FOIA Reveals Troubling Relationship between HHS/CDC & the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

by  | May 7, 2023

Imagine this – you’ve just learned you are pregnant. Emotions flood over you. Regardless of any decisions you make concerning the pregnancy, one thing is certain – your life is forever changed in this moment.

Fast forward to your first obstetrical appointment. Waiting nervously to meet your ob-gyn doctor, you make a mental checklist of issues you want to discuss. You presume conversations you are about to have with your doctor will be confidential. You also presume the medical opinions your doctor is about to give will be transparent and honest, in the best interests of you and your baby, and based on your ob-gyn’s independent medical judgment.

Spoiler alert: some conversations you will have with your ob-gyn have been pre-determined – namely, whether you should consent to take the COVID-19 “vaccine” while you are pregnant. Should you refuse your ob-gyn’s recommendation to take the COVID-19 shot, this will likely be recorded in your medical record, potentially shared with governmental officials, and you’ll be asked again to comply in future appointments.1 In what amounts to the ultimate patient betrayal, these pre-arranged COVID-19 “vaccine” discussions are not necessarily the product of your doctor’s independent medical judgment and do not provide informed consent about the known and unknown risks of the shots to both mother and baby. Rather, these conversations are likely fashioned to push the HHS’s/CDC’s pro-COVID-19 “vaccine” narrative, in what seems to be an attempt to capture ob-gyn doctors and their patients across two continents.  (See link for article)



This is not the first time the CDC has either used or created an organization to push their agenda.  The CDC created a “Lyme Corps” to sabotage state laws protecting Lyme disease patients:  Excerpt:

It appears that the CDC Lyme Corps program is a national public health education program.  From 2013 to 2016, the CDC website provided no information regarding Lyme Corps.  In mid-May 2016, the CDC website posted a few sentences that provide meager information regarding Lyme Corps.  In a clear departure from normal federal transparency practices regarding public access to unclassified program information, the CDC has made Lyme Corps’ basic program information largely unavailable.

Internet research has found some information regarding Lyme Corps.  According to a conference poster, the CDC Lyme Corps program is a “new means of educating health care providers (HCPs) and the public about Lyme disease because: 1) recent surveys indicate that provider practices are often inconsistent with current Guidelines  and 2) inaccurate information about Lyme disease is disseminated broadly through internet forums, social media, and traditional media.  Pairing these needs with the desire for a “hands on” approach, we developed Lyme Corps. Lyme Corps trains students pursuing health care degrees… to provide Lyme disease education and outreach to both HCPs and the public. Participants’ primary responsibilities include: 1) educating colleagues; 2) educating HCPs via clinic visits and material dissemination; and 3) increasing public knowledge in-person and online.” [v]

As noted, the CDC appears to be concerned that “provider practices are often inconsistent with current guidelines”.  The ‘current guidelines’ referred to are the 2006 Lyme Guidelines written by the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA).

To be clear, the CDC is using Lyme Corps to tell health practitioners the only valid treatment for Lyme, chronic Lyme and complications from coinfections are found in the 2006 IDSA Lyme Guidelines.  However, key science institutions and federal agencies would not support this objective.

With this history in mind, please read on to learn how captured government public health agencies are up to their old tricks:


