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Is It Coronavirus or Lyme Disease? Similar Symptoms Could Create Confusion

Is it coronavirus or Lyme disease? Similar symptoms could create confusion

Lyme disease, which is caused by bacteria or a parasite in a tick, has a reputation for imitating other conditions.
By Maxine Lipner

Feeling sick with a fever — even a slight one — along with chills, fatigue and achy joints during this pandemic era may all seem to point to the coronavirus, particularly in summer with flu season still months away. But there may be another culprit: Lyme disease.

“Lyme disease is just as common this year as it was last year or the year before,” Dr. Daniel Cameron, a Lyme disease specialist in private practice in Mount Kisco, New York, told TODAY.

What’s more, Lyme disease, which is caused by bacteria or a parasite in a tick, has a reputation for imitating other conditions.

“It triggers cytokines, the inflammatory process, and by triggering the whole natural immune system, it will mimic some other infections that affect the immune system,” Cameron said. When the immune system is working hard to clear the infection, it may cause symptoms very similar to COVID-19.  (See link for article)



Thankfully more articles like this one are getting out there on the similarities between COVID and Lyme.

I caution the reader on some of the comments made by Jones-Lopez.

  1. Tickborne disease has been found in every single state. Looking at maps for Lyme/MSIDS is outdated and inaccurate information.  Ticks are everywhere – and spreading disease everywhere.
  2. Tickborne disease can occur in any month – and yes, even in the winter.
  3. The information regarding treatments for both diseases is simplistic.  Remdesivir is not backed by results:, and authorities have stonewalled many other effective COVID treatments: and  While doxycycline is the front-line drug of choice for acute Lyme, it doesn’t take coinfections into account, which would require different medications.  This needs to be emphasized as people still erroneously believe Lyme/MSIDS is a 1-term, 1 drug illness when oftentimes it is far more complex.  We need to quit giving simple 1-minute sound bites on an illness that is wrecking lives.

While there is little you can do about stopping a virus, there is much you can do to protect yourself from tick-borne infections:

For more:

House Approves Increased Funding for Lyme – I’m Not Impressed, Please Contact Congressman Pallone

TOUCHED BY LYME: House approves increased funding for Lyme disease

By Dorothy Kupcha Leland

July 31, 2020


An example of what to say:

I would like to give a message to Congressman Pallone about Lyme funding.  

Due to a long history of CDC corruption which has affected patients and doctors negatively, I demand a hearing before Health and Human Services receives another dime of taxpayer money for Lyme disease research.

There are many important issues that need to be resolved and patients and the doctors treating them need to have confidence that the money will be on issues that matter and that the researchers receiving the money have no conflicts of interest.

We demand and deserve transparent, unbiased research done by those without conflicts of interest.  We have waited a long time and all that’s happening is more people are becoming infected with the same dark future ahead of them due to rigged science done by those with an agenda.

Thank you for your time.

This is just an idea, of course, make it your own.





Heal Podcast With Lyme 360  Podcast in link

Heal Podcast with Lyme 360


Dr. Bill Rawls @rawlsmd is the author of Unlocking Lyme, founder of @vitalplan, and a Lyme warrior himself.
“The body has an amazing ability to heal itself if given the opportunity.”
Dr. Rawls shares the most effective natural, conventional, and alternative treatments for Lyme and Fibromyalgia based on research and his personal battle with both chronic diseases. Dr. Rawls has helped thousands of Lyme warriors regain their health, and I am so excited to have him on the Heal podcast.  I have been using his herbal protocol for the last year and would highly recommend it as one of your first go-to steps for healing Lyme.
Just a word of caution to desperate patients:  What works for one patient may not work for another patient.
While I used plenty of herbs in my journey, in my experience, none of them were curative.
Keep an open mind and be willing to try many things, but always run everything by your practitioner and others you trust.  You can spend a lot of money in this journey so it’s important you have thought through the many treatments.
Also, be careful how many things you do at once.  If you take on too many things it will be nearly impossible to discern what is doing what.
I know many use herbs and stand by them.  That’s great.  Good for you.  I’m glad you found something that worked.
For many; however, it takes a long time of trying many different things to find something that works.
I’m the first to admit that after years of antibiotics, blood ozone, IV therapy of vitamins and many herbs and supplements, my husband and I are now successfully using Berberine to maintain Bartonella-type symptoms.  If that changes you will be the first to know.  I’m always cautious about giving treatment advice because relapses are common.

