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Seven Conditions Lyme Disease Gets Misdiagnosed As

7 Conditions Lyme Disease Gets Misdiagnosed As


Lyme disease is a notoriously difficult condition to test for, and many doctors aren’t knowledgeable about it, which leads lots of Lyme patients to get misdiagnosed. The misdiagnoses of Lyme range from physical illnesses to psychological ones and often occur because Lyme can affect any organ system in the body in a multitude of ways, leading it to be labeled the “great imitator.”

What further compounds the confusion is that many people don’t notice contracting Lyme. “Infectious nymphal ticks are tiny — poppy seed sized — and tick bites can often go unnoticed. Most people never know they were bitten,” Sunjya K. Schweig, MD, scientific advisor to Bay Area Lyme Foundation, tells Bustle.

“The current ‘gold standard’ diagnostic for Lyme disease misses up to 60 percent of cases of early stage Lyme disease. If caught early, most cases of Lyme disease can be treated, but it is commonly misdiagnosed due to lack of awareness and unreliable diagnostic tests. If not treated promptly, Lyme may progress to a debilitating stage.”

Late-stage Lyme symptoms include paralysis, arthritis, neurological problems, headaches, cognitive impairment, memory problems, hearing and vision problems, inflammation of the brain (meningitis), and inflammation of the heart (carditis or pericarditis), Dr. Schweig says. But when people present with these symptoms, doctors don’t usually think to test for Lyme.

“It is important to recognize that Lyme disease is the most common vector-borne disease in the US, and the diagnosis should always be part of an appropriate differential diagnosis,” Dr. Schweig says. “There are about 329,000 new cases of Lyme disease each year.”

Here are some conditions that Lyme is commonly mistaken for, according to experts.

1. Fibromyalgia

Mladen Zivkovic/Shutterstock

“The symptoms reported by patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia are almost identical to those associated with chronic Lyme disease,” Bill Rawls, MD, an integrative health expert on Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses, tells Bustle. These include joint pain, stiffness, fatigue, and brain fog. It’s unknown what exactly causes fibromyalgia, but Dr. Rawls believes it’s likely that it is usually caused by Lyme and/or other microbes.

2. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Similar to fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome doesn’t have a known cause, and there’s a strong possibility that it is typically caused by Lyme and/or other microbes, according to Dr. Rawls. Fatigue is a hallmark sign of Lyme, and chronic fatigue syndrome is also associated with other Lyme symptoms, like impaired memory and joint pain.

3. Multiple Sclerosis

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Multiple Sclerosis is a central nervous system disease that affects myelin, the substance surrounding nerve fibers, causing symptoms like numbness, weakness, poor coordination, and vision problems. It has been linked to a variety of microbes including Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria known to cause Lyme, as well as chlamydia and the Espstein-Barr virus, Dr. Rawls says.

4. Arthritis

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Lyme can cause pain, swelling, stiffness, and loss of function in the joints — similar symptoms to osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, Timothy J. Sellati, Ph.D., the Global Lyme Alliance’s chief scientific officer, tells Bustle. You can sometimes distinguish these conditions because Lyme is more likely to affect the large joints of the legs and occasionally the wrists, while other types of arthritis are more often in the hands, wrists, shoulders, knees, and feet. But the distinction isn’t always that clear-cut, so they’re often confused.

5. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

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Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a condition involving degeneration of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, leading muscles to atrophy. Its symptoms include muscle twitching and cramps and weakness in the hands, legs, feet, or ankles, Dr. Sellati says, which can also be symptoms of neurological Lyme disease. In fact, research has found that people with ALS are five times as likely to carry Borrelia Burgdorferi as the rest of the population.



One common byproduct of Lyme’s effect on the brain is impaired concentration and memory, which can be confused with disorders like ADHD, Daniel Cameron, MD, MPH, an internist and epidemiologist who specializes in treating Lyme, tells Bustle. The brain fog and sleep disturbances that many people with Lyme experience compounds these issues.

In older people, these symptoms can sometimes be diagnosed as Alzheimer’s disease — and in fact, some research has linked Alzheimer’s to Borrelia burgdorferi. Research has also suggested that lipopeptides, the fatty acids created by Lyme bacteria, could interfere with communication between neurons, which may explain the memory and concentration difficulties.

7. Mental Illness

People with chronic illnesses, especially women, often face the misconception that the root of their symptoms is psychological. This is especially true for Lyme. Lyme can cause a range of mental health symptoms including anxiety, depression, and rage, leading many Lyme patients to be diagnosed with mental illness, Dr. Cameron says.

It’s difficult to tell whether a psychiatric illness is caused by Lyme, but a sudden onset of psychiatric symptoms with no apparent cause, especially in conjunction with a tick bite or other Lyme symptoms, could point toward it.

Dr. Rawls believes anyone diagnosed with the most common Lyme misdiagnoses should look into the possibility that their condition is being caused by Lyme, co-infections, or similar microbes. But treatment doesn’t mean taking a round of antibiotics, which are often ineffective for chronic infections. Most people with Lyme have many different microbes that are very antibiotic-resistant, he explains, so the key is not to go after them in isolation but to strengthen the gut and immune system in order to keep them at bay.

“Restoration of normal immune system functions with natural therapy and suppression of stealth microbes with herbal therapy is often highly effective for restoring a normal state of health in affected individuals,” he says. “This approach is safe, nontoxic, and not dependent on a diagnosis. It should be the foundation for therapy for every one of these chronic illnesses.”



This idea that antibiotics don’t work is a bit premature.  The studies have numerous flaws and have only been on a certain subset of patients.  All I know is I’d more than likely be dead without them (my husband as well), with many other patients stating the same. Whenever you read someone’s opinion on Lyme treatment, always take into account what they are selling.  Dr. Rawls is selling herbs, plain and simple.  It’s a business for him.  Just keep that in mind. While a patient himself, he has a vested interest in getting you to buy his products.

Recently, an article came out stating there’s an “untreatable” form of Lyme.  Read my rebuttal here:

This IS treatable.  It very well may not be curable, but then this is nothing new.  The chicken pox virus isn’t truly curable in that it lies around in our spine – same with EBV.  It’s only when our bodies become weak and out of balance that these things rear their little, ugly heads.  So immune regulation IS important, but never, ever buy the line that antibiotics don’t work for this.  (Of course there’s always exceptions to each and every rule).

Many advocates believe the Newsweek article is part of an orchestrated ploy to sell an upcoming Lyme vaccine.  Authorities refuse to do transmission studies, drug effectiveness studies (on chronic patients), and so many other important issues needing resolution, but they keep coming back to the vaccine issue like buzzards drawn to dead bodies for the simple reason they smell a lot of money and many through the years have patents on the vaccine itself as well as Lyme test kits and other metabolomics: ConflictReport  (Patents start on page 80)  Conflicts of interest abound in every aspect of this.

As to the Lyme vaccine, please, please, do your reading:

Nothing about anything Lyme/MSIDS related has a magic bullet.  If someone says there is a magic bullet, they are selling something, pure and simple.


Is the Sky Truly Going to Fall For Patients With the ‘Untreatable’ Form of Lyme Disease?

Is the Sky Truly Going to Fall For Patients With the ‘Untreatable’ Form of Lyme Disease?


By Alicia Cashman


Recently an article appeared in Newsweek titled,“Untreatable Form of Lyme Disease Could Hit 2 Million Americans By 2020, Scientists Warn”(1). The title of this article is misleading at best and inaccurate at worst and will mislead many to falsely believe that Lyme disease cannot be treated properly.

If you are new to the world of Lyme, please understand there is huge polarity in the medical and research communities on nearly every single aspect of it.  Disagreements on definitions, testing, diagnosis & treatment, and even on an understanding of the very organism itself abound. Thousands, possibly millions of patients are left alone to suffer in the fray with doctors too afraid to even treat them (2).

Lyme disease, around since the beginning of time, was “discovered” over 40 years ago by William Burgdorferi, but since then research has been scant and controlled by a highly vested group of individuals with patents on everything from test kits and vaccines, to other metabolomics (3). There are currently two lawsuits against the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) for the mishandling (4,5). The CDC completely ignores credible animal and foreign studies, continues to fixate on the acute phase, only supports its own research, and is run by what many call, “The Cabal.”

On the opposite end of the pendulum from the CDC and Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) is the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS), a group that despite persecution by state medical boards abiding by the antiquated and unscientific CDC criteria, dare to treat patients appropriately. While the CDC states that 21 days of doxycycline will essentially “cure” Lyme disease at every stage, yet denying that people can be chronically/persistently infected, ILADS states this disease is far more complex and requires many nuances to treatment. Recent research supports their stance.

Just last year, Garg et al. stated in their groundbreaking paper, “Our findings recognize that microbial infections in patients suffering from TBDs (tick borne diseases) do not follow the one microbe, one disease Germ Theory as 65% of the TBD patients produce immune responses to various microbes” (6). This polymicrobial aspect is completely ignored by the CDC/IDSA, yet research has shown patients that are infected with numerous pathogens have more severe disease of longer duration, not to mention the need for different medications for a longer period of time due to the stealthy nature of the pathogens but also due to immune suppression (7).

Garg et al. also highlighted the fact that borrelia is pleomorphic, which simply means that it has the ability to shape-shift when it feels threatened (6). Pleomorphism is also completely denied by the CDC. There are essentially four forms borrelia can take: spirochete, cell wall, non-cell wall (cyst or dormant form), and biofilm (a protective colony). At least two studies to date demonstrate that the CDC’s mono-therapy of doxycycline may actually push borrelia into the non-cell wall/dormant form to reemerge later when conditions are opportune (8,9). This could very well cause or exacerbate brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, ALS, Parkinson’s, and many others (10). Patients have been misdiagnosed with these diseases only to find out much later that they are in fact infected with Lyme and/or the other pathogens that come with it (11). Once they start proper antimicrobial treatment effectively dealing with all the pathogens, these symptoms disappear altogether or improve dramatically.

Drilling this home further, Pathologist Alan MacDonald found borrelia (Lyme) DNA in 7 out of 10 brain specimens in patients who died from Alzheimer’s, and Dr. Klinghardt has gone on record stating that he’s never had a single patient with Alzheimer’s, ALS, Parkinson’s, or MS who didn’t test positive for Lyme (12). 

Most of the quibbling is over patients who remain with symptoms, and despite what the CDC states, there’s a lot of them.

Recently, microbiologist Holly Ahern wrote about this issue of persistent symptoms clearly delineating that the CDC and mainstream researchers have been quoting and utilizing an inaccurate statistic about this important but neglected group (13). She states that the CDC’s usage of 10-20% of patients who remain with symptoms, whom the CDC labels Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS), only includes patients who were diagnosed and treated quickly. It does not and should not include a much larger group who are infected for weeks to years before getting a proper diagnosis and treatment. Research shows this second group to be 30-40% of patients. Simply adding the two groups, reveals that 60% of Lyme patients end up with chronic symptoms. This higher percentage more accurately reflects what I see as a patient advocate. Simple math also shows that if the CDC estimates state that there are over 400,000 new cases of Lyme disease each year (more than double that of breast cancer), that means more than 24,000 will have continuing symptoms. This is per year – mind you.

This crucial issue has been denied by the CDC, and is important not only from the standpoint that 5.8 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s, and dementia deaths have doubled in the last two decades (14), both of which could be caused or exacerbated by Lyme disease and/or the various coinfections that come with it, but because only certain drugs work on the various forms of borrelia as well as these coinfections. In fact, besides potentially pushing the spirochetal form into the cyst form to reemerge later, the CDC mono-therapy of doxycycline only works on two of the four forms (8). The remaining forms necessitate different drugs and potentially a longer treatment time – far longer than days. Bizzarely, my own dog with asymptomatic Lyme disease was treated for months by our veterinarian. 

The other glaring issue is that the falsely skewed low percentages do not accurately reflect the numbers of those suffering with debilitating symptoms, which will automatically place it further down the pipeline of crucial research needing to be done. It’s the proverbial “Catch-22” with sick patients left to cope.

For the Newsweek article to state that this is an “untreatable” form of Lyme is a tad bit early since the CDC doesn’t even recognize pleomorphism, the polymicrobial nature of the disease, and that borrelia can even persist. While researchers, mainly from outside the U.S., have published studies on all these factors, the U.S. sits idly by, only doing yet again more research on the acute phase with faulty study parameters, and the continued CDC stance of using a simplistic mono-therapy that potentially could very well make patients worse-off in the long run. My own experience and that of many, many others is that we wouldn’t be alive today without treatment given by experienced practitioners utilizing judiciously applied and varied long-term antimicrobials.

I must add here that this is a far more herculean issue than it appears at first blush. Due to the CDC guidelines, doctors for decades have been persecuted by State Medical Boards for utilizing anything outside these literal mandates. My own doctor had to pay fifty-thousand dollars in legal fees to keep his practice (15). He’s far from alone. This is happening all over the U.S. as well as in other countries (2), and it’s often insurance companies turning them in.

Recently, I wrote an article about experienced and successful treatment nuances after Dr. Joseph Burrascano created a video for ILADS (16). In it, he not only lays out the sordid and politically motivated details of the history surrounding Lyme disease, but explains his in house studies performed with other health professionals to determine antibiotic efficacy utilizing microscopy. Let’s just say it’s a far cry more complex than 21 days of doxycycline which for the knottiness of Lyme disease and it’s coinfections is akin to throwing sand into the ocean.

While I’m thankful journalists are writing about this very real 21st century plague that has become a true pandemic, I hope they start doing their homework and report the fact this disease has been downplayed, denied, and mishandled for decades. The author of the Newsweek article not only used yellow journalism but erroneously used a picture of an American dog tick/wood tick that while capable of transmitting numerous pathogens, to date does not even transmit Lyme disease. Few journalists are studying the contradictory science and presenting both sides. Most articles read as CDC/IDSA propaganda, and that propaganda is killing people.

With all that is coming out on the seriousness of Lyme disease, the increasingly high infection rates, and the continued suffering of so many, the CDC, NIH, IDSA, and the big-name institutions working with them blithely continue on the same short-sighted road without blinking, while patients are still unable to get a proper diagnoses and treatment (17), and are still being told, “It’s all in your head”(18,19, 20).

The sky is going to fall for those with Lyme disease; however,  if authorities continue to ignore worldwide research and fail to act on discoveries that show this plague is quite outside the box they’ve created for it. The only possible box this fits into is Pandora’s.


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Texas Bill Would Increase Vaccine Safety, Reject Federal Narrative

AUSTIN, Texas (April 8, 2019) – A bill introduced in the Texas Senate would prohibit vaccines from being administered unless certain safety criteria are met. Passage of the bill would significantly strengthen vaccine safety testing requirements and push back against any future federal vaccine mandates.

Sen. Bob Hall (R) introduced Senate Bill 2350 (SB2350) on March 8. The legislation would only permit a health care provider to administer a vaccine if all of the following criteria are met.

  • The study the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) relied upon for approval of the vaccine evaluated the vaccine against a placebo control group or against another vaccine or substance that the FDA approved based upon a placebo-controlled study;
  • The study relied upon by the FCA for approval of the vaccine evaluated the safety of the vaccine for a sufficient time to identify potential autoimmune, neurological, or chronic health conditions that may arise on or after a year from the vaccine being administered;
  • The vaccine has been evaluated for its potential to cause cancer, mutate genes, affect fertility, cause infertility and cause autism spectrum disorder;
  • The Texas Department of State Health Service has posted on its website disclosure of any known injuries or diseases caused by the vaccine and the rate at which the injuries or diseases have occurred; and
  • The chemical, pharmacological, therapeutic, and adverse effects of the vaccine and the rate of injury of the vaccine when administered with other vaccines, have been studied and verified.

Effect on Federal Policy

After recent comments by former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb in February of 2019 just prior to his resignation, some believe that federal vaccine mandates are imminent.  According to CNN, Gottlieb said,

“[I]f states don’t require more schoolchildren to get vaccinated, the federal government might have to step in.” Gottlieb also reportedly said, “You could mandate certain rules about what is and isn’t permissible when it comes to allowing people to have exemptions.” [1]

As discussed below, current vaccine safety testing requirements are far less stringent than most would assume.  Passage of SB 2350 would bolster these requirements and make enforcement of any federal vaccine mandates more difficult.

Number of Recommended Vaccines Steadily Rise Since Removal of Liability

Vaccine mandates are generally based upon the vaccine schedules recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Because vaccines pose a risk of injury or death, liability is associated with them. Many Americans are unaware that the pharmaceutical industry is shielded from liability for harm caused by most vaccines. This unique legal protection was put into place as a result of legislation passed in 1986, after extensive lobbying by the pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturers of other products don’t enjoy this freedom from liability. Due to lack of liability, vaccines are the pharmaceutical industry’s most lucrative product.

The 1986 law also created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), which is essentially a special system outside of the normal litigation process to hear claims of harm caused by vaccines. Any compensation granted by the NVICP is paid by the public, through a surcharge on vaccines, and not by vaccine manufacturers. To date, over four billion dollars has been paid under this system to compensate for harm caused by vaccines. [2]

Further, although discovery is a right afforded to litigants in most other legal forums, discovery is not permitted in the NVICP process. This protects vaccine manufacturers from having to search for, and produce, relevant information, including damaging information. In cases involving prescription medication, which are heard in other legal forums, information unfavorable to the pharmaceutical industry has come to light through discovery, such as the damaging e-mails which were required to be produced in the Vioxx litigation. [3]

In the absence of pharmaceutical industry liability for most vaccines, the number of vaccines recommended by the industry and the CDC is steadily rising. For example, in 1983, the CDC recommended that children receive 23 doses of seven vaccines. By 2017, the number of vaccines it was recommending rose to 69 doses of 16 vaccines starting on the day of birth to age 18, with 50 doses of 14 vaccines given before age 6. [4] Since 2002, a CDC adult vaccine schedule has also existed. [5] Like with the childhood schedule, the number of recommended vaccines and doses on the adult schedule has continued to rise. Furthermore, there are hundreds of new vaccines in the developmental process and the number of CDC recommended vaccines is expected to continue to rise.

Inadequate Vaccine Safety Testing

Lack of adequate safety testing is a common concern of opponents of mandatory vaccines and SB 2350 addresses this critical issue.

Many Americans believe that vaccines undergo the same safety testing as drugs prior to their approval. However, this is incorrect. In fact, vaccines and drugs are subject to different rules because the FDA has chosen to classify vaccines as “biologics” rather than “drugs.” Drugs are required to undergo multi-year, double-blind inert placebo studies, widely known as the gold standard of safety science, prior to licensing. Vaccines, on the other hand, are not required to undergo inert placebo-controlled studies for approval. [6] Furthermore, unlike the lengthy periods required for drug safety studies, vaccine safety studies monitor for adverse reactions for very short periods of time, often of fourteen days or less. [7] Additionally, although children frequently receive multiple vaccines at the same time in accordance with the CDC’s recommended schedule, vaccine manufacturers are not required to test the safety of the vaccines in these combinations. [8]

In fact, there is a multitude of reasons, in addition to inadequate safety testing, to question the mandating of vaccines. For example, the ingredients in them are often cited as a source of concern. The ingredients in each type of vaccine differ but, generally, vaccines contain a myriad of toxic or concerning substances such as aluminum, antibiotics, formaldehyde, Polysorbate 80, bovine extract, egg protein, monosodium glutamate (MSG), squalene, and aborted human fetal tissue. [9], [10]. Additionally, several recently published books set forth scientific information which raises concerns about vaccines, including the book Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies: 400 Important Scientific Papers Summarized for Parents and Researchers by Neil Z. Miller, which contains over 400 peer-reviewed scientific studies. [11] In another book, Vaccines – A Reappraisal, Dr. Richard Moskowitz, a family physician with over fifty years of experience, discusses a wide range of troubling information concerning vaccines, such as:  epidemiological research which indicates that vaccines may interfere with the normal development of a healthy immune system; information concerning the role that vaccines can play in causing infectious disease outbreaks; and evidence of the surprisingly low effectiveness levels of many vaccines. [12] J.B. Handley’s book How to End the Autism Epidemic also contains a wealth of information concerning potential harm caused by vaccines, particularly focusing on aluminum, a toxic metal used as an adjuvant in many vaccines, and on evidence of a causal link between vaccines and autism. [13] As these works clearly indicate, the science is not settled with regard to whether vaccines are safe or necessary.

State Action Needed

Federal regulation becomes ineffective when states enact contradictory policies. If multiple states ban mandatory vaccinations or pass laws which conflict with the CDC’s recommended schedules, it will become extremely difficult for the federal government to enforce future federal mandates. Such state laws will also undermine the federal narrative and make it harder for the feds to generate support for nationwide mandatory vaccine policies. By passing SB 2350, Texas has the opportunity to lead on this important issue and to become the potential standard bearer for resisting federal vaccine policy at the state level.


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This says it all:







A Scientist’s Rebuttal to the Danish Cohort Study on the MMR Vaccine

A Scientist’s Rebuttal to the Danish Cohort Study

A Scientist’s Rebuttal to the Danish Cohort Study


The MMR vaccine study recently published by Hviid et al. (2019, Annals of Internal Medicine)1 entitled, “Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccination and Autism: A Nationwide Cohort Study,” leaves many more serious questions than definitive answers.

The authors claim that their work, “strongly supports that MMR vaccination does not increase the risk for autism, does not trigger autism in susceptible children, and is not associated with clustering of autism cases after vaccination.”

This is an extremely broad claim that unfortunately is not supported by the evidence they present. There are eight fundamental flaws in the research study that lead to questions about the accuracy of the conclusions.

1. Children were notably missing from the study sample

First and foremost is the underascertainment of autism cases within their data sample. The study authors used Denmark population registries of children born in Denmark of Danish-born mothers which should reflect the current reported autism incidence in Denmark at 1.65% (Schendel et al. 2018, JAMA).2However, the autism incidence within the sample of the Hviid et al. paper is 0.98%, meaning that approximately 4,400 autistic children are missing from this study. The authors do not discuss the discrepancy in the number of cases.

2. Many of the children in the sample were too young for an autism diagnosis

The most probable reason for the discrepancy in cases is that the sample in the Hviid et al. paper is too young to completely ascertain autism diagnoses. The average age of sample is 8.64 years with a standard deviation of 3.48 years. Age of autism diagnosis on average is reported as 7.22 years with a standard deviation of 2.86 years. Assuming that the age of diagnosis follows a standard bell curve, this would mean that 31.5% of the sample was too young to get an autism diagnosis. This could account for as many as 3,400 additional cases not included in the analysis, which would bias the outcomes to favor not finding a relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism.

3. Failure to eliminate those with autism related to genetic conditions from the sample

In addition, individuals who were diagnosed with genetic comorbidities (known to lead to autism) after age 1 were “censored,” meaning that they were followed until the time of diagnosis, but not removed from the study. Thus, they were counted among the sample with many of them most likely autistic due to a genetic condition.  These should have appropriately been eliminated from the sample.

4. Use of two different MMR vaccines

Also, two different MMR vaccines were used in this study. The GlaxoSmithKline Prolix® formulation was used from 2000 to 2007 and Merck’s MMR®II formulation was used from 2008 to 2013. Prolix® contains the Schwarz measles strain and MMR®II contains the Ender’s Edmonston measles strain. Thus, children using the Merck formulation were much too young to receive an autism diagnosis as the oldest they would be at the time of study is 6 years of age or younger. This is important for comparison to the experience in other countries, especially the U.S. where the Merck formulation was used exclusively for the entire study period.

5. Failure to control for the “dosage effect”

In addition, the age at which Danish children in the sample received their second dose of MMR vaccine was dropped from 12 years to 4 years in 2008. This means that children born after 2004 would get two MMR vaccines prior to the average age of an autism diagnosis, whereas children born prior to 2004 would have received only one MMR vaccine. If indeed there is a “dosage effect” of the MMR (i.e., where both doses were causally related to autism), this could not be elucidated in the sample and again, this would bias the results erroneously to not find a relationship.

6. Statistical method failed to capture those children with a delayed diagnosis of autism

The authors also used a non-transparent statistical method where “person-years” were considered following the MMR vaccine to an autism diagnosis where children who received a diagnosis soon after receiving their first MMR vaccine would be weighted more heavily than children with a delay in diagnosis. This makes no sense given that the age of autism diagnoses varies widely among populations based on access to services and severity of the autism case, among other factors.  This type of method is “borrowed” from infectious disease epidemiology where an exposure directly leads to a disease state rather quickly, for example, chicken pox. However, the method has no place in evaluating chronic sequelae to vaccination which may take a period of years to receive an accurate diagnosis.

7. Vaccinated male siblings of children with autism show more autism diagnoses

It is interesting to note the increased incidence of autism in boys with autistic siblings in the vaccinated group shown in Figure 2 of the article’s supplement.1The increase towards the end of the “survival curve” shows that more boys vaccinated with MMR (with autistic siblings) are diagnosed with autism than unvaccinated boys. The difference is not statistically significant but this may be an artifact of the very small subset of boys considered in this analysis.

The study authors also cite the CDC’s Destefano et al. 2004 study which actually shows a statistically significant relationship between MMR timing and autism incidence. This is discussed further in a reanalysis of CDC’s data in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons (Hooker, 2018).3

8. Conflict of interest of the study authors

It should be noted that three of the study authors are currently employed at the Statens Serum Institut which is a for-profit vaccine manufacturer in Denmark. In addition, this work was funded by a grant from the Novo Nordisk foundation. Novo Nordisk is a Danish multinational pharmaceutical manufacturer.

These are two serious conflicts of interest.

The lead author, Anders Hviid was the second author on the New England Journal of Medicine MMR autism paper from 2002 (Madsen et al. 2002).4 This research was completed despite the fact that the study authors had never received proper ethics approval to complete the study. A detailed analysis of this is featured by Children’s Health Defense.5

With these issues, this paper cannot be relied upon as evidence that the MMR vaccine does not cause autism.


1 Hviid A, Vinsløv Hansen J, Frisch M, Melbye M. Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccination and Autism: A Nationwide Cohort Study. Annals of Internal Medicine Apr. 16, 2019.
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4 Madsen KM, Hviid A, Vestergaard M, Schendel D, Wohlfahrt J, Thorsen P, Olsen J, Melbye M. A population-based study of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination and autism. N Engl J MedNov. 7, 2002; 347(19): 1477-82.
5 The World Mercury Project. Poul Thorsen Fugitive Researcher. Children’s Health Defense August 2017.


For more:

The outcome of the Vaccine Culture War will determine what it means to be free. 101 Because if the State can tag, track down and force individuals against their will to be injected with biologicals of known and unknown toxicity today, then there will be no limit on which individual freedoms the State can take away in the name of the greater good tomorrow.

NYC Mayor Tells Citizens: We Own Your Bodies & We Can Force You to be Injected With Anything We Want

NYC Mayor De Blasio tells citizens: We own your bodies, and we can force you to be injected with anything we want

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has declared that residents do not own their own bodies. The city of New York can demand that all citizens be injected with literally anything the government declares to be a “vaccine,” even when those vaccines contain aborted human fetal tissue cells, toxic aluminum metals, inflammatory adjuvants and other dangerous, deadly chemicals.

This is the latest attempt by authorities in New York to obliterate human rights and roll out a medical dictatorship where citizens have zero rights to defend their own bodies against risky medial interventions that are demanded at gunpoint.

PJ Media, which has emerged as one of the best independent media websites covering liberty and individual rights, has published an especially noteworthy article on this issue. Authored by Megan Fox, the story is entitled, “Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Mandatory Measles Vaccination Order Faces Legal Challenges.”

We are republishing it here with full credit to the original author and PJ Media website. This in important read. Share everywhere.

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Mandatory Measles Vaccination Order Faces Legal Challenges

by Megan Fox,

In an unusual and extreme move, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a state of emergency over a measles outbreak in the Orthodox Jewish community and is demanding forced vaccinations of everyone within four zip codes of the affected areas. Violators face fines up to $1000. This includes babies six months of age, even though the MMR is not recommended for anyone under twelve months of age.

The Children’s Health Defense will be filing a legal challenge to the order, which comes on the heels of a New York Supreme Court ruling that struck down the Rockland County ban on unvaccinated children in public spaces.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) is supporting a legal challenge to this dangerous, unprecedented overreach. While the City has unquestionable authority to control disease outbreaks, it may not violate the bedrock principle of prior, free and informed consent to all medical interventions, including vaccines. This is a fundamental human right. The City may quarantine, isolate, trace contacts and strongly urge vaccination, but it may not impose such a draconian mandate without demonstrating necessity, reasonableness, proportionality, harm avoidance, non-discrimination, due process and equal protection. The Commissioner has failed to do this; the City’s actions violate New York State law.

CHD board member Mary Holland commented, “I am shocked that Mayor de Blasio would resort to such police state techniques to control an outbreak of measles. I don’t believe the City’s actions will withstand legal scrutiny.” CHD Chairman Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is confident their legal challenge will prevail.

This case goes beyond a dispute over religious freedom. Thanks to the Merck federal whistleblower litigation, we now know that Merck’s MMR should have never been approved, much less mandated. To get its license Merck allegedly ordered its scientists to falsify efficacy data to fraudulently conceal the fact that the mumps component quickly wanes, triggering dangerous outbreaks in older populations where it can cause sterility in men and women. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported 150 outbreaksresulting in 9,200 cases of mumps in fully vaccinated adults, dwarfing the recent measles outbreaks. We are confident that no American court will allow government bureaucrats to force American citizens to take risky pharmaceutical products against their will.

Merck is currently defending itself against claims of falsifying data brought by two former employees.

Medical corporation Merck & Co. will decidedly face the music in the ongoing class action and related anti-trust lawsuit involving its mumps vaccine – a product routinely given to babies and children for generations. The issue, which involves allegations of false compliance with FDA standards for vaccines, prompted a False Claims Act lawsuit: United States v. Merck & Co. This case was commenced by two virologists once employed with Merck, alleges a systematic and long-standing commitment by the company to lying about the efficacy of its mumps vaccination, thereby prompting possible exposure to liability under the federal False Claims Act.

Governor Cuomo voiced concerns about the legality of de Blasio’s emergency order to forcibly vaccinate conscientious objectors.

“Look, it’s a serious public health concern, but it’s also a serious First Amendment issue and it is going to be a constitutional, legal question,” Cuomo said in a radio interview on WAMC. “Do we have the right — does society, government have the right to say ‘you must vaccinate your child because I’m afraid your child is going to infect my child, even if you don’t want it done and even if it violates your religious beliefs?”

Some have asked how de Blasio is planning to determine who is or isn’t vaccinated to enforce his order. According to the mayor, they will be using “disease detectives.” de Blasio explained, “It parallels what a police detective does. If someone has symptoms, they will literally interview them to figure out everywhere they’ve been, everyone they might have come in contact with, and then they go reach out to that whole network to make sure people are vaccinated.” It’s unclear whether “make sure people are vaccinated” means “hold them down and inject them against their will.”

Read more stories on liberty and individual rights at Stay informed about vaccine dangers and vaccine industry propaganda by reading


For an interesting read on de Blasio:


Blas has been in ethics trouble virtually since Day One, when he dropped a multibillion-dollar contract on the teachers union and then swept $350,000 in teacher money into the accounts of a now-defunct PAC, the Campaign for One New York. Or maybe it was the other way around; it’s hard to keep his conflicts straight.

News of Blas’ latest scandal arrives via The City, a local-news-oriented internet startup that Wednesday revealed a heavily redacted city Department of Investigation report alleging woeful wrongdoing. To wit, that the mayor has heavily pressured folks doing business with the city to contribute to his various political schemes. And he did so despite repeated official warnings that he was acting improperly.

This new, sure-to-build, scandal followed news that the city had bought 21 shabby apartment buildings in Brooklyn and the Bronx from two infamous but politically well-wired slumlords for three-plus times their listed value: $173 million versus $50 million. The mayor says he’s well pleased with the deal — hardly a surprise; the slumlords’ lawyer has been a mayoral fundraiser…

It’s especially good to be the king — of a corruptocracy.

Regarding the measles:

It’s True: Armed SWAT Team in Arizona Breaks Down Door of Family With Unvaccinated Child

Armed SWAT Team in Arizona Breaks Down Door of Family with Unvaccinated Child

Armed SWAT Team in Arizona Breaks Down Door of Family with Unvaccinated Child

Just after 1 a.m. the morning of Feb. 25, 2019, a SWAT team with guns drawn broke down the door of a suburban home in Chandler, Arizona where parents were caring for an unvaccinated child with a fever. The armed policemen had a “temporary custody notice” from a judge to remove a two year old from the home after his mother refused to obey the order of a doctor to take the child to the hospital for testing earlier in the day. The child and his siblings, ages four and six, were taken into state custody and placed in foster homes and the mother and father both have been charged with child abuse.1 2 3 4 5

The story began that day when the mother, who is pregnant, took her toddler to Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ after his fever rose to over 100 F. When the doctor asked the mother if the child was vaccinated and she said, “No,” the doctor told the mother to take her son to the emergency room at the Banner Cardon Children’s Medical Center in Mesa, AZ to be tested for meningitis.

According to The Arizona Republic, the mother said that after the doctor’s office visit, the child was laughing and playing with his siblings and, when she took his temperature again, it was near normal. She then called the doctor to say she would not be taking her son to the emergency room and also expressed worry that, because her son was not vaccinated, she would get in trouble with the Department of Child Services (DCS). When the mother did not follow the doctor’s orders to take the child to the hospital emergency room, the doctor contacted DCS.

DCS called the Chandler Police and “requested officers to check on the welfare of a two year old infant.” At 10:30 p.m., two police officers knocked on the family’s door but nobody answered. After a DCS caseworker arrived, a call was made to the doctor, who still insisted the child should be taken to the hospital. However, in a phone conversation between one of the police officers and the child’s father, who was inside the home, the father said that his son’s “fever broke and he was fine.” There are indications that the father was concerned about the high cost of an emergency room visit in light of the fact the child’s fever was down and he was acting normally.6

Just after midnight, the DCS caseworker obtained a “temporary custody notice” signed by a judge and police officers called the criminal investigations bureau. About 1:30 a.m., a SWAT team with guns drawn and yelling “Chandler Police Department” kicked down the family’s door. A video recorded by a security surveillance camera shows the father emerging walking backwards with his hands up and being immediately handcuffed, as the mother follows with her son in her arms.

The officers reported they found two other young children in their beds, one of whom was sick and had vomited, and that the home was “messy.” All three children were taken to the children’s medical center and then placed in foster care in separate homes.

Juvenile Court Hearing 10 Days Later

At a juvenile court hearing 10 days later, the parents asked for their children to be returned. Attending the hearing was state Rep. Kelly Townsend (R-Mesa) and members of Arizona DCS Oversight Group, which is composed of Arizona citizens concerned about abuse of power by DCS state government officials. According to The Arizona Republic covering the hearing, DCS was represented by a lawyer for the state Attorney General’s Office.7

The state’s attorney asked the judge to close the hearing to the public, commenting that members of the news media were in the audience and the family had spoken with the media, which he said was not in the “best interest” of the children. Judge Jennifer Green declined and pointed out that, in Arizona, “we like our courts to be open.”

The parents’ attorneys said they were unaware of restrictions about speaking with the media and that the parents had been allowed only one visit with their two older children since the night they were taken but had not seen their youngest child at all. Apparently, DCS officials told the parents they could not see their two year old son, who did not test positive for meningitis but had a common respiratory infection (RSV), because he was at a “medical appointment” the day of the scheduled visitation.

The state’s attorney opposed returning the children to their parents. He said the parents were “hostile” and not cooperating with DCS and they had brought members of the DCS Oversight Group to a DCS visit, while the grandfather had tried to videotape a meeting with DCS.

At the request of DCS, the judge approved psychological evaluations for both parents, ordered the father to continue drug and alcohol testing, and reminded the parents and grandparents that they were no longer in control of the children’s medical and health decisions, which were now being made by the state.

Doctor Professor: “I’ll Have to Call Child Protective Services”

A New York Times article quoted Seattle Children’s Hospital emergency room doctor and University of Washington School of Medicine bioethics professor Douglas S. Diekema, MD, who commented on the case. He appeared to side with the doctor who reported the mother to DCS for failing to follow orders.

Dr. Diekema said he personally encounters parents refusing a recommended treatment plan and sometimes will get a second physician’s opinion to convince the parents to comply so he can “avoid coercion.” Still, he does recall having told parents:

I hate to say this, but I have to let you know that if you walk out of this emergency room department, without agreeing to something that makes me comfortable, I’ll have to call child protective services.8

Arizona State Rep: “We used A SWAT Team on a family with a child with a high fever”

According to The Arizona Republic, after the early March juvenile court hearing, Rep. Townsend was interviewed outside the courthouse and said she was disturbed by the case.

“It was brought to my attention that these parents may have been targeted by the medical community because they hadn’t vaccinated their children,” but parents who don’t vaccinate their children because of medical concerns aren’t criminals and shouldn’t be treated as such.

She also questioned whether DCS labeling the family as “hostile” was appropriate.

“It doesn’t say anywhere that after your kids are taken, after police bust down your door, that you have to be nice to DCS to get your kids back.” Critical of the use of force, Townsend added:

We’re not talking cartels holding someone who’s been kidnapped, we’re not talking about a drug bust, we’re not talking about a flight risk. We’re not talking about any of that. This was a family with a child who has a fever…We used a SWAT team on a family with a child with a high fever.”

Rep. Townsend helped write legislation requiring DCS to obtain a warrant before removing a child from their parents or guardians in non-emergencies. She said,

“It was not the intent of (the law) that the level of force after obtaining a warrant was to bring in a SWAT team. The imagery is horrifying. What has our country become that we can tear down the doorway of a family who has a child with a high fever that disagrees with their doctor?”

During discussions in the Arizona legislature this year about whether vaccine exemptions should be restricted or expanded, Rep. Townsend, who has a vaccine injured child, defended parents’ right to make voluntary vaccine use decisions for their minor children.  She said:

Our country is sovereign, our State is sovereign, our family is sovereign, our God is sovereign and the most holy and sacred last frontier of sovereignty is our own body. Dearest friends and people of Arizona, it seems we are prepared to give up our liberty, the very sovereignty of our body, because of measles. I read yesterday that the idea is being floated that if not enough people get vaccinated, then we are going to force them to…. I am going to ask you to educate your children, educate your family, educate those around you about the fundamentals of liberty and what that means. It seems we have lost those fundamentals along the way and are chasing our fears.9

Children Placed in Custody of Grandparents

On Mar. 15, DCS agreed to allow the three children to live with the children’s paternal grandparents but the state still retains custody. In a statement sent to The Republic, the children’s father said in part:

 We have been through a very traumatic experience with our encounter with DCS. We would like other parents out there to know and realize the amount of power DCS has over the welfare of your children.  Even though we remain confident in our innocence through our case, it is immediately an uphill struggle of what to do or not to do….The process of removal in our opinion was uncalled for and we would like to see the laws/process change when dealing with expedited removal of children. Our children have sure been through a traumatizing experience and hope they have not been harmed psychologically or emotionally as we are a very happy family who love each other and would do anything for each other.

On Mar. 28, 2019, the Chandler Police recommended the mother and father be charged with child abuse.10


1 Nanez DM. A couple decided not to take their feverish child to the hospital. Hours later police kicked down their door. The Arizona Republic Mar. 25, 2019.
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I’ve got news for you.  This isn’t going to stop with vaccinations.  It will continue to snowball into every avenue of health.  As it stands, parents around the world are being accused of child abuse due to using treatments for Lyme/MSIDS outside the accepted narrative:

I just read a paper written by an advocate that this is also happening in Canada.

I’m also aware of personal cases where this has happened in the U.S.

This is why I support the Parental Rights Amendment so parents are not forced to comply with the arbitrary U.N. Rights of the Child which effectively imposes international law upon families which is NOT in the best interest of children.  The U.N. Rights of the Child are being adopted piecemeal in every state in the nation. For more:  For families struggling with Lyme Disease, they are already fighting a system that doesn’t know how to cope with very ill children who often can’t keep up. Their little bodies are in a raging war of epic proportions. They are often bullied and mocked not only by peers but even by teachers and standard medical professionals who believe they are just being lazy. Infected, exhausted parents often don’t have the energy to fight the “mandatory vaccine” regimens being pushed upon them so just go along rather than weighing in their child’s current health issues. The entire system is stacked against them – forcing many to homeschool just to avoid the unbelievable pressure to conform.

BTW:  Vaccines carry risk.

The elites refuse vaccines for their own children.  Maybe they know something:

Vaccines can reactivate latent infections:

Sometimes when I look around I actually wonder if I still live in the United States.


Medical Police State Cuts Off Research Funding From Scientist Who Found That Vaccines Cause Autism

Medical police state cuts off research funding from scientist who found that vaccines cause autism

Image: Medical police state cuts off research funding from scientist who found that vaccines cause autism

(Natural News) When it comes to the Religion of Vaccination, there’s one area of research that’s completely off-limits, and it encompasses looking into vaccine safety and effectiveness independently, and with an open mind. The reason for this, of course, is that every time a scientist dares to do this, he or she typically discovers that vaccines aren’t nearly as safe or effective as the medical police state claims – which instantly makes said scientist a target of the medical establishment, which has no qualms about doing almost anything in order to silence the truth.

One recent and prominent example of this type of medical tyranny involves Professor Chris Exley of Keele University in the United Kingdom, whose focused research into aluminum toxicity led him to conclude that childhood vaccines, many of which contain neurotoxic aluminum, can, in fact, cause autism – a discovery that, if you’ve been following independent vaccine science for any considerable period of time, is inherently “controversial” and a recipe for trouble.

Like Dr. Andrew Wakefield before him, Prof. Exley merely reported his findings in the interest of public health, as any good scientist would do. And in the process, he’s made himself enemy number one of the Vaccine Mafia, which is now trying to destroy his career and life by barring him from raising any further funding for his research endeavors.

In essence, Prof. Exley has officially blown the lid off the highly-destructive nature of aluminum in vaccines, indicating that this common chemical adjuvant has the potential to cause “severe and disabling” autism in children who are injected with it. And for violating the medical establishment’s never-to-be-challenged doctrine of “all vaccines are safe and effective,” Prof. Exley is now having to endure the ire of the priests and priestesses of the Cult of Vaccination, which are now out for blood.

Support Prof. Exley’s GoFundMe to help bring the truth about vaccines and autism to as many people as possible

Prof. Exley was one of the underwriters for an eye-opening 2017 study published in EBioMedicine, a journal associated with The Lancet, which found that underarm cosmetic products – mainly antiperspirant deodorants that contain aluminum – increase users’ risk of developing breast cancer.

He’s also studied other areas of aluminum toxicity similarly unrelated to vaccines – though vaccines eventually became a natural next-step for his particular area of focus. And rather than censor the progressive course of his research endeavors, Prof. Exley stuck true to science – and for doing this, he’s now paying a big price.

The good news, though, is that many people are on Prof. Exley’s side, and are working hard to get him funding from other sources. Some of his most ardently faithful followers have actually set up a GoFundMe page to help raise financial support for his continued research endeavors.

In light of the medical establishment’s continued betrayal of not only his work but also science at large, it’s up to everyday folks who care about truth to step up to the plate to make sure that parents know the truth – and more importantly, to ensure that as many children as possible are protected against toxic injections that could cause them lifelong harm.

“We’ve seen this drama unfold many times,” comments Age of Autism about this latest saga.

“A well respected doctor or researcher begins to ask questions about vaccine safety as a result of the science he or she conducts, and his career is adversely affected[Prof. Exley’s] funding is dwindling and he needs our help.”

Also, be sure to check out the book How to End the Autism Epidemic by J.B. Handley.

Sources for this article include:



The following graph pretty much says it all:


The following information taken from the Organic Lifestyle magazine shows the censorship happening on anyone who departs from the accepted narrative that touts vaccines are safe: 

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler’s published a study, Reconsideration of the immunotherapeutic pediatric safe dose levels of aluminum, that says the recognized safe aluminum levels in vaccines are based on immune efficacy and ignore body weight. James says that several critical mistakes have been made in the consideration of pediatric dosing of aluminum and that safety inferences of vaccine doses of aluminum have relied solely on dietary (ingested, not injected) exposure studies of adult mice and rats.

On Day 1 of life, infants receive 17 times more aluminum than would be allowed if doses were adjusted per body weight.

The FDA states that 850 mcg of aluminum is safe for an adult. With his research, James found that a series of errors led to the guidelines that state 850 mcg of aluminum is safe for an adult.

The first serious problem (Problem #1) is that a provisionally tolerable weekly limit assumed to be safe was, by a series of errors and bad assumptions, transformed into a daily limit that appeared to be backed by studies. The studies used were not up to date, and the FDA’s determination used spurious estimates to transform safety information from dietary studies of adult mice into injected safe limits in human infants. These errors were made, in part, in the pediatric limit consideration by the FDA, who used outdated information not consistent with other organizations like World Health Organization.

To add to the confusion, the 1 mg/kg/week was also then changed to 2 mg/kg/week. The ATDSR used information from one study, assumed 1 mg/kg/week, adjusted using arbitrary functions that are without a doubt as good as a bad guess.

The provenance of these errors is reviewed further below, and in our newly published study.”

We came across this study last week on Medium. It has since been deleted, along with Jame’s account. We checked on to see if the page had been preserved; it had not. We searched Google, but it’s gone from search results, but we did find the article republished by James on LinkedIn.

This Open Letter originally appeared on Due to their censorship, it is ported here.= JLW. It is based on peer-reviewed studies.” – Dear FDA: Please Reconsider “Safe” Levels of Aluminum…

We also noticed that Jame’s Medium account has been suspended. And Bing is a little slower to eliminate the search results. If you want, click here to see their Cached version while it’s still available, but you can also read the full article republished on LinkedIn.

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Articles on aluminum in vaccines:

For a great site on all things vaccine related.  There is a list of scientific articles: