November 19, 2021

By Alicia Cashman, MS

Rewind to the 80’s when Congressman Berkley Bedell was bitten by a tick while fishing in Virginia.  He had to ask another Congressman who happened to be a doctor to take a look at a strange rash on his leg.  Bedell thought he’d gotten poison ivy, but the doctor said it looked like a tick bite which sometimes leaves a rash in the shape of a bull’s eye.

Bedell was diagnosed with Lyme disease and took three doses of antibiotics and would feel a little better but then would be right back where he started.  He still felt achy and extremely tired.  His heart was giving him issues too. Unable to keep up with the demands of his job in politics he quit.

His symptoms worsened.

A constituent told him about Herb Sanders in Minnesota.  A farmer by trade, Sanders borrowed a veterinary medicine concept using colostrum from a cow to treat human disease.  Sanders had also felt the effects of Lyme acutely when he lost a herd to it.  Many don’t know that animals like cows and horses are acutely affected by Lyme and can go blind, lame, have still births, and even die from it.  This concept appears to be entirely lost on mainstream medicine and researchers who deal with humans.

The medicine is made by injecting killed Lyme disease (Borrelia burgdorferi) germs into the udder of a pregnant cow.  After birth, the whey from the colostrum is given to the patient.  Bedell was told to take a tablespoon every hour and a half during the day.  It wasn’t long and Bedell’s symptoms completely disappeared, never to return.  Others reported similar success for numerous diseases.

Sanders trouble; however, was just beginning.  He was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals, fraud, and practicing medicine without a license.  He had no money for an attorney so Bedell helped him out.  Interestingly, when the attorney went to interview expert witnesses, the prosecuting attorney attended as well and learned of the great success many had using this treatment.

Days before the trial all charges were dropped except for practicing medicine without a license.  Sanders refused to pay the fine so the trial lingered on resulting in a hung jury which led to a second trial, which also resulted in a hung jury.  Finally the state gave up.

The old farmer eventually died, but the experience made a lasting impression on the former Congressman who got help from a Senator to establish an office of alternative medicine at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The new group, founded in 1988,  was called the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine, which has since been renamed The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.  Its goal was to send researchers out into the field to determine the success of alternative clinics and practitioners, and to set up trials to confirm or refute the findings.  Interestingly, the NIH officials insisted on working through research universities.  This is most unfortunate as there is major corruption and regulatory capture between Big Pharma, NIH, and Universities – with all owning patents on nearly every aspect of disease.  A lot of money is gained, making impartiality a complete myth.

One of the things the group studied while Bedell was involved was electromagnetics and applying frequencies to the body.  This technology, originally created by Raymond Rife, also has a lurid backstory.  In short, Rife successfully treated cancer in over 400 experimental rats and other animals in his laboratory and then treated 27 people with terminal cancer with all but one, a very advanced case, recovering.  Then another sixteen were treated, and within three months, fourteen were declared cured by a team of five medical doctors and a pathologist. Again, the two that succumbed had advanced stages of cancer.   While initially celebrated with dinner parties as a hero, others without using the powerful microscope he created and his carefully developed protocols, weren’t able to replicate his results so they labeled him a fraud.  U.S. medical authorities put him on trial which caused Rife to suffer a complete breakdown.  He became an alcoholic and died of a heart attack in 1971 at age 83.  Source

Bedell had a hard time believing that medicine doesn’t look at what others are doing to find out what they can learn.  He obviously doesn’t understand:

  • the sordid backstory of the AMA which was founded by fraudsters who weren’t even trained in medicine and who were only interested in monopolizing medicine – which has continued to this day
  • the AMA was found guilty of colluding against the chiropractic profession, and continually come after homeopathy, and anything else deemed a threat
  • the AMA has currently turned to attacking doctors who dare to treat COVID-19 with anything but the accepted “consensus” based treatments – mainly remdesivir, also known as the deadly “Fauci protocol“, and the COVID injections which aren’t even vaccines, as they don’t stop transmission or infection, and have caused more adverse events than for all 70+ vaccines combined since they started tracking adverse events 30 years ago, and are also causing the pandemic to drag out
  • the AMA instructs doctors to deceive patients
  • the AMA coerces doctors through fear-tactics
  • the AMA pushes “consensus” based medicine based solely upon the ABEM board, disregarding a doctor’s personal choice, experience, and knowledge
  • the AMA perpetuates a dangerous arrogance best explained in an article written by a AMA Kool-aid drinking doctor for Medpage titled, “How Do We Handle Compassion Fatigue Toward the Unvaccinated? — Healthcare workers are facing a conundrum … caring for those who won’t care for themselves”.  This powerful testimony by a molecular biologist explains that highly educated people and blacks are often the ones forgoing the COVID injections because they are all “based on faulty assumptions.” These groups don’t trust the government and are vividly aware of the numerous problems with the injections which aren’t vaccines, including the unacceptable adverse reactions including death
  • While ‘the powers that be’ accused a farmer of cruelty to animals, Dr. Fauci, head of NIAID for 7 presidencies has been funding cruel and inhuman experiments for decades – and not just on animals. He funded HIV research that force fed healthy children via feeding tubes, dangerous, toxic, chemotherapy drugs.  There seems to be a glaring double-standard
  • It’s not about health, it’s about maintaining power over others, and the AMA will do anything to keep it

Bedell also states that he doesn’t dislike traditional medicine, and that they are doing the best they can with what they have, but he has some ‘real questions about the Food and Drug Administration and the pharmaceutical drug industry.‘  BINGO!  The FDA and Big Pharma have a lot to answer for, as well as power-hungry groups who seemingly attack anything they don’t understand or threatens their vested interests.

Fast forward to today.

Not much has changed in Lyme-land in the few decades that have passed, and medicine still doesn’t look at what others are doing to find out what they can learn. The potential Lyme cure was lost under a few inches of dust with only crazy gray-hairs like me digging it out of the archives. I had the privilege of speaking to a long-time Lyme sufferer who actually took the colostrum treatment and knew Sanders personally.  She called him a “genius.”

Geniuses like Raymond Rife and Herb Sanders help the few they can while they can, until the bullies show up.
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