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Lyme Hangout with Dr. Cameron – PTLDS

 35 Min.

Dr. Daniel Cameron, Mar 13, 2018

Good, bad, and ugly side of Post Treatment Lyme Disease (PTLDS)

Dr. Daniel Cameron is a nationally recognized leader for his expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses.



French Government Announces Support for Doctor Discretion in Treating Lyme/MSIDS  Published on March 13, 2018

In FRANCE, Christian Perronne Announces Government Support for Treatment Options for Lyme Patients

By Isabelle Vachias. March 12, 2018

translated from French and posted by Jenna Luche-Thayer


A specialist in Lyme disease, the infectious disease doctor Christian Perronne contributed to the development of the care protocol, which should be made public in April. He will be in Aurillac, Thursday, March 15, for a new conference.

The national protocol for diagnosis and care promised in the Lyme plan, launched in September 2016 by Marisol Touraine, then Minister of Health, will be unveiled in the coming weeks. For the patients as for the doctors, it will be “a great advance”, promises the professor Christian Perronne, specialist of the Lyme disease and member of the working group in charge of elaborating the new recommendations.

The new care protocol was originally announced for July 2017… Why was there such a delay?

It took time to reach consensus on the recommendations. The last meeting of the working group was held on March 8th. Our conclusions must still be validated by the College of the High Health Authority, then by the Ministry of Health. The protocol should be published before the end of April. Then we will have to work with infectious disease specialists to determine all the recommendations.

How will this protocol change the lives of the sick?

I am convinced that it will improve their care. Moreover, it was the goal of the public authorities, doctors and learned societies at the launch of the Lyme plan: we can move forward together, stop saying: “What the other is doing is whatever!” and above all, we realize that there are patients in great suffering. New scientific data will arrive.

If the doctors see that they can move forward in a certain way, that they can go out of hiding, that they will not have a problem with their colleagues, with the Council of the Order of Doctors, or with the health insurance, they will move. This new protocol is a big step forward. It is far from perfect, there may be criticism on this or that point, but a dynamic process is launched. It will be re-evaluated every two years.

Will the protocol define the ideal treatment?

No, because today we are unable to say: “The best treatment is this one”. For example, there will be no maximum for the duration of an antibiotic treatment.It will be left to the discretion of the doctor.You cannot set a maximum for the simple reason that there has been no research on Lyme for thirty years.

We have no data, all the studies that have been done have been limited to three months. Now, we will be able to monitor patients, record practices, see what works best … It was the goal of the working group, frame what is being done to try to evolve. Our approach is pragmatic, it leaves the door open … And it suits me well.

 A framework – what does that mean?

Exactly, we do not know. And that worries me. Saving information and feeding databases takes time. Only in infectious disease services, we do not just Lyme! So, it will take manpower. For pure research also, for example if one wants to evaluate a strategy over a specific period, it will require funding. Without important means, it will never be done well. Of course, it will be expensive at first. But afterwards, the state will save money, because these patients will be better managed.

It is expensive, a patient wandering for fifteen or twenty years. There are work stoppages, repeated hospitalizations, hundreds of scans, MRIs, biological tests, tons of antidepressants, physiotherapists … All that accumulates, it ends up making astronomical sums. With recognition of the disease, health economics researchers will be able to make assessments. So far, there have not been since these patients do not exist!

Your previous conference in Aurillac is June 29, 2017. Will you be the same on March 15 at the convention center?

It will be a little different. Since June, there have been new scientific references proving the existence of chronic Lyme disease, so I will insist on that. There are also known publications, which I did not highlight enough last year, and which show the persistence of clinical signs in many patients after the official three weeks of antibiotics. There are at least fifteen publications that find Borrelia bacteria in men who have received short-term treatment. All data overlap, so cannot say that chronic Lyme does not exist.

Professor Christian Perronne will host a conference on Lyme disease Thursday, March 15, at 20 hours, in the atrium of the departmental council in Aurillac. Free admission.

 Healing rarely at 100%

On January 31, 2017, the Public Health Unit of the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office received a complaint against X for aggravated deception. The complainant is an Aurillacoise revolted by the ineffectiveness of screening tests for Lyme disease. Handicapped by extreme fatigue, this Cantalienne had met Professor Christian Perronne after a long wandering diagnosis. For ten months, she received an ‘anti-protocol’ antibiotic treatment, prescribed by the infectious disease doctor.

Today, she is better and gradually resumes her professional activity. “I’m like before,” she says. As before, or almost: lack of concentration, it is still impossible for her to drive long.

The proceedings initiated on January 31 by a Cantalienne suffering from Lyme disease is still ongoing.

