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Episode 300: Ahead of the Curve – an interview with Dr. Alan McDonald

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Dr. Alan MacDonald is an Ivy League educated Medical Doctor who worked as a hospital pathologist in the eastern Long Island, New York area at the outset of the modern Lyme disease pandemic. He and his pioneering work were first featured on episode 171 of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast.

In this comprehensive interview, Dr. MacDonald discusses his groundbreaking and yet to be published research findings on topics such as the Lyme disease connection to suicide, brain cancer, Leukemia, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease, in addition to how acute Lyme disease disrupts liver function and why and how Lyme disease testing is flawed.

PS you can also view an exclusive Tick Boot Camp presentation created by Dr. MacDonald with photos of Lyme under a microscope and descriptions highlighting the various topics discussed in this interview

Check out his GoFundMe page  to help him continue his groundbreaking work.

McDonald has truly done ground-breaking work but has been vilified by many of his own colleagues who seemingly can’t think outside the box or accept new information. Go here to watch other videos where he shows parasitosis (Neural Larval Migrans) within MS patients as he discovered nematode worms, eggs and both larval forms and mating adult pairs present in the brain and spinal fluid of MS patients.  These videos are circa 2016 and are revolutionary yet are quietly collecting dust and simply ignored in mainstream research.

At 5 min and 51 sec into the 2016 London lecture, you will see the discovery of worms in the brain and spinal fluid of EVERY MS patient tested.  He also explains the difficulty in finding these worms as they move from one area to another.

These worms cause inflammation and damage in the CNS on their own but also infect us with Lyme and other infections. 

CLICK HERE to view the research poster of Dr. MacDonald’s discovery of filarial (small roundworms) in the central nervous system of MS patients at their time of death.

CLICK HERE to view the research poster of Dr. MacDonald’s discovery of tapeworm larva and developing juvenile tapeworms in the central nervous system of MS patients at their time of death.

What this means regarding treatment, is that if you are one of those patients with these worms, you need to disable/kill the worms to get to the borrelia/MSIDS inside them.  Anthelminitics such as ivermectin and Albenza are used to kill worms as well as natural medicines; however, this must be done under the supervision of a doctor as the inflammation and herxheimer reactions can be very great. 

For some patients, addressing worms is a game-changer.  Consider talking to your LLMD about it.

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