Moderna raked in significant earnings in 2022, based on $18.4 billion in sales of its mRNA COVID-19 vaccine — the company’s one and only product on the market.

But in a Jan. 9 update on the company’s “industry-leading mRNA pipeline,” Moderna told investors it is developing multiple new mRNA products — including a treatment designed to be injected directly into the hearts of patients who have sustained heart attacks or heart failure. (See link for article)



How conveniently timely.


  • Clinical trials are in Poland and the UK.
  • “It’s a bit like science fiction medicine but that’s what is really exciting to me.” ~ Stéphane Bancel, Moderna CEO
  • Moderna has a long history of failure. Pfizer has a long history of fraud.
  • Like the COVID shots, there is no safety track record for this type of genetic therapy
  • “There is no safety track record for genetic therapies that introduce functional code for production of a protein for an uncontrolled quantity and uncontrolled duration of time. There are no assurances on long-term safety of mRNA technology.” ~ Dr. Peter McCullough, Cardiologist and immunologist
  • “In short, Moderna will fix the problem it created.” ~ The Gateway Pundit
  • Moderna has 48 programs in development including 36 in clinical studies with:
    • flu
    • RSV
    • cytomegalovirus
    • cystic fibrosis (inhalable mRNA therapy)
    • personalized cancer “vaccine”
  • Moderna also has acquired OriCiro Genomics (specializes in cell-free synthesis and amplification of plasmid DNA, a key building block of mRNA manufacturing). 
  • Moderna has a collaboration with CytomX Therapeutics for the development of mRNA-based therapeutics for cancer.
  • Moderna has an ongoing partnership with Metagenomi, funded by Bayer which acquired Monsanto, to accelerate development of in vivo gene editing therapeutics.

mRNA technology is the new golden calf, cash cow of Big Pharma and our corrupt government.  Researchers have been working on it for decades with ZERO success until COVID when it was rammed forward under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), with much less scrutiny/testing than usual. All you have to do is look around at the carnage to see it is unsafe due to antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) and the unbelievably high rate of adverse events.