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Fringe? Tens of Thousands of Scientists and Doctors Signed Declaration to Handle COVID-19 Differently than It Was

By B.N. Frank

Over the past 2+ years, government and medical agencies worldwide have spent countless hours studying COVID-19 and its variants.  All along, there have been differing opinions on how to prevent and reduce its spread.  This led to some scientists becoming targets of what one of them describes as an “organized propaganda campaign.”

From Full Measure:

Science Wars

By Full Measure Staff Sunday, April 10th 2022

Today we begin with a fundamental shift that’s happening in American science. Over the centuries, scientific debate was usually considered invaluable in order for scientific advancements to take place. But an information war launched by public health officials during the Covid pandemic has made many ask whether that longstanding dynamic is still possible.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya: I think we’re in a very, very bad state. We’re going to need to have a very honest look at the problems in this pandemic, almost like a 9/11 style commission.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya says he never imagined he’d find himself at the center of a firestorm during the Covid pandemic. A professor at the Stanford School of Medicine, he’s a medical doctor with a PhD in economics. The story of how he went from respected mainstream academic to the focus of an organized smear by top public health officials begins about six months after the national Covid lockdown began.

Bhattacharya and two colleagues published a policy statement named for the town where they signed it: Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Bhattacharya (UnHerd video): It’s an informed freedom as opposed to this perception that everyone faces equal risk, which is not true.

Sharyl: What is the Great Barrington Declaration, the idea behind it and what happened with that? (See link for article and video)



  • Tens of thousands of scientists and doctors have signed TGBD as well as 950,000 regular folks.
  • Big Tech & mainstream media has suppressed it.
  • TGBD is the same plan that was followed for decades for previous respiratory pandemics.
  • NIH Collins accused the authors of being “fringe epidemiologists” and then asked for a “devastating published take down” of it.  Collins and Fauci then turned to online media to discredit the scientists. (They’ve repeatedly used this tactic throughout COVID madness)
  • Collins and Fauci conspired with mainstream media and HHS has paid $1 BILLION to push COVID shots, and local, national media also paying MILLIONS to push COVID shots.
  • Lawmakers are also questioning the FBI’s and CIA’s sweeping powers and how they have infiltrated and planted news stories in the media.
  • Scientific data and evidence supports TGBD, as lockdowns were unnecessary, utterly failed and actually took an unprecidented toll on the public in terms of physical & mental health, economic and educational losses.
  • The logical conclusion of “zero COVID” is being played out in China right now. Children are separated from parents and pets are being exterminated. Sweden; however, didn’t lock down and remains a model for the rest of the world.
  • The authors have had federal grant money withdrawn by Collins’ and Fauci’s agencies showing clearly the conflicts of interest in science.
  • Reforms in public health are desperately needed.  Government can not suppress debate and discussion, and employ propaganda techniques like Big Tech and Mainstream media to attack dissenting scientists.
  • A firewall is needed between public health officials who make policy decisions and scientific funding.

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