  • The American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists (ACOG) is the leading organization for obstetricians and gynecologists and has more than 60,000 members spanning North, South, and Central America. 
  • HHS launched a propaganda machine called COVID-19 Community Corps to push the COVID shots and awarded BILLIONS of tax dollars to recruit “trusted community leaders,” to exploit our most private relationships.  This is unethical and deceptive as government involvement – as well as payment, has not been fully disclosed.
  • The COVID-19 Community Corps announcement page has now been taken down with even the original URL removed. These HHS “trusted messengers” infiltrated every nook and cranny of our lives.
  • The ACOG received millions in grant money for being a founding member of the COVID-19 Community Corps, and recklessly endorsed the COVID shots in pregnancy even though NO CLINICAL TRIALS INCLUDED PREGNANT WOMEN.
    • The ACOG website archives show that its initial official recommendation was to allow pregnant women the freedom to choose the shots or not.  This abruptly changed to only follow CDC guidance.
    • One project is called “Engaging Women’s Health Care Providers for Effective COVID-19 Vaccine Conversations.”53 Another separate grant is entitled “Improving Ob/Gyns’ Ability to Support COVID-19 Vaccination, Mental Health, Social Support.54 Another appears to have received grant money in excess of an additional $1 million, funded at the same time – but this project was apparently so controversial that ACOG and HHS/CDC chose to redact it from public view; however, ACOG’s website provides clues on this project as it contains a special “conversation guide” page for Ob-gyn doctors, completely eliminating any necessary thinking on the part of the physician.  Doctors are told to document any pregnant woman’s refusal of the shots and they should continue to push them at subsequent visits. 
    • Doctors are to repeat the mantra that the shots do NOT cause infertility or spontaneous abortion (when VAERS data refutes this) or adverse maternal or fetal effects (when the CDC openly acknowledges “vaccine” damage and both Pfizer and the FDA knew the shots caused serious harm to both fetuses and infants).  A FOIA request shows despite high miscarriage ratesPfizer didn’t follow up, as well as:
      • The rapid decline in antibody and T cells in monkeys following the second dose.
      • Biodistribution studies (previously released in 2021 through a FOI request in Japan) showing widespread distribution of the “vaccine” with high concentration in the ovaries, liver, adrenal glands, and spleen.
      • Data on the impact of fertility outcomes for rats.
      • Data on fetal abnormalities in rats.
      • Calling these gene therapy products vaccines means that no genotoxicity or carcinogenicity studies have been done.
  • Of the 275 organizations that are founding members, 25 are health and medical organizations including the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Nurses Association, (ANA), the American Medical Women Association (AMWA), and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).  This certainly explains some things.
  • According to a December 23, 2020 article published by CBS News, HHS ran “focus groups” to fine-tune its pro-“vaccine” message for what then HHS Deputy Assistant Sec. Weber referred to as “the moveable middle.”14 Weber also reportedly noted, “Communication science says you need a messenger who resonates as trusted.15
  • Harvard public health professor Jay Winsten, who has advised previous administrations, reportedly explained to CBS News in its December 2020 article, “You want to go for the low-hanging fruit, those that are easiest to pick and harvest.”17  Winsten added, “People trust their own doctors, their own nurses, their own pastors, their own social networks.” An article was published in the Journal of Health Communication in April of 2022 detailing the process.19 Featuring Weber as lead author, the article confirms that HHS did, in fact, target interpersonal relationshipsWeber’s efforts were so successful that after he retired from HHS, in revolving door fashion, he formed his own private company whose purpose is to achieve goals at the federal level –skills he developed on the tax-payer’s dime as a “public servant.”
  • Market research impacted every element of the “vaccination” campaign from the beginning.
  • Dr. Thorpe made a FOIA request to obtain documents involving the three $11 million “Cooperative Agreement” grants HHS/CDC made to ACOG during the pandemic which triggered 1400+ pages, and half was redacted.
  • The FOIA requests reveal government capture in that ACOG must fully comply with all existing and future HHS guidance.  No thinking persons need apply, just follow your orders. 
  • Government agencies are now using ACOG (and many other medical organizations) to deliver its messages without being seen.
  • Further, ACOG’s mandatory compliance with the CDC means that not only is the CDC inside the patient room influencing the conversation, but so is the Gates Foundation, Big Pharma, and many other private entities due to the fact the CDC Foundation gets money from these sources.
Yet more proof of the ongoing Lyme conspiracy and experimentation on American Citizens.

Do not trust public health agencies.  They stopped caring about public health decades ago, if they ever cared at all.

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