COVID-19 Vaccine Explained

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Dr. Carrie Madej D.O. discusses the COVID-19 vaccine in this ground-breaking, informative documentary.  It is critical you educate yourself and others on this frightening technology that can monitor, track, and potentially control your behavior.

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There are also other articles of interest within the link as well.  

For anyone reading the posts on this website, the information Dr. Madej presents is not new, but it’s been carefully collected and presented within this one easy to understand video.  Please share with others.

Here’s the articles corroborating her information: 

So far, 100% of vaccine recipients using the high dose vaccine had systemic side effects.
The flu vaccine increases COVID infection by 36% and there is a very strong correlation between the flu shot and COVID deaths in those 65 and older:


For an informative read on what it’s like to be vaccine-injured:

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