The mRNA Platform: What It Is, What It Means

Back in the spring of 2020 we learned that Operation Warp Speed was hard at work creating a vaccine faster than one had ever been created before. From the decades-long history of vaccine development, we knew that vaccines took 5 to 10 years to make. The subsequent clinical trials could take longer.

How was this possible? When did this scientific leap take place? What was this fantastic new technology that would make such rapid development a reality?

We quickly learned that the new vaccine would use something called mRNA technology. And there were several companies ready to make it happen.

The way mRNA works is not like the way any vaccine worked before. Formerly, vaccines were created by taking a weakened or dead form of the virus and injecting that into humans. The human body would create antibodies to fight and beat the weakened virus, thus giving the body the instructions to create antibodies against it if the full force virus were to ever attack. The individual was immune.

This is not what mRNA does.

The CDC literally changed the definition of vaccine so that mRNA fit the category. We saw this happen two years ago, comparing old and new versions of what they posted on their website.

Here was the definition on the CDC website in 2020:

Vaccines contain the same germs that cause disease . . . But they have been killed or weakened to the point that they don’t make you sick.

The new version became much more general, to include mRNA. Here is the current definition on the CDC website:

A preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.

(See link for article)



  • Using the genetic code of COVID, a mRNA strand is constructed to create a specific protein
  • Gene therapy doesn’t work for long, requiring multiple doses and perfect conditions in the body
  • Never before have human cells been hijacked to create something that is supposed to attack the body
  • Overnight this technology used on a minority with particular deficiencies, was used on everyone to combat a virus
  • This gene therapy acts as a Trojan Horse by moving into cells to create a portion of the virus known as the spike protein
  • This important article explains that this Trojan Horse does NOT actually contain mRNA which is short-lived, but rather modified RNA (“modRNA”) which is developed for longevity which will disrupt and block cell metabolism and be incorporated into the human genome
  • It is asinine to expect the mRNA platform to work like a traditional vaccine
  • It doesn’t work against variants which is called original antigenic sin
  • The ‘powers that be’ knew the shots wouldn’t give you lasting immunity and probably wouldn’t work on variants.
  • They had no idea of side effects as it has never been used to create an antigen.
  • Founded in 2010, Moderna never talked about vaccines – only therapeutics and they never made any money at all.
  • High-ranking officials in the FDA and CDC have financial conflicts of interests with Moderna and Pfizer.
  • It’s called a “platform” for drug delivery because new drugs are needed for variants, creating a endless market.
  • COVID was used to get the public used to mRNA due to the conflicts of interests they have with a myriad of other drugs that are now in the pipeline.
  • It’s a win-win for profits for Big Pharma as well as the Biosecurity state allowing for the ability to track people’s movements through “vaccination” cards.  It’s also a win for power-brokers like Gates, the Davos crowd, WEF, WHO, and corrupt politicians desiring a mechanism to gain greater biological control over the population, and to be able to give or take away rights on command, naturally leading to eugenics.

_____________  Video Here (40 seconds)

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: “I Have Absolute Faith That mRNA Vaccines Will Kill You”

“If any doctor dares to give a jab with mRNA to a child, he is potentially killing this child.”

“I have absolute faith that [mRNA vaccines] will kill you.”

“Each and every gene-based vaccine has the potential to kill you.”

“If any doctor dares to give a jab with mRNA to a child, he is potentially killing this [child].”

“My prediction is that we are going to see so many tragedies, that the death of children will become a normal thing.” ~ Sucharit Bhakdi, MD tells Jakobien Huisman in the interview “The Path to Living Hell” in December 2022.  (See link for article and video)

Also, read Bhadki’s article Why ALL mRNA ‘Vaccines’ Will Cause Harm and his warning that Routine Introduction of Gene-Based Vaccines Spells the Downfall of Mankind

Also, please listen to this brief 10 minute video of Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger on what is actually in the injections and how experts have found evidence that confirms the mRNA injections are synthetic injection nano circuits that work with 5G. It’s beyond what doctors know and what normal scientists know. 

Once you learn what is actually in the injections, the WHO Pandemic Treaty and the push for digitization makes absolute sense.  None of this is new and has been talked about in quiet corners for years, but written off as “conspiracy theory,” but the evidence speaks for itself.

This interesting read is the result of Spartacus talking with ChatGPT, where it pretty much admits everything feared: Michael Levin, Ehug Gazit, and Charles Lieber‘s research into nano-devices capable of restructuring the human body at the molecular scale.  The technology already exists and machine learning is being used in nanotechnology, tissue regeneration, molecular self-assembly, bioelectric interfaces, creation of biohybrid systems, and intra-body nano-networks.

When asked if an authoritarian rogue state gained access to advanced intra-body nano-networks the consequences would be:

  1. privacy violations
  2. health risks
  3. control and manipulation
  4. social unrest & human rights abuses
  5. international consequences
  6. escalation of technology misuse.
  7. assassination, including manipulating physiological processes such as the membrane of a victim’s heart muscle tissue, causing heart attacks or other life-threatening conditions.
In other words, our current state of affairs.

There’s also an intriguing part about Jeffrey Epstein’s involvement which explains a lot.

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