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On top of the information presented below by Dr. Ruby, please also see this important video with Dr. Ryan Cole (pathologist) who explains how many people were not negatively affected by the shots due to the vials not being kept cold enough.  This error actually protected people from potential adverse reactions and death.  He too explains that the vials are all inconsistent and have different things in them, including manufacturing debris like stainless steel, aluminium, glass, etc.  “Vaccines” are supposed to be 99.9% pure.  The COVID shots are horrifically contaminated.

https://www.brighteon.com/acc1d89e-6427-4be5-8fde-2a2dab0579bd Video Here (Approx. 3 Min)

Why Do Some Vaccinated People Have Horrible Side Effects, but Others Do Not

Dr. Ruby on the Stew Peters Show gives the following information:

  • go to ClinicalTrials.gov and look up the number to the Pfizer trial
  • Pfizer has a number of different arms in their trial
  • All 3 phases are happening at once, which is illegal according to the FDA.
  • The problem is that each phase uses the phase before it to make accurate assessments for the next phase. That isn’t happening now as all arms are occurring simultaneously.
  • There are different dosages in each arm as well as a placebo arm, which means some people aren’t getting the “vaccine” at all. Dr. Wodarg of Germany has stated previously that some injections have been found to be nothing but saline, even though people are being told they’re getting the real thing and they’ve not signed up for a formal trial. There are still a lot of unanswered questions with this roll-out and a lack of manufacturer transparency.
  • While it’s unknown if secret comparison trials are being done without our knowledge, Moderna has been working on mRNA technology for years and has been unable to solve the nanolipid toxicity problem. When the dosage was too low, the mRNA didn’t stick around long enough for the drug to work, and when too high, it became toxic. They were never able to determine an effective nontoxic dose of mRNA in nanolipid.  Source
The dosage difference and the placebo are two important reasons why some are having catastrophic adverse reactions including death and some aren’t.
  • In the booster trial there are two arms, one of which includes a dose of 100mcg, and reference to a dose of 250mcg in a redacted paper. Manufacturers are hiding data.  This important video shows that information on the booster shots remains in the dark.
  • The manufacturing companies are fraudulent by not disclosing this information to the public and informing those in the trials.  If you get the jab you are actively enrolled in an ongoing study of which you are an uninformed Guinea Pig.
  • Regarding “vaccines” being “safe and effective,” please read this informative paper on how vaccine studies as a rule are a “complete methodological mess.”
    • preclinical safety studies are often not done
    • pharmacokinetic studies are not required for vaccines
    • observation periods are extremely short – often only 5-15 days after each dose
    • placebos are practically never used (they often use other vaccines)
    • since there is not placebo, there is no true control group
    • side-effects are literally “observed,” with no blood testing, no neurological exams, or any other exams.
    • majority of clinical trials are financed by the producers
    • study reports are often too incomplete
    • only healthy people are included in trials
    • “vaccine” is declared “effective” on the basis of being able to induce the production of antibodies, but this end point does not equal protection, immunity, and efficacy.

The ongoing COVID injection trial is not providing people with informed consent. It’s all a diabolical, mass experiment that corrupt public ‘authorities’ state is “safe and effective,” despite evidence to the contrary.


5 Times Big Pharma Like Pfizer Used Africans as Guinea Pigs

Nov. 2020

If you truly are concerned about racism, this right here is systemic racism of the worst sort along with the atrocity of what Bill Gates did in India and what our own government did destroying evidence showing little black boys who got the MMR vaccine on time developed autism at a much greater rate.

Why isn’t this racism addressed?  Because the golden-calf of vaccines is involved, which must not have a word uttered against it.

“Are we going to continue with discrimination and segregation in the United States of America?”  Christina Parks, molecular biologist



WHO employees took part in Congo sex abuse during Ebola crisis, report says

GENEVA, Sept 28 (Reuters) – More than 80 aid workers including some employed by the World Health Organization (WHO) were involved in sexual abuse and exploitation during an Ebola crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo, an independent commission said on Tuesday.  (See link for article)

Can you blame Africans for being skeptical of and refusing a fast-tracked, experimental “vaccine” when they continue to endure this type of abuse?
I’m with Africa.

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