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March 12, 2023

How the WEF Makes Total Control Appealing!

An anonymous group within the WEF contacted The Guardian with concerns that founder, 82 year old Klaus Schwab, aka “Mr. Davos” is a ‘law unto himself,’ who has surrounded himself with “nobodies” incapable of running the organization.  Klaus’s $6K startup is now a $390-million-a-year business hell-bent on acquiring divine powers, hacking humans, using sound waves for mind control, ending free-will, infiltrating and destroying democratically controlled governments and infiltrating cabinets, depopulating the earth, recalibrating free speech, and most importantly, emulating their beloved China.  Source

The posts, shared with the Guardian, said: “There isn’t much of a future for the WEF beyond Klaus not just because there isn’t a clear successor but also because his managing board is such a viper’s nest that senior leadership will be at each other’s throats the moment the old man pops off.

As I’ve stated before, evil ends up eating its own eventually.

But are you ready for “brain transparency?”

Duke University researcher and self-described “futurist” Nita Farahany predicts that healthy adults will use implanted technology to collect data from their brain for insight and convenience.  This would include uploading private thoughts onto a server.  This brain tech can decode your passwords to you don’t have to remember them as well as interact with technology instead of using a mouse.  She also advocates for “cognitive ergonomics” in the workplace by making sure work is “comfortable for your brain by letting us in there.”  Go here to watch a short excerpt of the movie “Demolition Man” to see this “brain transparency” in action.


“Greenhouse gasses trapping as much heat as “600,000 Hiroshima class atomic bombs every single day on Earth.” ~ Al Gore

More and more climate experts are speaking out about the climate propaganda and science shows there’s no climate emergency.  Man’s interventions; however, are toxic to the environment and humans, are ineffective, and are costly.

Climate theatre; however, continues.

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WEF Bemoan “Vaccine” Debate

You may be asking yourself what Davos has to do with Lyme/MSIDS.  EverythingPlease read this article, “How Medical Technocracy Made the Plandemic Possible.” Censoring and manipulation of medical information is part and parcel of the social engineering part of this system.  The propaganda has worked as Millennials now believe that 2% of their generation will die from COVID despite the fact that based on deaths per capita, the global average death rate for COVID-19 is 0.009%, which means the average person’s chance of survival is 99.991%.

According to a large study, ignored by mainstream media, countless opinion polls have been looked at to determine if what is being legislated is truly the will of the voters and found that the US is not a democracy but an oligarchy in which a powerful few are making the decisions.  This is clearly seen with Lyme/MSIDS as global research, independent doctors, researchers, and even patients have been completely ignored and gaslit for decades.

“In reality, the American state is just the shell for a conglomerate of giant corporations that rule the country and seek to dominate the world. For the transnational corporations, even US presidents are just extras who, like Trump, can be silenced.”  Source

This article also explains in great detail the ongoing history behind the fallacious nature of “democracy.”

The worry in Davos: Globalization is under siege

A record number of government and business leaders gather in Davos for the annual WEF meeting, with Ukraine and a global recession at the top of the agenda. (Video: Reuters)

DAVOS, Switzerland — A decade ago, political power brokers and corporate bigwigs gathered here in the Swiss Alps under an upbeat theme. It was a time for “resilient dynamism,” declared the organizers of the 2013 meeting of the World Economic Forum. After the travails of the global financial crisis, they explained, the world was now in a “post-crisis” stage. It was incumbent on the elites convened at Davos to usher in further reforms in the service of economic “sustainability” and “competitiveness,” perennial WEF watchwords that tap into the liberal dogma that long underlay its proceedings, where the desire to do good need not interfere with profit margins.  (See link for article)




Escort Agencies Booked Solid for Davos Forum

Sexual Harassment by Wealthy Men at WEF is “So Common” That Female Guests Are Advised Not to Attend Events Alone, An Austrian Outlet Has Reported




The Swiss escort agencies near Davos are already fully booked ahead of this year’s World Economic Forum, the elite gathering that brings together heads of state, corporate executives, and influential non-profiteers, Austrian outlet Exxpress reported on Sunday, citing a missive purportedly sent from one such agency.

Sex workers also await in hotels and bars frequented by guests, according to a 2020 report from the Times UK, and women – even if they are accredited WEF attendees – are “routinely harassed” by the men who dominate the conclave. Indeed, the event began warning women that year not to go out alone after dark, “because if something happens with some big CEO, who is going to be believed? You or them?  Video Here (Approx 2 Min)

WEF Davos Attendees Focus on Cost of Living

This year’s focus:

  • The cost of living crisis yet last year over 1,000 private jets were used to fly attendees in
  • “combating misinformation”
  • promoting “public-private partnerships”
  • “green” politics
  • buzzwords such as “DEI,” “resiliency” and “sustainability,” “health security”
  • continued digitization via the metaverse and “smart” technologies
  • Charles Schwab opines on the importance of ‘mastering the future’
  • USA climate envoy John Kerry, speaking at this year’s meeting, said, “We are a select group of human beings” who “sit in a room and come together and actually talk about saving the planet.”

Referencing the significant number of journalists participating as panelists and speakers, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., chairman and chief litigation counsel for Children’s Health Defense, said:

“The American press makes its annual pilgrimage to genuflect to Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and get its marching orders from the billionaires.”

In a blog post, investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel noted that the WEF appears to be “playing defense” in response to the “major headwinds” its “extremist agenda” faces, by claiming that it is the victim of “disinformation campaigns.”

Go here for a run-down of all the happenings in Davos.
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