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Covid Rules …

… and the science behind them


Today I’m bringing you the very best of Covid Rules and explaining the complicated Science being them.

We were treated like idiots for two years. We must never, ever forget.

The Rule:

We had to wear masks when entering a restaurant and walking to the table, but were allowed to remove the mask when seated at the table. Mask had to be reapplied in order to leave.

The Science:

Covid doesn’t spread when you’re eating and drinking

The Rule:

When sitting in a park you and your friends were required to sit within circles painted on the grass

The Science:

The Covid agreed not to penetrate inside the painted circles but that anyone outside the circles was fair game.

The Rule:

In France people had to fill out a form authorizing themselves to go outside for a walk. In the absence of a form, people could write a letter and sign it, or else give themselves permission via an app. If you left the house without giving yourself written permission to do so, you had to pay a fine.

The Science:

Covid would not spread if you had a note saying you were taking the pandemic seriously

The Rule:

Do not speak in the elevator

The Science:

Covid respects silence

(See link for more unbelievable COVID rules)



Remember when the master wizards of Public Health decided to appeal to Americans to ‘vaccinate’ for the reward of hamburgers, doughnuts, beer, gambling, and lap dances?

And remember this?


Besides the unbelievable, unethical, and downright ludicrous things done in the name of “science” and “public health,” the seriously incredulous things people said, and continue to say is perhaps even worse:

Our favorite pathologist, Dr. Roger Hodkinson, who’s been speaking out against COVID theater from the beginning recently had this to say regarding forgiving the post-COVID age:

“Absolutely not. I’m full of vengeance. I am vengeful. It’s not a time to say I’m sorry. It’s a time to put these bastards in jail.” ~ Dr. Hodkinson

For more:


Are the unvaccinated still a danger to the rest of us?

By Melissa Healy

Nov. 3, 2022


For the 49% of “fully vaccinated” Americans who’ve had at least one booster dose, infection remains a possibility, but the prospects of becoming seriously ill or dying of COVID-19 are sharply reduced.

Researchers believe that catching the coronavirus after vaccination (though not so much the other way around) may provide enhanced protection against severe illness and death. But whether that is the case — and how much — can vary based on how long ago an infection took place and the particular variant that caused it.

In other words, Americans range in vulnerability from the unvaccinated and never infected to the vaccinated, previously infected and fully boosted, with infinite gradations of protection in between.

In conditions like these, the role the unvaccinated could play in seeding outbreaks will vary.
The steady waning of immunity raises a discouraging prospect: that over time, people who are still called “fully vaccinated” will become indistinguishable from the unvaccinated unless they’ve received a booster. Until more Americans embrace booster shots, the “undervaccinated” will steadily swell the ranks of the vulnerable.
Wherever they are, they’ll help keep the pandemic going.
Hopefully, it’s brazenly clear where this is headed…’s booster or bust, despite the fact two studies have now arrived at the same conclusion:
Omicron booster shots do not induce a significantly higher level of neutralizing antibodies against Omicron subvariants than the original mRNA COVID-19 vaccine formulation designed to induce antibodies against the spike protein of the now-extinct Wuhan strain of SARS-CoV-2.
Mainstream media outlets like the The LA Times of course, have served their usual function of propagating government-sanctioned propaganda.  And it is propaganda because any FDA claims about Omicron booster shots is based on NO data on their effects in humans.  That’s right.  No data.  Just “belief.”
We were all hoping this blame-game would end when it was proven the CDC manipulated data to show a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” that CDC Director Rochelle Walensky happily propelled forward despite being publicly corrected by senior editor of the BMJ, Peter Doshi.  Important excerpt:
If hospitalizations and deaths are almost exclusively occurring in the unvaccinated “why would booster shots be necessary?” Doshi asked. “And why would the statistics be so different in the UK, where most COVID hospitalizations and deaths are among the fully vaccinated?” ~ Peter Doshi
  • ‘The powers that be’ had to come up with something to counter the fact that public health authorities brazenly told us these shots prevented COVID, people are finally hearing that the shots DO NOT protectagainst transmission, severe symptoms, reduction in hospitalization, or even death.  In fact, they were found to cause more harm than good when the proper scientific endpoint of “all cause severe morbidity” was used.
  • Lastly, when the author states people can range in vulnerability from the unvaccinated and never infected to the vaccinated, previously infected and fully boosted, she insinuates that the bottom of the barrel is the unvaccinated when in fact reality and science has shown the exact opposite. Numerous studies now have shown COVID shots have negative efficacy, while also establishing that natural immunity, is robust, long lasting, and more complete than “vaccination” and is clearly superior to Pharma products.
  • The UK government reveals the triple vaxxed account for 91% of COVID deaths, the fully vaxxed account for over 90% of COVID deaths since May 2021.
Let all of this sink in.
It doesn’t get any clearer than this, but the spin doctors are gonna spin.
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