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“Saving Lives”

Frontline Films

All three Halcombs survived COVID, including a 95 year old.  How? Watch the short video and learn about the life-saving medications that our corrupt public ‘health’ authorities and complicit media are censoring, maligning and denying.

There is complete polarization within the medical community reminiscent of Lyme/MSIDS regarding the treatment of COVID. On one hand you have mainstream doctors toeing the accepted narrative either out of ignorance, or out of fear of losing their jobs.  On the other hand you have freedom-loving doctors who are putting their necks on the chopping block as they defy the establishment and advocate for the proper treatment of patients.  The story is one Lyme/MSIDS patients know all too well.

Science and science journals have been completely compromised and are bought-out by Big Pharma.

Lyme/MSIDS patients quickly learn of the Lyme-underground where one must go in order to get appropriate help.  Now, a wider public circle is learning what we’ve contended with for over 40 years: having to go to search out “special” doctors to receive “appropriate” treatment. Hospitals have become modern day “killing fields,” with frustrated doctors splitting off forming groups separate from mainstream medicine. These brave doctors are being attacked and threatenedPoliticians and judges are now being asked to speak up for sick patients who seemingly have no recourse.

To say we are in a mess would be an understatement. The vitriol is tangible and the public is confused and being led astray – even blaming people for not succumbing to an unproven, experimental gene therapy injection utilizing a dangerous spike protein toxin which is related to thousands upon thousands of deaths, severe adverse reactions, and pathogenic priming or ADE, all of which are completely ignored by mainstream medicine and a complicit media.  One expert warns these dangerous injections may kill up to 50 million Americans.  Whistleblowers are coming out of the woodwork with crucial information:

  • CDC whistleblower lawsuit states nearly 50,000 people were killed within 14 days of a 1st or 2nd dose of a COVID-19 “vaccine”.  Deaths are severely under counted as the corrupt CDC is counting deaths within 14 days of vaccination, as unvaccinated deaths.  These statistical shennanigans have been used throughout the “plandemic” to push an accepted narrative while hiding reality. The CDC did a similar thing with the PCR test.
  • Pfizer whistleblower states the injections are bioweapons.
  • GSK whistleblower states the injections cause sterility.
  • Vaccine researcher admits the spike protein is a toxin that accumulates in the ovaries, testes, liver, spleen, bone marrow, and adrenal glands. It also crosses the blood brain barrier.
  • Vaccine expert states COVID injections drive viral mutations which will cause outbreaks.
  • Doctor testing “vaxxed” blood found COVID shots cause severe autoimmunity.
  • Pfizer scientist admits natural immunity is better than COVID shots.
  • Pfizer whistleblower reveals internal emails purposely covering up fetal cell information.
  • Medical practitioner whistleblowers admit COVID shots kill more than they save.
  • COVID injections “cause more harm than good” based on the proper scientific endpoint of “all cause severe morbidity.”
  • Microscopy is revealing graphene, metals, parasites, “mysterious discs” and living, moving “creatures” or “objects” that look and act like “Hydra Vulgaris” inside the COVID shots.
  • Doctors testing “vaxxed” blood show microclotting and other bizarre changes in the blood.
  • COVID injections are fueling mutations, causing “break-through” infections which cause more severe illness including hospitalization and death, when exposed to COVID mutations.
  • CDC continues to manipulate data to create a pandemic of the unvaccinated, and to falsely state the shots are “safe and effective,” to push their lucrative COVID shots, which they have patents on.
  • Big Tech, Big Pharma, social media, and a complicit media continue to censor reality and the fact the injections are causing severe adverse events including death and that there is no need for these dangerous injections due to safe, effective, cheap COVID treatments that have been proven to work. There were more than 500 deaths in the first year of remdesivir usage – the drug of choice by our corrupt health ‘authorities,’ vs 20 deaths in 19 years of ivermectin usage – the drug of choice from censored, maligned doctors.  Remdesivir isn’t effective for COVID, but is manufactured by Gilead Science, a CA manufacturing company which has ties to the Pentagon and has been accused of engaging in illegal bioweapon research programs in the country of Georgia. More than 100,000 pages of classified information shows that Gilead was involved in conducting military research, biological weapons research, and other clinical experiments there that resulted in the deaths of Georgian citizens.

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