Petitioning the State of Wisconsin

The State of Wisconsin: Adopt a Lyme Disease Testing Disclosure Act in Wisconsin

Petition by Jacob Barnes – Stoughton, WI

Thousands of Wisconsinites live with Lyme but are unaware of it because doctors told them they were not ill. New testing has proven that these tests (specifically the western blot test and the ELISA test) can often provide false negative tests for the bacterial infection that causes Lyme Disease (borrelia burgdorferi).

This bill can be modeled after Virginia’s Lyme Disease Testing Disclosure Act (HB1933)

In my case, the western blot and the ELISA both indirectly infer that I do not have Lyme Disease. A blood CULTURE test was able to grow live borrelia burgdorferi spirochetes from my blood, proving definitively that current lab testing is fallible and inadequate.

Please sign this petition so patients know Lyme Disease has not been completely ruled out by current testing!