“It is common not to see a 100% permanent cure,” notes Professor Perronne. “We see people who always keep a little tired, we see others who resume a normal life, but who have seizures, more or less long, more or less regular. They are tired, they have disorders of the memory … “It shows that the Borrelia is still there, even if it is under control”.



Time will tell if the French will be successful with their new plan, but you have to admit that putting medical decisions in the hands of doctors an important improvement from where we are now.

We need to return to a place where medicine is not dictated by political interests fraught with collusion, fraud, and lack of ethics.



Lyme & Malaria – Most Common Vector-borne Diseases in U.S. Armed Forces

Surveillance for vector-borne diseases among active and reserve component service members, U.S. Armed Forces, 2010-2016.


O’Donnell FLStahlman SFan M.  MSMR. 2018.


This report summarizes available health record information about the occurrence of vector-borne infectious diseases among members of the U.S. Armed Forces during a recent 7-year surveillance period. Information about confirmed, possible, and suspected cases was obtained from electronic reports of reportable medical events (RMEs) and records of diagnoses documented during hospitalizations and outpatient healthcare encounters. Lyme disease and malaria were the most common diagnoses among confirmed and possible cases. Diagnoses of chikungunya and Zika were elevated in the years following their respective entries into the Western Hemisphere. Large numbers of diagnoses of arboviral diseases were recorded in the category of suspected cases, but the overwhelming majority were associated with coding errors and tentative diagnoses not subsequently confirmed. For many confirmed cases, documentation could not be found in healthcare databases for positive laboratory tests that would be the basis for confirmation. Discussion covers the limitations of the available data and the importance to surveillance of RMEs, confirmatory laboratory tests, and accurate recording of diagnoses and their codes.



Houston we have a problem.  Due to the military’s over reliance upon the antiquated and unscientific CDC-two-tiered testing that misses over half of all cases, the numbers for Lyme Disease are going to be infinitely higher.  Not only that, many coinfections are not even reportable so nobody has a bead on those.

I have buddies who are dropped into Northern Wisconsin for drill.  They report to me that literally thousands of ticks are crawling all over them.  How many ticks does it take to become infected?  ONE.  However, I know many of these soldiers who have had to quit their military careers as the military will not acknowledge their infection with Lyme/MSIDS let alone treat it beyond 21 days of doxycycline.

Our service men and women are in harms way – probably far more from ticks and other insects than from enemy fire.  A true story of how a soldier with Lyme/MSIDS was treated by the military.  “Cancer, AIDS, Weaponized Mycoplasmas & Gulf War Illness. Prof. Garth Nicolson’s hypothesis is straightforward: “The emergence of new illnesses and an increase in the incidence rate of previously described signs & symptoms are due to our toxic environment & the purposeful development & testing of Weapons of Mass Destruction.” 

March 20 Deadline to Protect Homeopathy & Possibly Other Alternative Treatments in the Future

Many Lyme/MSIDS patients live in states where there is NOT ONE Lyme literate doctor.  By circumstance many are forced to see health practitioners that can not or will not prescribe antibiotics.  These people use whatever is available to them – including homeopathy.

Evidently, back in 2015, there was a FDA public hearing where representatives of homeopathy came from all over the globe and gave positive feedback regarding the safety, efficacy, and unique nature of homeopathic medicines.  The Swiss have legitimized its usage:  Here is a link to research on homeopathy:

But, according to Larry Malerba, DO, DHt, a classical homeopath and osteopathic physician, it was all for show.

Since then the FDA announced a “draft guidance” in December 2017.

“FDA is proposing a new, risk-based enforcement approach to homeopathic drug products that have the greatest potential to cause risk to patients.”

Malerba claims the FDA will exaggerate risks and deny existing evidence for homeopathy.  He also claims the FDA is using a very small number of unsubstantiated accounts of adverse events to justify overregulation.  (Please see this link with entire back story as well as the unproven adverse events supposedly caused by homeopathic teething tablets and Malerba’s statement that the FDA doesn’t seem to care about warning people about a list of 200 drugs that can produce seizures).  Malerba also states that homeopathy, properly made, can not be toxic and that safety is a virtual “non-issue.”

The homeopathic community is in agreement for the need for safety standards but they already exist in Compliance Policy Guide 400.400, which according to Eric L. Foxman, R.Ph., Secretary of the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists, is adequate and effective and gives the FDA power to handle infractions in proper manufacturing practices.

Regardless of your opinion of homeopathy, I find it interesting that the only things the FDA seems capable of regulating are competitors to Big Pharma.  Compounding pharmacies have the strictest regulations on earth and now it appears they want to screw the bolts into homeopathy as well.  Small labs such as IGeneX that specialize in bacteriology and virology are continually under intense scrutiny for their creation of tests for tick borne illness that are much more sensitive than the current CDC’s recommended two-tiered testing which misses over half of all cases.

