In case all of this seems a bit over the top, or unbelievable to you, please watch this creepy video on Digital Vax Certificates which attempts to over-ride serious privacy concerns with convenience, and also please read this article titled: “Big Banks team up with feds to test digital dollar pilot program amid FTX cryptocurrency scandal.”  This technology will usurp freedom as we know it.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is partnering with numerous global financial giants to launch a 12-week digital dollar pilot program, just as the FTX cryptocurrency scandal shakes consumer confidence in digital currency.  What perfect timing.  Remember: “never let a crisis go to waste.”

And leaders of the Group of 20 (G20) have issued a joint declaration promoting a global standard on proof of “vaccination” for international travel and call for the establishment of a WHO-standarized global “vaccine” passport and “digital health” identity scheme.  Another globalist group that believes it knows what is best and is devoid of the U.S. Constitution.

http://  Approx. 10 Min

Nov. 18, 2022

Greasing the Wheels for a WHO – Global Health passport

https://stichtingvaccinvrij.nl/must-see-de-cbdc-nachtmerrie-video-hoe-leven-zonder-contant-geld-eruit-kan-gaan-zien/  Video Here (Approx. 15 Min)

Excellent video comparing cash vs Central Bank Digital Currency.

Digital transactions are not anonymous but are Centralized in real-time as they happen.  They are monitored and controlled by ‘the powers that be.’ The government can control your spending and transactions.  Governments are using inflation as a reason to switch from cash to digital.  This is happening in the UK right now and coming to a town near you soon.


How globalists & governments push digital ID through climate, COVID, cybersecurity & CBDC

The lengths to which public and private entities will go to in justifying their digital identity rollouts are seemingly never ending: perspective
Oct. 13, 2022

Unelected globalists and governments alike are pushing digital identity schemes through multiple entry points including climate, COVID, cybersecurity, and CBDC.

These digital ID entry points include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital ID for Climate: To track individual carbon footprints and prove climate refugee statuses
  • Digital ID for COVID: To mandate vaccines passports leading to mass compliance while providing the digital framework
  • Digital ID for CBDC: To adopt identity verified solutions in order to eliminate anonymity and record every transaction
  • Digital ID for Cybersecurity: To exploit cyberattacks as a means to kickstart national identity systems and to create a passport to the metaverse
  • Digital ID for Convenience: To create an all encompassing, interoperable framework in order to enable all life situations

digital identity encompasses everything that makes you unique in the digital realm, and it is a system that can consolidate all of your most personal intimate data, including which websites you visit, your online purchases, health records, financial accounts, and who you’re friends with on social media.

It can be used to determine what products, services, and information are available to you, and it can certainly be used by public and private entities to deny you that access.

Here’s a further look at some of the many ways in which governments and unelected globalists are pushing the digital identity agenda.

“This digital identity determines what products, services and information we can access – or, conversely, what is closed off to us” — World Economic Forum

Source, World Economic Forum

From Carbon Trackers to Refugees: Using Climate as a Catalyst for Digital ID

At WEF 2022 in Davos, Alibaba Group president J. Michael Evans announced that the platform would rollout an individual carbon footprint tracker, along with a SaaS application for businesses to track their carbon footprints for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) purposes.

The carbon footprint tracker looks to operate similarly to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) social credit system by rewarding people who “do the right thing” while punishing those who “do the wrong thing.”

“Individual carbon footprint tracker, stay tuned! We don’t have it operational yet, but this is something we’re working on” — J. Michael Evans, President of Alibaba Group, WEF 2022

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Stanley Johnson, Boris Johnson’s Dad Just Let Something Slip on GBN

“And if that means actually if some of us are told, ‘well you can’t go on a plane’ that’s fine, that’s part of the national plan. ~ Stanley Johnson


Similarly to how hospitals are currently being bribed, I mean ‘incentivized,” to only use government-approved COVID treatments, people will be “incentivized” to do the “right thing” according to unelected globalists who believe they know what’s best, and you’re too stupid to make your own decisions.  A perfect example of this is already happening in China where a social credit system is being used with social media to track “likes” on “harmful” content.  This harmful content, of course, is anything that disagrees with the government narrative.  Please remember, many of our government officials want to emulate China in every way.  They truly believe a top down dictatorship is best.

Of course the “climate change” narrative is being used for this purpose and those who do not agree will be belittled, bullied, and threatened just like those opposing the global experiment using mRNA gene-therapy shots that our own government has a vested interest in.

COVID is also an excuse to roll out “vaccine” passportsa form of digital ID.  This handy device will conveniently accumulate all your medical and personal data in one place which the government and all-knowing globalists will have access to – as well as hackers.  COVID passport mandates have fueled authoritarian social credit systems through digital identity schemes, and as a result, citizens all over the world have begun to rise up.

Vaccine passports laid the foundation for widespread digital identity adoption.
Digital identity schemes are now laying the foundation for a global system of social credit tied to financial institutions.

Regarding Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) will have to be “identity verified” and not anonymous.

“In terms of anonymity, there would not be complete anonymity as there is with bank notes, for instance, but there would be a limited level of disclosure and certainly not at the central bank level.” ~ European Central Bank president Christine Lagarde

In the absence of complete anonymity, a digital identity system would need to be in place.

This digital identity would draw on “information from national registries and from other public and private sources, such as education certificates, tax and benefits records, property registries, etc.”

CBDC linked with digital ID could allow governments and corporations to put permissions on what you can buy with your own money, including expiration dates on when you can spend it.  A WEF Agenda blog post from September, 2017 lists the “gradual obsolescence of paper currency” as being “characteristic of a well-designed CBDC.”  The Australian government is fully behind digital identity and used cyberattacks to kick-start the rollout of a national identity system.  Cybersecurity is yet another excuse for which  which governments and unelected globalists are pushing for digital identity schemes.

Another popular excuse is convenience.  People are demanding digital, online services – forcing them to trust technology.

Frightening quotes:

“Our goal is to enable all life situations with this digital ID” — Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Minister of Digital Transformation

Ultimately, digital identity schemes can give governments and corporations the power to manipulate, coerce, or incentivize changes in human behavior while eliminating individual agency, autonomy, and anonymity under a system of social credit.

For some hope:

Dear Tyrants, You’re Losing

Nov. 8, 2022

Awake with JP

For anyone paying any attention at all, the COVID shots are ineffective, cause ADE, and are dangerous.
Yet, the band plays on…..
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