**UPDATE June, 2022**

Listen to this podcast with Dr. Jane Ruby where she explains in detail the substance being found in autopsies upon the vaxxed.  Scroll to 9:00 where she explains it and shows pictures.

https://rumble.com/vti2i0-embalmers-discover-horror-dr.-ruby-exclusive-arteries-filled-with-rubbery-  Video Here (Approx. 10 Min)

Embalmers Discover Horror: Dr. Ruby Exclusive: Arteries Filled With Rubbery Clots

January 28, 2022

Dr. Jane Ruby speaks with embalmers whom have had trouble getting embalming fluid into many who are deceased.  All of a sudden they are finding white, rubbery blood-clots clogging up the veins of the deceases.  A group of embalmers have saved hundreds of samples as proof.

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https://thecovidblog.com/2022/01/28/mark-ruston-british-man-temporarily-banned-from-facebook-after-sharing-gruesome-photo-of-post-astrazeneca-baseball-sized-blood-clot-in-his-arm/  (Go here for article)

Mark Ruston: British man temporarily banned from Facebook after sharing gruesome photo of post-AstraZeneca, baseball-sized blood clot in his arm

January 28, 2022


  • Ruston made the top of the list for the AstraZeneca shot due to being a kidney transplant recipient. 
  • He was taking immunosuppressant drugs due to the transplant so his immune system wouldn’t attack the new kidney.
  • He was told the COVID jab was “safe and effective”
  • He fell ill days after the first shot but seemed to recover for the second shot.
  • After the 2nd shot his body temp plummeted for three months and he developed a “foul smelling” discharge from his nose, severe headaches, and patchy vision.
  • He checked into the hospital and a blood clot was discovered in his leg. Blood thinners dissolved it before damage occurred. 
  • For five years he got dialysis 3 times a week due to his failing kidney and got a surgical procedure done connecting an artery and a vein for an easy access point to streamline the dialysis process. 
  • After the COVID shots he woke up and wrote, “It felt like razor blades were being repeatedly dragged through my left arm.
  • He called an ambulance and tested positive for COVID.  He was left in a waiting room for 18 hours despite the large growth in his arm – his second blood clot in months.
  • The condition is known as arteriovenous fistula thrombosis – a blood clot in the dialysis access point.
  • A few days after surgery to remove the growth, he was back in the hospital where doctors discovered more blood clots in his arms and chest.
  • He remained in the hospital for 3 days with heparin IV to dissolve the clots.
  • Facebook suspended him for “going against our standards for misinformation.”
  • AstraZeneca never received EUA in the U.S. and eight European countries suspended it, and even “vaccine” proponents have avoided it due to all the negative press.  Only Australia is pushing it, despite the populace shunning it. It appears to be being pushed in poor countries under the guise of altruism.

Please also see the list of patients getting appendages amputated after the shots.

Also, read about graphene, discovered within the shots and how it is causing the clotting.

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