Here’s the thing – first it will be homeopathy, next will be herbs, essential oils, silver, bee venom therapy, and after that only God knows.

The “powers that be” first deny we are deathly ill.  Second, they want to limit antibiotics on a disease that can kill you – oh, and IV treatments including IVIG  And now, they want to limit and perhaps take away alternative treatments such as homeopathy.  When will they be happy?  When we are all dead?

Read draft guidance here:

Respond to FDA here

Malerba recommends the following regarding the content of your letter:

  • Submit positive comments (not criticisms) to the FDA in support of homeopathy
  • Tell the FDA that current regulatory guidelines (Compliance Policy Guide 400.00) are sufficient
  • Further regulations place your right to choose in jeopardy
  • If you live in CO, NM, PA, TN, WA, UT – please urge your legislators to tell the FDA not to scrap current guidelines.  Add your personal story of homeopathic success.

Here’s a sample letter by Wellness Journeys:

“Please do not touch homeopathic remedies. They are not the problem. They do not kill 200,000 people a year like our prescription drugs do (I’m an investigative journalist…I know the numbers).

“The FDA’s only job is to ensure that products are manufactured according to legal standards and are properly labeled. The rules and regulations governing homeopathic remedies that have been in place for most of the last century are more than adequate to protect the public.

“It is the FDA’s responsibility to oversee toxic pharmaceuticals, not harmless homeopathic remedies, herbal remedies, and nutritional remedies.

“It is not the FDA’s responsibility to determine which modes of health care are legal or appropriate in America.

“It is the FDA’s responsibility to make sure our drugs and foods are safe. And you’re not doing that job very well. Europe has stricter policies about food additives than we do here, and our food is harming us.

“Maybe the FDA can re-focus on its original purpose and protect the people from being harmed by the crap you’ve allowed into our food supply.”

I’ll admit some of that wasn’t “positive,” but he took the words right out of my mouth!





Injecting Aluminum Documentary – FREE – But Hurry!  Approx. 90 Min. Click here to see FREE VIDEO

Courtesy of Stop Mandatory Vaccination

About Injecting Aluminum

In the early 90s, a mysterious muscular disease began to surface among multiple patients in France. A team of doctors in Paris discovered that these patients had developed a new disease called Macrophagic Myofascitis, or MMF, which occurs when the aluminum hydroxide adjuvant from a vaccine remains embedded in the muscle tissue.

Note: This film was released in France under the title L’Aluminum, les vaccins and les deux lapins (translated: “Aluminum, vaccines and two rabbits”). The aluminum adjuvant was only tested for 28 days, on two rabbits, and their remains have mysteriously disappeared.

Injecting Aluminum features groundbreaking interviews with leading aluminum specialists such as:


Dr. Romain Gherardi, the Director of the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research


Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld, founder of the leading Centre for Autoimmune Diseases at the Sheba Medical Center


“Mr. Aluminum”, Dr. Christopher Exley, biologist at the University of Stirling with a PhD in the Ecotoxicology of Aluminum (Aluminum in brain tissue in Autism)


Dr. Jérôme Authier, neurologist and head of the Center of Reference of neuromuscular diseases of the Henri Mondor Hospital in Créteil, France.

Frequently Asked Questions

Available worldwide in 250+ territories (excluding France)

To watch the film, just click on link above.

After viewing online for free, you can also purchase DVDs.

To receive 40% off the Injecting Aluminum DVDs until March 8th, enter code SMV during check out from our store (code must be entered to receive the discount).


Note: This film was released in France under the title L’Aluminum, les vaccins and les deux lapins (translated: “Aluminum, vaccines and two rabbits”). The aluminum adjuvant was only tested for 28 days, on two rabbits, and their remains have mysteriously disappeared.

CMSRI (Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute) helped fund the grants for several scientists featured in Injecting Aluminum, to do research, specifically Dr. Christopher Exley as well as Dr. Romain Gherardi, Dr. Jerome Authier. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to funding independent research at leading universities and medical facilities worldwide to identify the causal factors behind today’s epidemic of chronic illness and disabilities.

More on Vaccines:  I highlight a 9 part series on vaccines.


Living Well With LD Online Workshop

Online Workshop

Living Well With Lyme Disease

Get the Information & Support You Need

On Demand Until: Jun 30 2018 Online

Get the Information & Support You Need

When it comes to Lyme disease, where do you turn? Many people go from doctor to doctor looking for answers about their aches and pains, sleep and mood disorders, and memory or concentration problems. Unfortunately, Lyme disease and associated tick-borne coinfections are often overlooked because Lyme disease mimics many other common diseases and can be difficult to diagnose.

