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Mum Who Thought She Had Dementia for 29 Years Discovers She Has Lyme Disease

Mum who thought she had dementia for 29 years discovers she has Lyme disease

By Rosaleen Fenton Deputy Features Editor

Updated 12 May 2022

Mum-of-three Pauline Bowie, 54, suffered brain fog, headaches, muscle pain, carpal tunnel, and was even wetting herself after being bitten by a tick in America in 1989.

A teacher who feared she had dementia has told how she was diagnosed with Lyme disease after nearly 30 years.

She begged NHS doctors to take her symptoms seriously but they were repeatedly stumped for answers until she took matters into her own hands.

It wasn’t until Pauline sent blood samples to Armin labs in Germany in 2018 that she was finally given the diagnosis of Lyme disease, after being bitten by a tick in America in 1989.

The condition, a bacterial infection transmitted through ticks, can cause serious problems and attack the nervous system if left untreated.

Pauline had battled her illness for almost 30 years before getting antibiotics which cured all her agonising symptoms away in just four weeks.
She was prescribed 28 days of doxycycline which cleared her symptoms, but after treatment stopped they returned.

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Forty years after Lyme was “discovered” people still struggle with a similar fate: undiagnosis and stumped doctors.  Isn’t it about time for this to change?

This patient, like so many others, self treats to keep symptoms at bay until the dreaded flair-up occurs which then requires another stint of treatment to beat back the infections.

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Klinghardt Institute Lyme Disease Protocols & Therapies Webinar Thursday May, 19, 2022

Join Dr Klinghardt this Thursday, May 19, 2022 for an update on his Lyme disease protocols and therapies.

Lyme disease is the most common vector borne disease in North America and Europe. It’s estimated that there are 300,000 new cases in the US and 100,000 new cases in Europe each year, although these numbers are likely to be underestimated as many infections go undiagnosed. With infections most common in the spring and early summer it’s important that we are all ‘Lyme aware’.

By registering for this webinar you understand that the information contained within it is the copyright of Dr Klinghardt and that NO recordings may be made.

Thursday 19th May at:
• 8.30pm UK
• 9.30pm Central Europe
• 12.30pm Pacific
•  3.30pm Eastern

If you’re unable to attend there will be a limited time replay available over the weekend.

We hope you can join us!
Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, Daniela Deiosso & the Klinghardt Institute Team

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Man Ends up in ICU Due to Lyme Carditis

I ended up in the cardiac ICU. It was a rare complication of Lyme disease

I thought I was healthy — but when my heart rate dropped randomly, it seemed I’d need a pacemaker. Then a doctor suspected Lyme carditis.
I thought I was healthy so when I started to have signs of a heart block, I felt stunned that I had become so sick. I later learned that I had a rare complication of Lyme disease.

I thought I was healthy so when I started to have signs of a heart block, I felt stunned that I had become so sick. I later learned that I had a rare complication of Lyme disease. Courtesy Eric Miller

Eric Miller, 43, teaches principles of design and fabrication, maker classes and programming at a boarding school in Northeastern Ohio. As he started his new position last summer, he experienced a health crisis and landed him in the cardiac ICU with a dangerous arrhythmia. Doctors soon learned that he had Lyme carditis, a rare complication of Lyme disease. He shared his story with TODAY.

During employee orientation for my new job, I started feeling really rundown in the evenings. At first, I dismissed it as stress and nerves from starting a new career. (See link for article)


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RIP Dr. Jones – Hero & Rock Star For Lyme/MSIDS Patients

ILADS is saddened to report the passing of pediatric Lyme specialist and long-time ILADS member, Dr. Charles Ray Jones. Dr. Jones was a legend in the Lyme community for his dedication to treating children with Lyme and tick-borne diseases. He endured harassment from the medical establishment and cared for chronically ill children at a time when many physicians were not willing to acknowledge the true cause of their pain and suffering. His willingness to listen to patients and support families through the healing process made him a legend and a hero to the Lyme community.

In 2014, Dr. Jones was honored with the ILADEF Pioneer in Lyme award for recognition of his work with pediatric Lyme patients.  He shared his knowledge at countless ILADS conferences and trained scores of physicians through the ILADEF Physician Training Program. We are grateful for all he did for his patients and the ILADS community.

If you are interested in supporting ILADS and the ILADEF Physician Training Program, please consider a donation to the ILADEF Charles Ray Jones, MD memorial fund

Dr. Charles Ray Jones – 2014 Pioneer in Lyme Award Recipient.  Go here to see video

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From left, Sherry Sievewright, Wisconsin Lyme Network, Dr. Charles Ray Jones, Alicia Cashman, Madison Lyme Support Group

Tick Check!


Tick Check!

The #TickCheckChallenge is an interactive challenge created to help educate and protect kids (and adults!) from Lyme Disease and other debilitating tick-borne diseases. Only 1 in 10 kids performs a tick check after spending time outside. We want that to change.

Made especially for kids, our tick check song and video walks kids step-by-step through a proper tick check and does it in a way that is FUN and ENGAGING. When kids come in from the outdoors, they sing this CATCHY song (trust us, it’s going to stick in your head!) and check their bodies for ticks.

They’ll have so much fun with it – they might not realize it’s actually an educational tool.

We’re inviting you – no matter your age! – to get in front of the camera and record yourself performing your own interpretation of a proper tick check. Participating in the #TickCheckChallenge brings not only light-hearted fun but also an important opportunity to spread tick prevention awareness. Teaching kids to protect themselves – in a way that is FUN & ENGAGING – is POWERFUL and can PROTECT and SAVE lives.


CREDITS: Written and performed by Louis and Dan and the Invisible Band Produced by Invisible International and PA Lyme Resource Network Music Video directed by Louis Epstein Shot and edited by Chris Flicek Starring Julia Strand as “The Tick”

Visit… to learn more about tick and Lyme disease awareness – and take the #tickcheckchallenge​!

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