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Lawson’s Hunt

America’s Front-line Doctors (AFLDS) series Doc Tracy: Physician Investigator has made a critical impact in exposing the tyrannical players in the fraudulent Covid scamdemic.

The first episode, “Lawson’s Hunt” features AFLDS physician, Dr. Christopher Rake, as Doc Tracy. Doc Tracy launches an investigation into Kristina Lawson, head of the California Medical Board. Lawson is an attorney with no medical background or training, who has been hunting and sanctioning doctors for exercising free speech and treating patients with safe and effective protocols.

Sadly, Lawson is soft on doctors who have sexually abused their patients, but tyrannical in hunting down any doctors who defy the accepted COVID narrative.

  • Dr. Esmail Nadjmabadi sexually abused six patients & surrendered his license but the CA medical board later reinstated him.
  • Dr. Zachary Cosgrove abused three patients and was addicted to crystal meth. As of the report, the CA medical board has still not revoked his license and he’s still practicing medicine.
  • Dr. Anshul Gandhi was found guilty of sexual battery against four women but the CA medical board didn’t even suspend him.
  • Despite sexually abusing a patient’s daughter, Dr. Shahab “Sean” Ataee was granted a license and then molested another patient.  The CA medical board has taken no action as of December’s report.

Since the Doc Tracy launch, Lawson has been on a twitter rampage, lying about AFLDS and our supporters. These blatant lies are an evil strategy to silence those who have confronted her unethical, and illegal behaviors, as we refuse to stand for her tyrannical actions against physicians.

Lawson also continued her censorship tirade, encouraging people “harmed through . . . misinformation” to file a complaint with the California Medical Board. This prosecution of free speech and private, doctor-patient relationships must stop. Attorney Lawson is not qualified to run a state medical board, as is made clear by her lack of medical training and countless failures as the president of the CA Medical Board.

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State medical boards have persecuted Lyme literate doctors for 40 years, and many doctors are afraid to treat it.

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