**UPDATE Feb. 2023**

A meta-analysis on 78 studies by Cochrane determined masks probably make little to no difference in the outcome of influenza-like illnesses like COVID.  The analysis also reported:  “Harms were rarely measured and poorly reported.”  

https://twitter.com/dchomecoming/status/1606698637354045441?s=20&t=DsM-qP2pPvBY-17Zvd_uHATop  Video Here

White House Covid Advisor, Dr. Jha, finally admits on a recent zoom call that there’s:

“no study in the world that shows that masks work that well.”

Yet, despite a meta analysis and the admission by the White House COVID adviser, the CDC is the ONLY national or international public health agency that recommends masking two year old children.  Listen to CDC Director Rochelle Walensky ramble on and on with pure & utter nonsense.  In this important video, Dr. Prasad reads a statement from CDC director Rochelle Walensky and then states the following:

“She’s just making things up.  She’s good at making things up. She made up the fact that there’s credible data that we should mask kids between 2 and 5 even though UNICEF and the WHO said not to do that. She made that up.  She makes up lots of things, because she doesn’t actually use science to guide decision making, she just likes to make things up.” ~ Dr. Vinay Prasad  

https://rumble.com/v1ekqzz-masks-again-heres-what-current-science-says-about-mask-efficacy..html  Video Here (Approx. 16 Min)

Masks Again?! Here’s What Current Science Says About Mask Efficacy.

Dr. Champion PhD discusses the recent push to reinstitute mask mandates and shares with you the current state of science on the effectiveness, or lack thereof, concerning masks. Be prepared with the facts!  Dave also shares how sharing the science behind the question of mask efficacy was a significant element leading to YouTube shutting down his channel.

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Presentation showing what happened in various states with mask mandates in place.  https://rumble.com/vh7k79-why-pro-maskers-are-science-deniers.html

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Enough with the masks already

By John Howard Roark

Read this hilarious account of how alpacas did their own searching and cataloging of all the mask studies.


  • the alpacas looked for randomized controlled trials – you know, the way we normally evaluate medical interventions
  • the alpacas found 18 (RCTs) on masks between 2008 and 2019, which is 18 more than Todd the CDC Intern managed to find when he compiled the CDC web page about masks
  • the article provides a quick summary of each one – with references and links at the end
  • Conclusion:  Since the CDC clearly can’t read, the alpacas ask if someone could please transmit this information verbally to them.  For the 18 studies, we have:
    • 9 with no statistically significant benefit of masks
    • 4 with no unmasked control
    • 0 with a positive result vs. unmasked control
    • 2 with a negative result vs. unmasked control
    • 3 with “may help” vs. unmasked control (but not a statistically significant result)

    Of the 14 studies with a “no mask” control, 9 showed no benefit, 3 showed weak evidence of benefit, and 2 showed strong evidence of harm.

    The evidence that masks can be harmful is at least as strong as the evidence they may help.

    None of this justifies forcing anyone to do anything.

Article excerpts:

And now the dirty little secret no one talks about
 A lot of studies look for lab confirmed influenza because it’s a common virus and people get infected with it every flu season. Some of the studies also use one or more clinical definitions of influenza, meaning they have doctors diagnose people for illness (defined as fever plus symptoms).

Here is the point of this whole post

In several studies, the rate of diagnosed illness is higher in the mask group even though the lab confirmed influenza isn’t. These people aren’t faking it – they really have fevers and sore throats, it’s just not from influenza virus. And it’s often a statistically significant result.

But these studies are testing for lab confirmed influenza virus, so they don’t test for other things. The masks made these people sick but we don’t know why. Was it from other viruses? Bacteria? Fungi? Was it from breathing the chemicals in the masks? We don’t know, but we should be concerned.

Based on these studies, we have good reason to think that wearing masks all day will make more people sick.

And that’s the dirty little mask secret no one talks about.


Please also see this short video put out by America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLD) on the ineffectiveness of masks.

http://  Approx. 7 Min

“If we don’t reject masks now, they will be with us forever”

GB News Mark Dolan

Jan. 2023


Mask believers, who have pushed and threatened to pepper-spray those not wearing masks, don’t seem to care that data shows mask usage has virtually no impact on COVID cases, but in fact are dangerous and pose serious health risks.  Fauci, under oath, could not name ONE study that masks work for COVID, and the only reason the CDC supported masking students was after being pressured by the National Education Association (the nation’s largest teachers’ union).  The CDC doesn’t bother with science.  It bases decisions solely upon politics.

Similarly to the useless (negative efficacy) and dangerous COVID gene therapy shot, which don’t stop transmission, infection, severe illness, or even death, zealots simply don’t care.

They just make things up.

These made up things are setting policy and driving social behavior.  We can thank our corrupt public health authorities for spinning hatred and condemnation against those who choose not to get the experimental gene therapy injection, as well as many other illogical, unscientific things that are still being said to this day.

The CDC refuses to fix it’s horribly flawed mask study which is being still being used to set public health policy, and the CDC and the FDA are completely guilty of mis or disinformation, yet are still coming after others who disagree with their fraudulent narrative.

The current administration has been found guilty of colluding with social media companies to suppress freedom of speech under the guise of ‘misinformation,’ and nearly got away with a DHS ‘ministry of truth’ type disinformation board run by ‘Scary Poppins’ until the public gave fierce backlash.  And now the UN is declaring war on “conspiracy theories” and launches a #thinkbeforesharing campaign.  UNESCO has teamed up with Twitter, the European Commission and the World Jewish Congress to launch the campaign.

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