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60 Minutes: 1979 Swine Flu investigation has uncanny resemblances to COVID 2020-21
February 26, 2020

NEW YORK — “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Those powerful words were first written in the 1905 George Santayana book “Reason in Common Sense.” Winston Churchill changed it a bit in a 1948 House of Commons speech: “those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Unfortunately neither version resonated with most Americans and others around the globe.

Once upon a time in the United States of America, a noble profession called “journalism” existed. Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite inspired a generation of young, ambitious journalists in the 1970s. Mike Wallace was one of their contemporaries. He was a 21-time Emmy Award winner for his work on the long-running CBS new magazine show 60 Minutes.

Millions of Americans watched the 60 Minutes broadcast on Sunday, November 4, 1979. Only about 20% of U.S. households had cable television at the time. Thus most only had five or six channels to choose from. Despite the large audience and powerful reporting, this episode was forgotten and buried. That is until now.  (See link for video and article)



Please watch this “must see” 60 Minutes episode about the Swine Flu ‘epidemic’ that wasn’t.  The events are uncannily similar to the COVID ‘pandemic’ that isn’t.  Brazen scare-tactics have been used in both cases with a push to get the “vaccine,” at all costs.  If you are unfamiliar with the Swine Flu hoax, start by reading this:

In 2009 the CDC claimed there were thousands of Swine Flu cases in the US., but secretly, they had stopped counting.

CBS investigative reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, discovered through the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) that hardly any of the Swine Flu cases was Swine Flu, or any flu at all.  After her  findings were published on the CBS News website, the CDC doubled down by stating 22 million came down with H1N1 swine flu by Oct. 17 [2009].

In truth, one month before the H1N1 “pandemic,” the WHO declared H1N1 a Level-6 “pandemic” based on 20 cases.  It also changed the definition of “Level-6 Pandemic” so that severe destruction and widespread human death were no longer required. The origins of H1N1 were found in an industrial pig farm in Mexico where there was pig feces all over the property.  When workers became ill, unknown chemicals were sprayed causing more workers to become ill. People were diagnosed similarly to how people are being diagnosed with COVID – by either eyeballing sick people with ‘flu symptoms’” and automatically claiming Swine Flu was the cause, OR by PCR.  Recently, COVID is down 62% due to lowering the cycles used for the PCR test. The CDC has also stopped counting seasonal flu.  Now, everything is labeled COVID. Hospitals were given money to label deaths as caused by COVID. CDC death statistics are not reliable in making public health decisions.

The experimental, fast-tracked mRNA injections, which aren’t vaccines are being given the credit, yet are causing thousands of adverse reactions and deaths.  Those damaged, often within hours or days, are nearly all told it can not be due to the injection. Many are also testing positive and becoming sick after the injection.  

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The CDC’s been lying about flu statistics for decades as well:


Only about 15-20 per cent of people who come down with flu-like symptoms have the influenza virus — the other 80-85 per cent actually caught rhinovirus or other germs that are indistinguishable from the true flu without laboratory tests, which are rarely done.

In 2001, a year in which death certificates listed 257 Americans as having died of flu, only 18 were positively identified as true flus. The other 239 were simply assumed to be flus and most likely had few true flus among them.

How does the CDC overestimate the number of flu deaths?  The CDC accomplishes this by reporting a combined pneumonia and influenza death rate.  Every time I try to analyze this data, I know I will have to spend at least an hour searching for the true number who died from influenza because the CDC tries to hide that data.

Why does the CDC do this?  The answer is easy:  The more people that receive the flu vaccine, the more money the CDC makes.  You see, the CDC holds patents on many vaccines including the flu vaccine. (1)

Perhaps I could tolerate the CDC combining pneumonia with flu deaths IF the flu vaccine prevented both.  However, the flu vaccine has never been shown to have any impact on the number of deaths from pneumonia.

In fact, for the vast majority who receive it, the flu vaccine has little impact on preventing the flu, but I digress. –  Dr. David Brownstein

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