Canadian MP Derek Sloan Uses Parliament Hill To Give Voices to Censored Doctors & Scientists

ER Editor: This video was posted to Bitchute by Health Impact News. MP Derek Sloan provides a platform from Parliament Hill for Guelph University scientist and vaccinologist Dr. Byram Bridle, famous for having recently declared that a vaccine based on the toxic spike protein was a mistake. Also emergency physician Dr. Patrick Philips and scientist Dr. Donald Welsh of the University of Western Ontario. Here are our notes from the presentations, but we recommend watching this 38-minute video.

‘The mixing of politics and medicine is unprecedented’

Derek Sloan, MP

  • Hospital figures are skewed by shipping in patients from other areas, such as Toronto.
  • Many of the sick people in hospitals have been vaccinated.
  • The College of Nurses in Ontario is threatening their members if they speak out, ditto for the College of Physicians.
  • Informed consent is not being sought when vaccines are being administered.
  • Through a nurse whistleblower, we learn that women are getting heart problems, too. An armed forces member claims they are being pressured to be vaccinated, which may be made compulsory by November. Will this happen to the general Canadian population?
  • Canadian officials are deliberately misleading the public and must be held to account. People daring to speak out, including experts, are being harshly censored and/or threatened.

‘The party system has hijacked Democracy. The Public needs to demand their local MP represent them’

Dr. Byram Bridle

  • As a PUBLIC SERVANT, he has a responsibility to answer questions honestly.
  • The link between Covid vaccines and heart inflammation has created a bomb. He’s facing attacks from colleagues; fake social media accounts have been created to trash him. Private medical info on his parents has been made public.
  • His site is:
  • The link between the vaccines and heart inflammation is well established by Pfizer and through other sources. The scientific literature has exploded in the last 16 months. Traditional notions about vaccines, where they stay in the deltoid muscle and are picked up from there by the lymph node system, don’t apply. mRNA is distributed throughout the body. Only 25% remains in the deltoid muscle.
  • PEG (polyethylene glycol) is present. It facilitates the spread of the lipid nanoparticles through the body and helps the immune system be BYPASSED. So does this DAMPEN our immune system’s ability instead of enhancing it? It’s a lot of speculation at this point, but we do know that the spike protein spreads throughout the body.
  • These vaccines have not been adequately tested yet we’re giving it to kids. The only part that has been tested is the lipid nanotechnology, not the vaccine itself.
  • We were told there weren’t any shortcuts being taken, yet there have been lots. The historical animal studies, from which we can draw some information, are not appropriate for human subjects.  Mass vaccination of children demands an exceptionally high level of safety.
  • Members of the media, some politicians as well as medical people (100s of physicians) have all spoken to him privately – he is here today to represent them.
  • Canadians must ask if they want their doctors and researchers to be suppressed.

‘Right now, I don’t recognize the country I was born into. Let us learn to respect one another once again.’

Dr. Patrick Philips

  • Lockdowns have brought harms that he’s never seen before, such as suicides and cases of metastatic cancer.
  • In April, The College of Physicians of Ontario issued a statement whereby doctors can’t communicate statements critical of the government’s covid policy(vaccines, masks, distancing, alternative treatments, etc.) REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE EVIDENCE SAYS.
  • Treatments exist with lots of peer reviewed studies behind them for the success of VITAMIN D and IVERMECTIN. This information has been criticized by the College of Physicians. This is wrong and unconscionable.

‘The underpinning of Science is open debate’

Dr. Donald Welsh

  • Science has not been functioning for the past 15 months.
  • All Covid measures have failed and caused harms that will take years to overcome.
  • Canada needs a royal commission to investigate the public response to the virus crisis.


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