Whether you are a patient, a family member, a doctor, or a concerned citizen, how do you get the information and support you need?

This empowering program is for those afflicted with Lyme disease, health-care providers who want to improve their diagnostic and treatment skills, and anyone else who wants the most up-to-date information on Lyme disease. Guided by a medical doctor, a naturopath, and an expert in natural care, you gain the knowledge and practical tools you need to demystify Lyme disease and navigate this perplexing illness.

Through nine modules (detailed below under Schedule), you learn to:

  • Determine the signs and symptoms of Lyme disease and associated coinfections
  • Create a personalized treatment regimen to address chronic or resistant symptoms
  • Explore the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of healing
  • Practice stress reduction techniques to support the mind and body through chronic illness
  • Transform fear and the feeling of being overwhelmed into feeling inspired and empowered
  • Effectively integrate conventional medical treatments with complementary naturopathic therapies

You gain leading-edge information to help you heal your body, mind, and spirit.

Meet the Teachers

  • Richard Horowitz, MD, is medical director of the Hudson Valley Healing Arts Center, where he h …
  • Tom Francescott, ND, has dedicated his life to helping people awaken t …
  • Katina I. Makris, CCH, CIH, has worked in natural health care for 33 years. …


Module 1:

Introduction & Overview with Dr. Richard Horowitz

In this opening module, we learn through lecture and slides, what the Lyme disease is, what the most common tick-borne coinfections are that can make us sick, how tick-borne infections are transmitted and how to reduce our risk, how to determine if you have Lyme disease, the reliability of blood tests, and why one doesn’t get better after treatments.

Module 2:

A 7-Point Action Plan for LYME-MSIDS & Inflammation with Dr. Richard Horowitz

Part 1

Dr. Horowitz offers medical and technical details and an action plan for dealing with Lyme disease. He provides 7 rules within an action plan for all those afflicted by Lyme disease: 1. Symptoms drive diagnosis and treatment. 2. Lower inflammation. 3. Detoxify. 4. Repair the damage. 5. Provide internal balance of hormones, microbiome, and cytokines. 6. Master the “Big Three”—sleep, food, and exercise. And, 7. Heal your emotional wounds.

Module 3:

A 7-Point Action Plan for LYME-MSIDS & Inflammation with Dr. Richard Horowitz

Part 2

(A continuation of Module 2)

Module 4:

Energetic Healing Exercise with Katina I. Makris

In this intimate breakout session, you experience how to heal yourself through “inner journaling,” an ancient energetic healing method of accessing information within you, using exercises, and then processing your discovery.

Module 5

Healing Patients With Lyme Disease & Chronic Infections with Dr. Tom Francescott

Part 1

Through lecture and slides, you learn how homeopathic remedies, diet, and detoxifying will help you heal your body and reduce the symptoms of Lyme disease. Dr. Tom takes a holistic approach in his work, describing the importance of breathwork and meditation, and he talks about how maintaining balance in healing supports good health, internally and emotionally.

Module 6

Healing Patients With Lyme Disease & Chronic Infections with Dr. Tom Francescott

Part 2

(A continuation of Module 5)

Module 7:

Understanding Self-Help Homeopathic Remedies with Katina I. Makris

In this module, you learn about the history of homeopathic medicine, how it works, and how it can help heal your Lyme disease. Discover self-help remedies for various symptoms of Lyme disease.

Module 8:

Three Case Studies with Dr. Richard Horowitz

Dr. Horowitz describes the detailed case studies of three patients suffering with extreme symptoms of Lyme disease, how their symptoms presented, and how his diagnosis and treatment helped heal them.

Module 9:

Closing Statements with Richard Horowitz, MD, Tom Francescott, ND, and Katina I. Makris, CCH, CIH

The three presenters offer an overview of their teaching, while providing positive affirmations and support.

Dr. Frid: Children & Lyme

 Approx. 40 Min

Dr. Elena Frid:  Children & Lyme

Published on Mar 9, 2018

Dr. Elena Frid, a Board Certified New York City Neurologist, with clinical interest in Autoimmune and Neuro-Lyme discusses Children who have been effected by Lyme disease at an annual Tick Talk in Pennsylvania.
She goes into depth about Autoimmune Encephalitis (AE), Neuro-developmental issues with Lyme and co-infections, PANS/PANDAS, illustrates case studies, discusses blood work protocols, and protective methods all must follow in order to prevent and protect themselves against Lyme disease.


For More: