Immunity to the Coronavirus May Persist for Years, Scientists Find

Important immune cells survive in the bone marrow of people who were infected with the virus or were inoculated against it, new research suggests.
The studies may soothe fears that immunity to the virus is transient, as is the case with coronaviruses that cause common colds.
Credit…Christopher Capozziello for The New York Times

Immunity to the coronavirus lasts at least a year, possibly a lifetime, improving over time especially after vaccination, according to two new studies. The findings may help put to rest lingering fears that protection against the virus will be short-lived.

Together, the studies suggest that most people who have recovered from Covid-19 and who were later immunized will not need boosters. Vaccinated people who were never infected most likely will need the shots, however, as will a minority who were infected but did not produce a robust immune response.

Both reports looked at people who had been exposed to the coronavirus about a year earlier. Cells that retain a memory of the virus persist in the bone marrow and may churn out antibodies whenever needed, according to one of the studies, published on Monday in the journal Nature.

The other study, posted online at BioRxiv, a site for biology research, found that these so-called memory B cells continue to mature and strengthen for at least 12 months after the initial infection.

“The papers are consistent with the growing body of literature that suggests that immunity elicited by infection and vaccination for SARS-CoV-2 appears to be long-lived,” said Scott Hensley, an immunologist at the University of Pennsylvania who was not involved in the research.  (See link for article)



A few points:

  • According to Dr. Peter McCullough as well as history, you can’t beat “natural” immunity. (Getting the virus naturally).  He also states you can not improve natural immunity with “vaccines”. Recently a Johns Hopkins professors states to “ignore the CDC” due to their refusal to recognize natural immunity from previous infection. The WHO also recently changed the definition of herd immunity to now only come from vaccines, essentially rewriting hundreds of years of scientific understanding.
  • There is ample evidence that those who have already had COVID should NOT get “vaccinated.” Dr. Hooman Noorchashm has repeatedly warned the FDA that “clear and present danger” exists for those who have had COVID-19 and subsequently get vaccinated due to viral antigens that remain in the body after a person is naturally infected; the immune response reactivated by the COVID-19 vaccine may trigger inflammation in tissues where the viral antigens exist. An international survey of 2,002 people found that people who had previously had COVID-19 experienced “significantly increased incidence and severity” of side effects after the COVID-19 vaccine
  • It’s important to remember that COVID injections are part of a grand experiment where final data is unknown. These are experimental, fast-tracked injections that have not undergone rigorous testing.
  • There are many reported deaths and severe adverse reactions after obtaining the injections.
  • There are many reported “break-through” cases of COVID after being fully “vaccinated,” demonstrating the injections do not stop you from becoming ill, or from dying. Public health ‘authorities’ are downplaying this, yet have counted at least 10,000 such cases. The true number is likely to be much higher. The CDC has even changed testing criteria for the “vaccinated” and is now only counting hospitalized cases, further lowering reported numbers.
  • They make a distinction that those who have not had COVID may need future booster shots.  The question begging to be asked is why get “vaccinated” at all when “natural” immunity is more complete?  Further, the Washington University study clearly demonstrates what has taken place in reality: the majority who get COVID have mild cases.
  • Also, falling antibody levels after infection is completely normal and does not signal waning immunity, because B cells remain in bone marrow, ready to mobilize when needed . A landmark 2007 study showed antibodies in theory, “could survive decades – perhaps well beyond the average life span – hinting at the long-term presence of memory B Cells.”
  • The same study found out of 19 patients, 15 had detectable memory B cells, but because FOUR didn’t they are suggesting “vaccination,” for all after infection. The immune system is complex. To suggest “vaccinating” the entire world based on the results of FOUR people is unfounded and reeks of bias.
  • The study found the number of memory B cells remained stable over time.
  • They make an example out of a Kentucky Senator (who happens to be a MD) who stated he would not get the COVID “vaccine” because he had already been infected and was immune. The authors state there is no such guarantee that this immunity will be powerful enough.  Imagine, again, someone stating this for Chicken Pox.  It isn’t done.  If COVID-19, which has never been completely purified and isolated, is more like the flu, then we need to have a serious discussion about the fact the flu vaccine, depending upon the year, has an effectiveness from 10%-43%.  The flu vaccine, similarly to the COVID shots, does not prevent the spread of the flu, does not reduce demands upon hospitals, does not reduce death, and increases risk of contracting non-flu respiratory illness by 65%. Source  The flu vaccine increases Coronavirus infection risk by 36%. Source
  • It’s obvious that the goal of this article is to push “vaccination” upon those who have already have COVID.   Even vaccine experts are giving stern warnings.  It’s interesting to note that only half of NIH employees have gotten the jab.

Important quote:

The experts all agreed that immunity is likely to play out very differently in people who have never had Covid-19. Fighting a live virus is different from responding to a single viral protein introduced by a vaccine.

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