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Dr. Richard M. Fleming: “COVID-19 is a biological weapon”. Nederlands interview

Dr. Richard M. Fleming – PhD, MD, JD.

I think it is time the FDA and CDC do their job instead of giving it lip-service.” Dr. Richard Flemming

COVID injection DANGER: Pfizer jab causes blood clots under microscope

“Add the Pfizer vaccine and the red blood cells lose their oxygen carrying capacity and the red blood cells start to clot... This is exactly what we are seeing with the VAERS reporting. This is exactly what we are seeing with neurologic harm, with cardiac harm, with blood clots occurring in the body. This is proof positive that these vaccines cause this type of damage under the microscope just by simply being added to the blood of a human being… ~ Dr. Richard Fleming

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Dr. Mike Yeadon Concludes Respiratory Viruses DO NOT Exist

Aug. 3, 2022

“I realized, over time, I could no longer maintain my understanding of respiratory viruses as I thought I knew them. And then I learned a new bit of information recently, and it just collapsed the possibility that respiratory viruses as described exist at all. They don’t.” ~ Dr. Yeadon

Yeadon admits people are ill, but that we don’t know what causes these cold/flu-like illnesses.

Go here for “Diving Deep on Terrain Theory” with Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Tom Cowan

  • On this episode, the two men who need no introduction walk us through the purpose and of antibodies, antibody dependent enhancement, genomic sequencing of viruses, and other terrain related topics. If you haven’t already explored the other episodes regarding virus isolation (specifically episodes 1, 9, and 14).

Go here for “Statement on Virus Isolation” with Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell.

This is the last part of Ep. 212 leading up to and including the Statement on Virus Isolation that puts the record straight.  Statement-of-Virus-Isolation-SOVI-by-Morell-Cowan-and-Kaufman

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COVID testing is not validated, does not differentiate, can not identify variants, and is not authorized to show contagiousness, so proof remains illusive.

Go here for an excellent article on the history of the PCR test (never intended to diagnose patients), and the virus isolation/purification issue.  Understanding the mismanagement of testing and “viruses” is paramount for today.

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