**UPDATE Feb. 21, 2022**

It’s gotten so bad, state attorney generals have had to call out the FDA, CDC, Fauci, and the media for ‘fueling confusion and misinformation’ by interfering with the treatment of COVID patients.  Both Nebraska and Oklahoma doctors are now free to prescribe off-label medications such as ivermectin and HCQ for COVID without fear of disciplinary action from corrupt groups like the AMA and state medical boards.

This legal action needs to happen in each and every state in the U.S.

https://www.bitchute.com/video/cv86JlBir91g/  Video Here Approx. 25 Min.

The Story of Ivermectin & COVID-19

The story of the powerful players colluding together to suppress any knowledge of a drug that could end the pandemic

This “must see” video not only goes through Ivermectin research but reveals the players censoring it, while pushing their own lucrative drug Remdesivir which doesn’t work.

The story is actually a familiar one to Lyme/MSIDS patients.

Regarding COVID, a similar smear campaign occurred over hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in which a fraudulent study had to be retracted from a prestigious science journal. Currently, the FDA , DOJ, AMA, APhA, ASHP are trying to ban any treatments that help with COVID, but support mandated COVID injections, despite the record-breaking adverse reactions such as antibody dependent enhancement, microclotting, risk of prion and parkinson’s disease, and deaths. These injections are less than 1% effective when absolute risk is taken into account. Conflict-riddled ‘authorities’ are completely ignoring natural immunity, and have manipulated data to blame the pandemic on the unvaccinated when it is the “vaccinated” who are driving COVID to mutate and causing the explosion in ‘break-through cases‘ resulting in hospitalization and death, which have been vastly underreported.

  • The author points out that Fauci made the unusual move of announcing at a press conference from the White House in April, 2020 that the anti-viral Remdesivir for COVID diminishes time to recovery.  He doesn’t discuss mortality at all. 
  • NIAID (where Fauci works) actually paid for the NIH study he alludes to.  Being fully aware of the study he also knew that midway through it the primary end-point was changed from mortality to time to recovery. This was obviously done because researchers saw that remdesivir had no significant impact on mortality. Changing endpoints midway in a study should raise a lot of red-flags.
  • Meanwhile, using evidence based on much larger studies, the WHO did not recommend remdesivir as they stated that there is no evidence that it improves survival or any other metric in patients.
  • ‘Slight of hand’ statistical trickery such as:
    • changing study end points
    • using non-infection efficacy numbers
    • and omitting absolute risk are continually being used to mislead the public into believing the accepted narrative that HCQ and Ivermectin are ineffective and/or dangerous, but that the COVID-19 injections are safe and effective.
  • Remdesivir is manufactured by Gilead Sciences, a California-based company which has been accused of bioterrorism.
  • The video then explains how at least 7 members of the COVID-19 treatment panel have financial ties to Gilead Sciences.
  • The three co-chairs who select the other panel members do not disclose financial ties to Gilead, but two of the chairs both receive financial support from Gilead. The third co-chair was one of the authors of the NIAID funded remdesivir study.  His name is not listed as a study author, you have to dig for it by looking at the financial disclosure form of conflicts of interest.
  • These conflict-riddled panelists push the drug they make money from but know full well it has no effect on COVID-19 survival. This is professional negligence of the worst sort that has potentially resulted in millions of deaths globally.
  • They choose to suppress ivermectin with study after study proving its effectiveness on mortality, and push their own ineffective drug.
  • Similarly to how Sweden has acted as a placebo arm in this vast evil experiment by refusing to lock down and force masks, resulting in ZERO COVID deaths, the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, which has about 70% of the U.S. population, chose to authorize ivermectin for those testing positive, for their primary contacts and for health care workers. Ivermectin brought COVID deaths down to ZERO.
  • Ivermectin could have ended the pandemic LAST SUMMER.
  • The suppression and censorship of Ivermectin is a crime.
Spread the word.  Effective treatments are purposely being withheld from the public causing needless deaths.
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