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Multiple Democratic Governments Buying into WEF Agenda & Mass Surveillance

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The first episode, released 4/29, is explosive.

AFLDS’ Frontline News editor in chief, Mordechai Sones, reports on multiple Democratic governments buying into the World Economic Forum agenda supporting Mass Surveillance of Citizens—including…

SIM Card Registration with government in multiple African nations
Digital ID management and collection in Canada
Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) exploration from Biden Administration modeled after China. CBDC’s are tied to your personal bank accounts and credit data.

You can download or listen on your computer or mobile device via SoundCloud here or from the AFLDS website in the top link.



Hopefully the past two years have demonstrated that putting power in the hands of the few is never a good idea and centralizing/monopolizing personal data will spell doom for freedom as we know it. The following articles detail out how this agenda is being pushed virtually everywhere.  It’s always presented with the simplistic mantra, “for the greater good.”  The ‘powers that be’ rarely, if ever, discuss the downsides, or the fact once the genie is out of the bottle it’s virtually impossible to put it back in. Few discuss ethics.  Few know that algorithms are being used against people – even to take away children from their parents.  Imagine whittling the complexities of Lyme/MSIDS down to an algorithm and then making major decisions based upon this.

I recently posted an article on releasing GMO mice on Nantucket in effort to eradicate Lyme disease as well as the recent GMO mosquito release, also to supposedly eradicate disease, but similarly to the COVID injections, nobody has a clue about downstream future effects, and I assure you, ZERO connections are being made between these efforts and any negative health or environmental consequences. In fact, dissenters are shouted down, censored, and bannedand it’s only getting worse.

For more:

    • Please read this article on how Gates has been buying the controlling interest in the WHO for over a decade through the Gates Foundation, as well as other organizations and enterprises he funds. As an unelected official, he has been influencing public health policy for decades. Fauci (NIAID), Collins (NIH), and Birx (doctor on the White House Coronavirus Task Force under Trump & sits on the Board of The Global Fund) have financial ties to Gates as well as Moderna, a COVID “vaccine” manufacturer.  The conflicts of interest between Gates and our public health ‘authorities’ is astounding.
    • Newsweek reported:  Bill Gates made a dry joke about tracking people using COVID vaccines while giving a talk about pandemic prevention.
  •  The CDC has a “plan to strengthen the health surveillance infrastructure” it relies upon.  Key points of the initiative:
    • unify public health data systems at the state and federal levels
    • “help” states hire staff to work on data collection & analysis (using $3 BILLION CDC funds)
    • create a “Travelocity”-like system where a “cloud-based” framework would allow staff to quickly analyze data and understand what is happening in real-time.
    • It is clearly evident that the CDC wants to monopolize data.  Do we really want the CDC to have even MORE data, power, and authority when it has bungled nearly every single thing it has touched? This centralized data could then easily be used by the WHO, the WEF, or any other globalist group that wants to tyrannically rule the world.
    • According to an article written last year, the U.S. is on course to become a ‘digital dictatorship’ under a proposed biomedical research agency. This agency would merge national security with public health, a perfect formula for a dangerous agenda that would destroy medical freedom as we know it.
    • This agency would “use both physical and mental health ‘warning signs’ to prevent outbreaks of disease or violence before they occur. Such a system is a recipe for a technocratic ‘pre-crime’ organization with the potential to criminalize both mental and physical illness as well as ‘wrongthink.’”
    • This article proves the political interference at HHS as well as the fact governments are working in lockstep to bring in digital I.D.s & a social credit system.
The CDC already rules both research and the medical profession with an iron fist and medical freedom is increasingly under fire.
All of this sounds like a perfect prelude to global “vaccine” passports.
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