.

The paper includes a number of strong statements about vaccine causality.

This paper is hugely important because it shows IL-6 elevation in the brain, which of course provides a firm link to the immune activation literature. It is strong evidence supporting the al adjuvant IL-6 autism hypothesis.

Vaccines are given to babies during key phases of brain development

A Clear Hypothesis

If you would like to understand this complex issue in greater detail, I hope you will consider reading my widely read article from six months ago:

For the sake of brevity, here are the four key scientific discoveries I discussed in this lengthy article, most of which has happened in the last thirty-six months, appearing to show a clear link between aluminum adjuvant from vaccines and autism.

Discovery #1: “Maternal Immune Activation” can cause autism

Studies that support Discovery #1:

  1. Pregnancy, Immunity, Schizophrenia, and Autism.

2. Neuroglial activation and neuroinflammation in the brain of patients with autism

3. Microglial Activation in Young Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorder

4. Maternal Immune Activation Alters Fetal Brain Development through Interleukin-6

5. Activation of the Maternal Immune System During Pregnancy Alters Behavioral Development of Rhesus Monkey Offspring

6. Brain IL-6 elevation causes neuronal circuitry imbalances and mediates autism-like behaviors

Some helpful quotes from the above research to help contextualize Discovery #1:

“As we learn more about the connections between the brain and the immune system, we find that these seemingly independent networks of cells are, in fact, continually talking to each other. As an adult, the activation of your immune system causes many striking changes in your behavior — increased sleep, loss of appetite, less social interaction — and, of course, headaches. Conversely, stress in your life (as perceived by your brain) can influence immune function — the brain regulates immune organs, such as the spleen, via the autonomic nervous system.

Recent evidence shows that this brain-immune conversation actually starts during the development of the embryo, where the state of the mother’s immune system can alter the growth of cells in the fetal brain. As we shall see, such alterations can lead to an increased risk of schizophrenia or autism in the offspring.” — Dr. Paul Patterson, CalTech

Dr. Paul Patterson, CalTech

“There is also very striking evidence of immune dysregulation in the brain itself. Just last year, a group led by Carlos Pardo at Johns Hopkins found what they’re calling a “neural inflammation” in postmortem examination of brains of patients with autism who died between the ages of eight and 44 years. But these people weren’t infected — they died of such things as drowning or heart attacks. The study found that the microglial cells, which act as the brain’s own immune system, were activated. The study also found amazing increases of certain cytokines in the brain, and of others in the cerebro- spinal fluid. This is is a landmark paper, in my opinion. It presents the first evidence that there’s an ongoing, permanent immune-system activation in the brains of autistic people. It’s a subclinical state, because there’s no overt infection. But it’s there.” — Dr. Paul Patterson, CalTech

“In conclusion, the present PET measurements revealed marked activation of microglia in multiple brain regions of young adults with ASD. The results strongly support the contention that immune abnormalities contribute to the etiology of ASD.” — Dr. Carlos Pardo, Johns Hopkins

“Cytokines are produced by the white blood cells, and their levels in the blood increase when we get an infection…We think that maternal immune activation alters brain circuits…there’s that permanent, subclinical, altered immune state in the autistic brain — those increased cytokine levels…are they [cytokines] actually interacting with the brain in an ongoing fashion, with consequences visible in the patients’ behavior? I favor [the cytokine] hypothesis.” — Dr. Paul Patterson, CalTech

“Here we show that the cytokine interleukin-6 (IL-6) is critical for mediating the behavioral and transcriptional changes in the offspring. A single maternal injection of IL-6 on day 12.5 of mouse pregnancy causes prepulse inhibition (PPI) and latent inhibition (LI) deficits in the adult offspring.” — Dr. Paul Patterson, CalTech

“In this rhesus monkey model, MIA yields offspring with abnormal repetitive behaviors, communication, and social interactions. These results extended the findings in rodent MIA models to more human-like behaviors resembling those in both autism and schizophrenia.” — UC Davis MIND Institute

“In summary, our study supports a critical role of IL-6 elevation in modulating autism-like behaviors through impairments on synapse formation, dendritic spine development, as well as on neuronal circuit balance. These findings suggest that manipulation of IL-6 may be a promising avenue for therapeutic interventions.” —Dr. Xiaohong Li, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine

Discovery #2: Aluminum Adjuvant causes immune activation and is far more neurotoxic than previously thought

Studies that support Discovery #2:

  1. Aluminum Adjuvant Linked to Gulf War Illness Induces Motor Neuron Death in Mice
  2. Aluminum hydroxide injections lead to motor deficits and motor neuron degeneration
  3. Mechanisms of aluminum adjuvant toxicity and autoimmunity in pediatric populations
  4. Slow CCL2-dependent translocation of biopersistent particles from muscle to brain

5. Biopersistence and brain translocation of aluminum adjuvants of vaccines

6. Non-linear dose-response of aluminium hydroxide adjuvant particles: Selective low dose neurotoxicity

Some helpful quotes from the above research to help contextualize Discovery #2:

“In addition, the continued use of aluminum adjuvants in various vaccines (i.e., Hepatitis A and B, DPT, and so on) for the general public may have even more widespread health implications. Until vaccine safety can be comprehensively demonstrated by controlled long-term studies that examine the impact on the nervous system in detail, many of those already vaccinated as well as those currently receiving injections may be at risk in the future. Whether the risk of protection from a dreaded disease outweighs the risk of toxicity is a question that demands urgent attention.” — Dr. Christoper Shaw, University of British Columbia

“Overall, the results reported here mirror previous work that has clearly demonstrated that aluminum, in both oral and injected forms, can be neurotoxic. Potential toxic mechanisms of action for aluminum may include enhancement of inflammation (i.e., microgliosis)…” — Dr. Christoper Shaw, University of British Columbia

“…it is somewhat surprising to find that in spite of over 80 years of use, the safety of Al adjuvants continues to rest on assumptions rather than scientific evidence.For example, nothing is known about the toxicology and pharmacokinetics of Al adjuvants in infants and children…Yet, in spite of these observations children continue regularly to be exposed to much higher levels of Al adjuvants than adults, via routine childhood vaccination programmes.” — Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic, University of British Columbia

“However, continuously escalating doses of this poorly biodegradable adjuvant in the population may become insidiously unsafe, especially in the case of overimmunization or immature/altered blood brain barrier…” —Dr. Josette Cadusseau, Université Paris

“Thus alum and other poorly biodegradable materials taken up at the periphery by phagocytes circulate in the lymphatic and blood circulation and can enter the brain using a Trojan horse mechanism similar to that used by infectious particles. Previous experiments have shown that alum administration can cause CNS dysfunction and damage, casting doubts on the exact level of alum safety.” — Dr. Josette Cadusseau, Université Paris

“We conclude that Alhydrogel [aluminum adjuvant] injected at low dose in mouse muscle may selectively induce long-term Al cerebral accumulation and neurotoxic effects. To explain this unexpected result, an avenue that could be explored in the future relates to the adjuvant size since the injected suspensions corresponding to the lowest dose, but not to the highest doses, exclusively contained small agglomerates in the bacteria-size range known to favour capture and, presumably, transportation by monocyte-lineage cells. In any event, the view that Alhydrogel neurotoxicity obeys ‘the dose makes the poison’ rule of classical chemical toxicity appears overly simplistic.” —Dr. Romain K. Gherardi, Université Paris Est Créteil (UPEC)

“In the context of massive development of vaccine-based strategies worldwide, the present study may suggest that aluminium adjuvant toxicokinetics and safety require reevaluation.” — Dr. Romain K. Gherardi, Université Paris Est Créteil (UPEC)

Discovery #3: Aluminum can increase IL-6 in the brain

Studies that support Discovery #3:

  1. Neuroprotective Effect of Nanodiamond in Alzheimer’s Disease Rat Model: a Pivotal Role for Modulating NF-κB and STAT3 Signaling

2. Brain IL-6 elevation causes neuronal circuitry imbalances and mediates autism-like behaviors

Some helpful quotes from the above research to help contextualize Discovery #3:

“The results also showed that aluminum administration increased the hippocampus pro-inflammatory cytokines TNF-α by 3.8-fold, IL-6 by 4-fold, and iNOS by 3.8-fold compared to the normal control group.” —Dr. Mosaad A. Abdel-Wahhab, Cairo University

Most vaccines contain aluminum, and aluminum is a proven neurotoxin, in amounts received from vaccines. Vaccines in combination can result in toxic aluminum overload. Even the aluminum in a single vaccine can be harmful because the aluminum is in a form that is more dangerous than ingested aluminum. Specifically, vaccine aluminum is in nanoparticulate form, which is harder for the body to eliminate, and because it is transported around the body differently than ingested aluminum.

It is natural and normal to ingest small doses of aluminum from food and water. Its not good for you, but the body has adequate defenses. Absorption of ingested Al is low, about 0.3%, so about 99.7% is eliminated in feces. Ingested aluminum is in ionic form (individual charged atoms), which is readily removed by the kidneys. Also, ionic aluminum is blocked from entering the brain by the blood brain barrier. The low absorption, rapid elimination by the kidneys and barrier to brain entry adequately protects the brain from aluminum.

However, nanoparticulate aluminum from vaccines cannot be removed by the kidneys. The particles are far too large to be filtered out by the kidneys. The Al nanoparticles do dissolve slowly (converting to ionic aluminum). But long before they can dissolve completely, the Al nanoparticles are “eaten” by immune system cells called macrophages. In other words, the particles wind up inside the macrophages. Once loaded with the Al nanoparticles, the macrophages spread aluminum as they travel through the body. This is dangerous, because the Al-loaded macrophages carry Al nanoparticles to tissues (e.g. the brain) that are damaged by very small amounts of aluminum. — Vaccine Papers

“Here we show that mice with elevated IL-6 in the brain dis- play many autistic features, including impaired cognitive abilities, deficits in learning, abnormal anxiety traits and habituations, as well as decreased social interactions. IL-6 elevation caused alterations in excitatory and inhibitory synaptic formations and disrupted the balance of excitatory/inhibitory synaptic transmissions. IL-6 elevation also resulted in an abnormal change in the shape, length and distributing pattern of dendritic spines. These findings suggest that IL-6 elevation in the brain could mediate autistic-like behaviors, possibly through the imbalances of neural circuitry and impairments of synaptic plasticity.” —Dr. Xiaohong Li, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine

Discovery #4: Hepatitis B vaccine induces IL-6 in postnatal rats

Studies that support Discovery #4:

[Author’s note: This fourth discovery was really the subject of my extensive article, because it discussed a new paper that seemed to tie everything together. The Canadian paper above ties everything together even more tightly.]

  1. Neonatal vaccination with bacillus Calmette–Guérin and hepatitis B vaccines modulates hippocampal synaptic plasticity in rats

Some helpful quotes from the above research to help contextualize Discovery #4:

“An important new study by Li et al. reports the effects of bacillus calmette-guerin (BCG) vaccine (for tuberculosis) and hepatitis B vaccine on brain development in infant rats. The study relates the observed brain changes to the type of immune activation (Th1 or Th2, explained below) stimulated by the vaccines. The BCG and hep B vaccines had opposite effects on the brain (BCG being beneficial, and hep B being detrimental), and a combination of both vaccines resulted in cancellation of the effects.

This is the first study to test the effects of immune activation by vaccination on brain development. All other studies of immune activation have used essentially pathological conditions that mimic infection and induce a strong fever. A criticism I have heard often from vaccine advocates is that the immune activation experiments are not relevant to vaccines because vaccines cause a milder immune activation than injections of poly-IC or lipopolysaccharide (two types of immune system activators).

This new study demonstrates that vaccines can affect brain development via immune activation. Hence, the immune activation experiments are relevant to vaccines…The hep B vaccine increased IL-6 in the hippocampus (the only brain region analyzed for cytokines).” — Vaccine Papers

Four discoveries, a clear path to autism

Here’s a simple graphic that I think spells out the process of triggering autism very clearly, as demonstrated by the published science I have shared with you above through the four discoveries.

The new Canadian study, just published, makes these findings even more clear, and more robust, and provides even greater detail into HOW aluminum adjuvant leads to autism.

Image created by Vaccine

Now what?

When I published my article back in February, I heard from scientists from all over the world. I heard from pediatricians. I heard from board members at Autism Speaks. Many agreed with me: this was disturbing and important work, and it may well describe where all this autism is coming from. What’s happened since that time? Nothing.

There’s no mechanism for reviewing or putting all this published science together. The scientists doing this great work are perpetually nervous that they will lose their funding source or get “Wakefielded.” There’s no group responsible for putting all these published scientists in a room and figuring out what we do about this giant mess, and what all this information means. Every minute, a new child is diagnosed with autism, and every minute, it strikes me that autism may be completely AVOIDABLE. If you’re reading this, all I can ask is that you share the information widely, and that if you happen to be in a position of influence, please help save our kids.

In my opinion, we are much, much closer to understanding how autism has been triggered in so many children, and I hope this article is another step on the path to the truth. And, for so many of you out there doing everything you can to help you son or daughter with autism live the best possible life, perhaps a clearer understanding of how their autism was triggered will improve their chances for recovery.


For those of you interested in hearing from Dr. Shaw directly, here’s a video excerpt (just under 2 minutes) from the movie The Greater Good where Dr. Shaw discusses an earlier study he and his colleagues conducted looking at aluminum adjuvant (Aluminum hydroxide injections lead to motor deficits and motor neuron degeneration):

J.B. Handley is the father of a child with Autism. He and his wife co-founded Generation Rescue, a national autism charity. He spent his career in the private equity industry and received his undergraduate degree with honors from Stanford University. He is also the author of “The Only Vaccine Guide a New Parent Will Ever Need” , An Angry Father’s Guide to Vaccine-Autism Science”, and “7 reasons CDC employees should be “crying in the hallways” Mr. Handley has started a podcast called “How to End the Autism Epidemic” — you might enjoy his first six interviews:



I’m posting this because it should be important to everyone; however, whenever you talk about the immune system and cytokines, Lyme/MSIDS patients should sit up and take notice.  Due to a pathogen storm, we have a cytokine storm, confusing our immune systems and giving us boatloads of pain among other horrific symptoms.  This is also a sound warning about receiving any vaccinations while infected as they are designed to introduce many foreign substances into the body so the body mounts a response.  Our immune systems are already confused by a pathogen invasion.  In fact, the question truly begs to be asked, are vaccines ever safe for infected patients?  Also, it is important to point out that it is believed that children can get infected congenitally, which means they come out of the shoot compromised.  What does vaccination do to them?

So much is unknown and unproven.  Our children are too important not to search out the answers as inconvenient as they may be.

Every Lyme/MSIDS patient I know has regressed after a vaccination.  Food for thought.

For more on vaccines:  Dark Ages of Immunization Medicine Are NOW

Info on the Lyme Vaccine:  (This link has many more listed at the end of the article)