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Morgellons Association With Lyme Disease Podcast

Cindy Kennedy, FNP, speaks with Pi Ware, the Emmy-winning filmmaker who directed the documentary, “Skin Deep:The Battle Over Morgellons.” The film was released March 2020 and has been award winning. Pi discusses his deep dive into the world of Morgellons, which proved the lack of validation for the disease and the associated suffering.

Pi works across several genres, from feature films to documentaries to worldwide competition shows. His work as a director includes the fictional films “Solitude,” “My Beautiful Me,” and “The Act.” As an editor Pi has crafted documentaries, indie films, and such series as “America’s Got Talent,” Neflix’s “Fastest Car,” Comedy Central’s “Roast Battle,” “World of Dance,” “American Idol” and “Q’Viva.”

Pi grew up in Tempe, Ariz., began working in the film industry in Madrid, Spain, and currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two cats.

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Personal interest in Morgellons
His overall experience with learning about the disease
What was his biggest take away? Biggest learning experience? Worst experience filming?
Were you saddened by the lack of validation of the disease?
Any more health-related documentaries coming?

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Morgellons NOT Associated With Fungus

  Approx. 1 Hour 15 Min.

Morgellons NOT Associated With Fungus

May 17, 2020

Interview with microbiologist Marianne Middleveen.

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Skin Deep: The Battle of Morgellons Q & A

Skin Deep: The Battle of Morgellons Q & A

March 31, 2020

In this video Pi Ware, the Director/Editor of Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons, hosts a Question & Answer session with Dr. Ginger Savely (author of Morgellons: The Legitimization of a Disease) and Edward Hu (a former federal prosecutor who contracted Morgellons disease and whose brother–a doctor–initially recommended psychiatric treatment for Edward). Both guests appear in the documentary film Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons which is now available at

This Q&A originated on on March 31, 2020. Questions were asked on that platform and a text chat ran alongside the Q&A.

The documentary Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons is available at





Watch Skin Deep – Live Q & A After (April 3, 2020 5 PM PT)—friday/register

Watch SKIN DEEP at home, then join us online for a live Question & Answer session! SKIN DEEP director Pi Ware and documentary participants will be there to answer your questions and have lively discussion.

Our Cleveland premiere was cancelled so we’re moving our Q&As online where we can engage the Morgellons community and documentary lovers alike.

Ask questions or “up-vote” the ones you’d like answered, and we’ll take them on. Whether it’s about making the documentary SKIN DEEP or about surviving Morgellons disease, let’s talk and celebrate the launch of the first feature length documentary about Morgellons disease, SKIN DEEP: THE BATTLE OVER MORGELLONS. See Less


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Skin Deep Movie Review & Interview With Director, Pi Ware

Skin Deep Movie Review & Interview with Director, Pi Ware

Approx. 30 Min.

A “must see” video

The first 9 minutes is a review of the movie.  The remainder is an interview.  If you only have 10 min., please watch the review.  Morgellons patients suffer twice because research shows they are struggling not only with a spirochetal illness like Lyme or actually Lyme disease itself, but also with bizarre skin manifestations with fibers coming out of them.  Doctors state they are all imagining it.

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