As Symptoms Mirror Coronavirus, Granville Family Warns of Ticks, Lyme Disease Threat

As symptoms mirror coronavirus, Granville family warns of ticks, Lyme disease threat

On top of the current coronavirus pandemic, some in Granville are facing another serious health threat from Lyme disease-carrying deer ticks.

Kimberly Byce and family live in “northern Granville,” which in their case is less than a mile from the corner of Broadway and Pearl.

Her husband, Trent Beers, is currently being treated for his second case of Lyme disease in about a year.

Their sons, Arbor, 4, and Abbott, 6, have also been treated for Lyme disease.

In September, Kimberly is expecting delivery of some guinea fowl that will live on their property.

The birds are a next step in trying to combat deer ticks around their home.

“The (hens) will live in the woods,” Kimberly explained, sitting on her deck behind her house July 14. “I’m told they will leave the landscape alone, but they eat ticks. At this point I’m willing to try anything. Because I feel a prisoner to my deck.”

(See link for article)



While people are paralyzed by fear of a virus that will run its course no matter what we do, there is a real danger lurking in their backyards they can actually do something about.

For more:

The article brings out many great points.

Important quote:  

“A couple of other people I personally know got tested for coronavirus. It came back negative, and lo and behold, they’ve got Lyme disease.” Lyme, she said, can also be misdiagnosed, at least initially, as MS or various neurological conditions.



POTS Patients With Brain Fog Have Neurocognitive Deficits


Patient with POTS and brain fog writing on hand "don't forget"

Individuals with POTS, or postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, often complain of cognitive problems, like the inability to focus, difficulty concentrating and forgetfulness. These cognitive symptoms are often referred to as “brain fog” and are commonly seen in POTS patients and other illnesses, including Lyme disease.


A recent study by Wells and colleagues ¹ confirms findings from previous studies which demonstrated that POTS patients with brain fog have impaired short-term memory and diminished alertness.

POTS is characterized by a substantial increase in heart rate and sometimes a drop in blood pressure when the individual stands up. This can cause lightheadedness, heart palpitations and in some cases, a loss of consciousness.

The authors measured short-term memory problems and alertness in 11 POTS patients with brain fog using neurocognitive testing and compared them with 8 healthy controls.

They found that “POTS patients demonstrated significantly longer latency in delayed match to sample response time and greater errors in attention switching task.”

While previous studies have shown neurocognitive deficits in POTS patients with evidence of impaired cerebral blood flow, Wells and colleagues report that such deficits can occur in patients with POTS “even in the absence of impaired cerebral blood flow.”

Editor’s note: I have seen individuals with Lyme disease who suffer from “brain fog” and POTS. I would appreciate a study to determine how often brain fog occurs in Lyme disease patients presenting with POTS.

  1. Wells R, Paterson F, Bacchi S, Page A, Baumert M, Lau DH. Brain fog in postural tachycardia syndrome: An objective cerebral blood flow and neurocognitive analysis. J Arrhythm. 2020;36(3):549-552.



Great example of how Dr. Fauci’s “Big Science” has continued to fail Lyme/MSIDS patients.  We either don’t have any studies OR we have studies that are rigged for a predetermined outcome.  They utilize flawed testing and severely narrow entrance criteria leaving out the sickest patients.

The “Eye or Mordor” has swung to COVID, meanwhile people are still becoming infected with tick-borne illnesess that will be misdiagnosed or undiagnosed.  Even IF they manage to test positive, they will be treated with the unscientific and antiquated mono therapy of 21 days of doxycycline – no matter what their symptoms are and if they are coinfected with other pathogens.

Lyme/MSIDS patients, after 40 years, continue to be caught in a Catch-22.

For more on POTS: