Biological Warfare Experiment on American Citizens Results in Spreading Pandemic


Much of the following information is taken from the paper written by Jerry Leonard in the above link and is a valuable source of information regarding the way Lyme/MSIDS has been handled.

Leonard makes a case that Lyme (a spirochetal disease) is part II of another spirochetal disease (syphilis) experiment known as the Tuskegee experiment. 

The degree to which Borrelia infections such as Lyme disease affects the readiness status of American troops is an ongoing area of government study. (American soldiers were even infected with relapsing fever Borrelia through injections and tick bites in international experiments to understand the transmission of Borrelia diseases. 50) But the truth has been actively obscured from the public’s view, much like the extent of the national epidemic and its premeditated nature.

The benefits of Lyme as a bioweapon are delineated by researcher Mark Sanborne:

“Lyme’s ability to evade detection on routine medical tests, its myriad presentations which can baffle doctors by mimicking 100 different diseases, its amazing abilities to evade the immune system and antibiotic treatment, would make it an attractive choice to bioweaponeers looking for an incapacitating agent. Lyme’s abilities as ‘the great imitator’ might mean that an attack could be misinterpreted as simply a rise in the incidence of different, naturally occurring diseases such as autism, MS, lupus and chronic fatigue syndrome (ME). Borrelia’s inherent ability to swap outer surface proteins, which may also vary widely from strain to strain, would make the production of an effective vaccine extremely difficult. … Finally, the delay before the appearance of the most incapacitating symptoms would allow plenty of time for an attacker to move away from the scene, as well as preventing people in a contaminated zone from realising they had been infected and seeking treatment.”(58)

Leonard asks an important question:

Is the ongoing effort behind treatment denial of Lyme disease allowing the government to conduct another long-term experiment on the public with a hidden agenda of biological warfare? 63 One which allows them to monitor the various chronic symptoms caused by such disabling agents in an untreated public, while generating a demand for vaccine research against them? If so, how much bad publicity will be required to shut this multi-decade experiment down?

Telling quote:

“So far, we are keeping the known positive patients from getting treatment.” — Comment On Tuskegee Experiment, by U.S. Public Health Service Official

In other words, this tactic was used before by our very own government.

Leonard asks the crucial question:

Why would the medical establishment actively prevent doctors from effectively treating Lyme disease, and help destroy doctors who treat it?

His answer:

I believe the CDC is conducting Phase II of its Tuskegee Experiment on an expanded scale for the same reason it conducted Phase I—the development, testing and marketing of pharmaceutical products to treat only symptoms of the disease. In fact, the treatment denial of the Phase I Tuskegee Experiment has become an everyday occurrence for thousands of Lyme patients because the experiment has become institutionalized within the mainstream medical system through the creation and enforcement of treatment guidelines to justify treatment denial. For added protection, the CDC is conducting this experiment in long-term treatment denial through the biowarfare infrastructure as a biodefense exercise.

Medical literature explained away the reason for not treating syphilis patients by stating long-term studies had to occur to understand the pathogenesis of the disease before an effective program could control it.

Leonard states that Lyme disease creates a similar yet different multi-staged, chronic infection and that a similar experimental rational could be used to in efforts of creating treatments and vaccines.

Author Dr. Colin Ross obtained FOIA documents on unethical government experimentation and noted that:

“The Tuskeegee Syphilis Study was eventually shut down in 1972 because of the efforts of an investigative journalist. There is no evidence to suggest that the government or the medical profession had any intention of closing the study as of 1972.”

And here we are today, nearly 50 years after a horrific 40 year human experiment, which allowed patients to suffer and die while the government calmly observed the tragedy unfold. And, bizarrely, there is a current inquiry into the Lyme/MSIDS debacle due to the efforts of another investigative journalist:

We find ourselves in another 40 year experiment where the medical establishment and our government calmly observe us – denying us, refusing to even test and treat us, and worse yet – telling us it doesn’t even exist.

Doctors who attempt to treat this appropriately are singled out:

My own doctor went through this as well:

In this Tuskegee slideshow, by Kim Augustine, please note slide #8 that the “participants” were told they had “bad blood.” Could this be the equivalent of Lyme patients all being told they have MUS (medically unexplained symptoms) which in the psychiatric world means you are psychosomatic?

Please watch Gene Shapiro accuse patients suffering with Lyme symptoms of MUS:  He urges the medical community to develop ways to prevent “healthcare-seeking behaviors” by parents who believe their children may have Lyme disease.

Also, please remember that Gary Wormser, the lead author on the IDSA Lyme Guidelines not only has conflicts of interests, but travels around the country giving lectures on biological warfare treatments. Coincidence? You have to scroll down a ways, but you will discover Wormser authored, “How Germs Become Weapons: Recognizing Agents – Treating Patients.” For the relapsing anthrax bioweapon he recommends long-term combination antibiotic therapy, yet denies this very treatment for relapsing Lyme/MSIDS. He was also at ground zero for HIV, defining treatments for the AIDS epidemic, which occurred at the same time as the Lyme/MSIDS debacle. You can read about Steere and other biowarfare details within this link as well.

For a complete chronology of events: This link also exposes DOJ Special Investigator John Loftus’ discovery in America’s Nazi Secret,” that files on Erich Traub showed he was engaged in using ticks as a medium to spread disease:

“Even more disturbing are the records of the Nazi germ warfare scientists who came to America. They experimented with poison ticks dropped from planes to spread rare diseases. I received some information suggesting that the U.S. tested some of these poison ticks on the Plum Island artillery range off the coast of Connecticut during the early 1950’s. I explored the old spies’ hypothesis that the poison ticks were the source of the Lyme Disease spirochetes, and that migrating waterfowl were the vectors that carried the ticks from Plum Island all up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Most of the germ warfare records have been shredded, but there is a top-secret U.S. document confirming that “clandestine attacks on crops and animals” took place at this time. The Lyme Disease outbreak in America was monitored secretly under the cover of a New England health study….sooner or later the whole truth will come out, but probably not in my lifetime. Years from now historians will have to put the secret files into context of events, a job akin to passing dead leaves back on the tree in right order…..” John Loftus

Annie Jacobsen in the groundbreaking “Operation Paperclip” discloses that a Nazi outpost on the island of Riems, (a Nazi biowarfare warfare lab) was managed by Otto Waldmann with assistant Erich Traub. Traub spent several years in America doing research at the Rockefeller Institute and even became a staff member for medical research. He was a virologist, microbiologist, and professor of veterinary medicine, and was an expert in Newcastle disease (contagious bird flu) that was rumored to be weaponized. Traub cited loyalty to the Reich and chose to return to Germany rather than continue his research in America.  He eventually returned under the Operation Paperclip Project, a secret program of the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency largely carried out by Special Agents of Army CIC, in which more than 1,600 German scientists, engineers, and technicians, were recruited in post-Nazi Germany and taken to the U.S.

Jacobsen states Traub was experienced in the illegal trafficking of deadly pathogens and that the FBI watched him but what they learned remains classified as of 2013.  She also states the Pentagon was able to keep the weapons program a secret from Congress by keeping everything classified.

For more:

The evidence continues to mount.


Please note ALL at one time were CDC employees, working for our government.

“I am Barbara Johnson. I am a biochemist by training and I am speaking today on behalf of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concerning serodiagnosis of Lyme disease. Specifically, my statement is in support of (the) IDSA recommendation in the guidelines to use two-tiered serology (an ELISA screening test followed by Western Blots if ELISA positive) to support the diagnosis of Lyme disease in patients who have manifestations other than acute erythema migrans.– IDSA Lyme Disease Review Panel Hearing, July 30, 2009

For more dirty deeds done dirt cheap: ConflictReport

For more:

Will our government own up? Time will tell. Meanwhile, the bodies continue to pile up.




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