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Have Test – Can Travel


Lyme disease is under-reported and increasing in the United States, with as many as 300,000 new cases a year. But did you know that Lyme disease is not just here in the United States? With 68 million Americans traveling abroad last year alone, business travelers, vacationers, and people in the military should be aware of the facts: Over 80 countries of Europe and Asia have reported cases of Lyme, with more than 360,000 cases reported over the last two decades. Mexico reports cases of patients being infected when visiting the forested areas. Canada describes the increasing numbers of infected black-legged ticks. Not all countries have mandatory reporting, so these statistics do not account for all of the cases of disease. At least three species of Borrelia may be responsible:
*Borrelia burgdorferi
*Borrelia garinii
*Borrelia afzelii

Because of this, travelers returning to the U.S. showing symptoms of a tick-borne illness should be tested for more than Borrelia burgdorferi.

Coppe Laboratories is the only commercial reference laboratory testing for multiple genospecies including these European strains.

Using selective antigens (VlsE and OspC), Coppe’s Lyme panel is highly sensitive, which increases the likelihood of detection of antibodies from multiple strains of the Borrelia bacteria. Densitometry software is used to read the immunoblots, rather than relying on visual identification. Indeterminate results are less than 1% providing clear interpretation and actionable results.

In addition to the high–quality testing of Borrelia, Coppe Laboratories provides testing for Babesia and exclusive testing for Powassan virus. As a courtesy, Coppe will file insurance on behalf of the patient.

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IDSA Guidelines removed from NGC


108_bethbell316x316 All graphics used with permission from Alison of

The National Guidelines Clearinghouse–a federal database that provides treatment information to health care professionals and insurance companies–has removed the IDSA Lyme disease treatment guidelines from its website recently. This means that the only Lyme disease guidelines listed on the NGC are those of ILADS, which were posted in 2014.

Last year the NGC revised its criteria for listing guidelines to conform to some of the standards adopted by the Institute of Medicine in 2011 for creating trustworthy guidelines. These standards included using a rigorous evidence review system. The ILADS guidelines, which were authored by Lorraine Johnson (, Dan Cameron (ILADS), and Betty Maloney, conformed to the high evidentiary standards of the IOM.


Because the IDSA guidelines did not comply with the more stringent requirements, they were removed from the NGC.

The IDSA guidelines are currently undergoing revision. and the Lyme Disease Association led an effort to gather comments from close to 90 groups protesting the process—which among other things—did not include a Lyme patient as required by the Institute of Medicine.

29_rep316x316 launched a patient survey called for comments on the IDSA guidelines on March 27 and filed comments from over 6,100 patients in less than a month. After the protest regarding the failure to include a Lyme patient on the panel, in response to pressure by U.S. congressmen, the IDSA suggested that it might reconsider putting a Lyme patient on the panel. We do not know the revision schedule for the IDSA guidelines.

Kudos to the good people working hard for us.  I’d like to think of this as a boycott of the horrifically outdated IDSA guidelines for tick borne illnesses.  Keep your chins up, folks, it’s getting good.


Merry Christmas

This season I share the store of Jesse Colin Young, 60’s singer and songwriter, who has an all too familiar story to tell, one that includes depression, anxiety, cognitive issues, and panic attacks.

The good news is someone put an ILADS pamphlet into his hands.  He thought, “Good God, this sounds like my biography….maybe I have Lyme Disease?”  

The following Youtube is one of Young’s most memorable songs.   Crank it up!

For the entire interview where he discusses his journey with Lyme Disease, go to:

You too can be instrumental in changing someone’s life.  All it takes is listening, connecting dots, and pointing people to resources and maybe handing them a pamphlet.  – created for parents and educators  To Order LDA Handouts
The Lyme Disease Association provides the following handouts:

LymeR Primer (pdf) Awareness Brochure: symptoms, tests, tick identification, diseases ticks carry, prevention, tick removal, tick testing, general facts and symptoms about Lyme and many tick-borne diseases.
Tickmarks – Bookmarks (pdf) Awareness Bookmark: pictures of ticks, diseases they carry, proper tick removal.
ABC’s of Lyme Disease (pdf) Brochure For Parents & Educators: specialized information on children in areas of ophthalmology, psychotherapy, neuropsychiatry, gastroenterology, pediatrics, rheumatology, co-infections, education.
TickCard (pdf) Business Sized Awareness Card: pictures of ticks, diseases they carry, symptoms and tick removal