Approx. 40 Min

Pfizer Whistleblower Confirms Bioweapon Global Extermination Plan

August 4, 2021

Dr. Andrew Kaufman & Karen Kingston (Pfizer whistleblower) discuss:

  • original patents
  • lack of good testing
  • deliberate avoidance of good testing and fraudulent misrepresentations of mRNA injections
  • Lipid nanoparticles which contain graphene oxide (conductor for electromagnetic fields & gene delivery) so it can withstand extreme temperatures as the synthetically made mRNA is very unstable.  Graphene oxide accumulates in tissues and organs.
  • The COVID injections are NOT vaccines, they are gene therapies. They don’t stop transmission, prevent illness or prevent death.
  • When using gene therapies, there is a high risk of shedding through bodily secretions.  In this case it’s the spike protein, which is foreign to us.  This protein goes systemic and accumulates in tissues and organs.
  • Pfizer has done many dubious and illegal things and has gotten away with it.
  • Autopsy in a COVID “vaccinated” person shows spike protein is in tissues and organs. More autopsies needed.
  • These injections are not effective.  They neglected to test a majority of those in the treatment group as they were becoming ill – so they purposely selected data and covered up data to give their wanted pre-determined outcome.  Regulators ignored this fraud.

For a 17 min presentation by pathologist Dr. Cole, go here:

Using slides Dr. Cole shows clearly how these spike proteins, which are the toxin in the injections, are going systemic (they initially thought they would stay at the injection site), accumulating in tissues and organs, causing wide-spread inflammation and microscopic blood-clotting.  They also cross the blood/brain barrier – causing issues in the brain.  They cause damage in the heart which does not heal itself.  The heart is damaged forever.  He states he’s seen a 10-20 fold increase in uterine cancer in the last 6 months since the shots came out.

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