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Dr. Nathan Thompson: “My jaw dropped when I tested someone´s immune system after the 2nd jab”

“This person has autoimmunity.” – Dr. Nathan Thompson

SINCE ALL DOCTORS CAN DO THIS – everyone tell your doctor to test you NOW if you have taken the shot, especially if you took a second.  Tell them you need the test described, for if this is true,  there is going to be an explosion soon.  My prediction…  Get tested, get verified…information is key now.  YOU MUST FIND OUT.
  • Another doctor has been doing D-dimer tests on his “vaccinated” patients and has found 65% to have microscopic-blood clotting.
  • A study on the military has discovered COVID jabs increase heart inflammation.
  • An expert warns the jabs cause inflammation, blood clotting, and could cause Mad Cow disease.
  • Research shows the risk of prion disease with the jabs.
  • Research shows abnormal imaging of lymph nodes, blood clotting, and that immunocompromised people (like Lyme/MSIDS patients) are still susceptible to COVID after jab.
  • A study shows the Pfizer jab increases risk of myocarditis three-fold. Chinese cupping demonstrates what “vaxxed” blood looks like.
  • Whistleblowers are coming out of the woodwork warning about the COVID jabs.
  • Irish doctor warns that the jabs are “killing people.”  Her license was immediately suspended.
  • Former French Vaccine Policy Chief states the jabs contain the sequence of a gene—the first time this has ever been done, and that genetic material is being injected into your body, which is why it should not be labelled a “vaccine.” When you inject messenger RNA to produce a huge amount of spike protein, a fragment of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, you can’t control the process.  He was promptly fired.
  • German doctors are finding the COVID jabs are changing the blood of those getting them.
  • A pathologist warns that the spike protein is causing damage to organs, crosses the blood-brain barrier causing inflammation, and that there has been a 10-20 fold increase in uterine cancer in the 6 months since the shots came out.
  • Study shows the COVID jabs increases the risk of Parkinson’s.
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