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Dr. Judy Mikovits warns spike protein “vaccine” injections may kill 50 million Americans

There are many reasons to watch this interview, but Lyme/MSIDS patients take note: around 11:00 she discusses vaccines and tick-borne illness.  Summary below:
  1. People getting the COVID injections are being injected with the synthetic virus, the most dangerous spike protein consisting of HIV, XMRV, and SARS.
  2. Mainstream media has had to go back and reedit news articles they wrote where they used words like “debunked,” “conspiracy theory,” etc. when writing about the origins of COVID.  
  3. Mikovitz states lab originated viruses go all the way back to the 80’s under Fauci‘s watch.
  4. The COVID injections will kill those with HIV and the 6% of Americans who have XRMV (mouse virus from contaminating vaccines).
  5. She admonishes to NEVER get another shot so these lab contrived ‘pandemics’ end.
  6. She claims the push to get these injections is to coverup vaccine crimes.  She states victims are cremated so you can’t learn that what caused death was the vaccine-strain. She mentions the movies “Dallas Buyer’s Club,” and “The Band Played On.”
  7. In 2009, when Mikovitz’s paper came out in Science magazine, the government realized viruses were coming out of our laboratories so they rewrote history and called it a “biosafety level 2, unintended spread of a Biosafety Safety Level 2 Contaminant.”  She states this statement is fraudulent because contagious cancer is not a Biosafety Safety Level 2.  (Caused and spread by vaccines)
  8. Viruses know your immune system, & take advantage of when you are compromised.
  9. Mikovitz states we’ve been lied to for 40 years and that HIV was spread through a hepatitis B vaccination program with a contaminated vaccine.  
  10. She also states you can’t inject people with aborted fetal tissue and animal tissue and not adopt another human’s and animal’s virome.
  11. At 11:00 she discusses the explosion of “tick-borne illnesses” and states many have become infected through contaminated vaccines. She states animal cell lines have all been infected by ticks. (Mycoplasma, mold, borrelia, etc.)
  12. She states vaccine safety & efficacy studies have never been done and it’s HHS’s responsibility. 
  13. She reminds of the MMR debacle that if black boys get the shot before they are 3 years old they are 2-4 times more likely to develop autism, cancer, or even die.
  14. Mikovitz states there is always hope with natural therapies and that there are solutions right now.
  15. At 17:00 Adams asks Mikovitz for solutions for the spike protein.  She states that anti-retroviral natural products are the answer to stopping the rogue protein gene expression.  She states ozone therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, quercitin are also good for stopping the disease, and the importance of avoiding GMO’s, and other vaccines as they activate the immune system.
  16. She states that peer-review science has been corrupted by Fauci and that since 1984 there hasn’t been any true, independent research (epidemiologist Kurt Wittowski states the same thing).  Scientific journals are now commercials for Big Pharma.
  17. She states that the con marched through Zika, bird flu, ebola, and swine flu, and has taken us to COVID now.
  18. Mikovitz states that there’s no data supporting the claim that her science on XMRX has been debunked.
  19. She states we need to take the system back and that there are criminals at the top of each governmental organization in the CDC, FDA, and EPA.  She states the entire system needs to be shut down by putting accountability back into Big Pharma, stopping university grants, and medical journals. 
  20. At 27:30 Adams asks her how many Americans she estimates will die due to these injections if the con continues and she states at least 50 million Americans over the next few years.  That’s 15% of the population.
  21. These deaths are going to look like heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, and accelerated cancers.
  22. Mikovitz states blood ozone therapy will help the vaccine injured.
  23. At 33:00 she states the spike protein IS the disease agent and that people shouldn’t be injecting this synthetic lipid virus it into their bodies.
  24. Adams states that they need the booster shots so they can continue circulating the spike protein in the population.
  25. Mikovitz states “NO SHOTS!” and that they are deadly.
  26. Mikovitz called for a moratorium on all vaccines.
  28. To get Mikovitz’s new book, Ending Plague: A Scholar’s Obligation in an Age of Corruption Healthyou have to pre-order on Amazon as it will be widely censored.
********************************************************************************************************  Video Here (Approx. 1 hour, 10 min)

Dr. Judy Mikovitz & Dr. David Martin

Q & A  from the “Free & Brave” conference in May.

Dr. Mikovits addresses the first question regarding “Suramin.”

Then Dr. Martin addresses the history of the development of the SARS bioweapon, which was originally funded for AIDS/HIV research in 1999, and he dropped this bombshell on the audience:

Anthony Fauci has spent, listen to this number, 191 BILLION dollars, not 3.7 million, not 30 million, 191 BILLION dollars of audited funds for the bioweaponization of viruses against humanity.

And it is YOUR money that has been spent.

Dr. Martin also explains how the COVID-19 “vaccine” does not meet the legal definition of a “vaccine,” but it meets the legal definition of a “bioweapon.”

A question was asked about who funds Dr. David Martin’s research worth hearing at 27:00.  


For more on Mikovitz and retroviruses:

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