Massive Fraud in Reporting Vaccine Injuries; Withheld Data, Pretense of “Safe and Effective”

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ONE: A bombshell. Alex Berenson, former New York Times reporter, August 6: “Covid vaccine maker Moderna received 300,000 reports of side effects after vaccinations over a three-month period following the launch of its shot, according to an internal report from a company that helps Moderna manage the reports.”

BOOM. 300,000 vaccine adverse effects NOT reported to VAERS, the federal database.

TWO: Independent researcher Virginia Stoner has issued a stunning new report on the VAERS numbers, and the effort by mainstream scientists to minimize the destructive effects of the COVID vaccines. Here are key quotes from her report:

More deaths have been reported to VAERS from the covid shots than from all other vaccines combined for the last 30 years.”

“There’s a code of silence shielding the massive increase in deaths (and other serious injuries) reported to VAERS from the covid shots. Not only do CDC web pages and press releases omit that inconvenient fact-vaccine research studies omit it as well.”

THREE: Open letter from Doctors for COVID Ethics accusing governments and media of lying to the people:

  • “Official sources, namely EudraVigilance (EU, EEA, Switzerland), MHRA (UK) and VAERS (USA), have now recorded more Injuries and Deaths from the ‘Covid’ vaccine roll-out than from all previous vaccines combined since records began.”
  • “TOTAL for EU/UK/USA – 34,052 Covid-19 injection related deaths and over 5.46 million injuries reported as at 1 August 2021.”
  • “It is important to be aware that the official figures above (reported to the health authorities) are but a small percentage of the actual figures. Furthermore, people continue to die (and suffer injury) from the injections with every day which passes.”

FOUR: The well-known 2010 Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc. study of VAERS bluntly stated: “Adverse events from vaccines are common but underreported, with less than one percent reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Low reporting rates preclude or delay the identification of ‘problem’ vaccines, potentially endangering the health of the public.”

FIVE: In view of the massive number of vaccine injuries and deaths, how would we expect the public to react? Here is a major clue. Stat News, July 21: “Millions of unused Covid-19 vaccines are set to go to waste as demand dwindles across the United States and doses likely expire this summer, according to public health officials…”

SIX: Understanding this, government, media, and corporate criminals are ramping up vaccine mandates wherever and however they can, to force the needle into your arm.


FDA Approves Pfizer’s COVID “Vaccine”

— “Milestone” in pandemic, acting FDA commissioner says
FDA Approves Pfizer's COVID Vaccine

The FDA approved the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine on Monday, the first “vaccine” against the novel coronavirus to receive full approval.

The vaccine will be marketed as Comirnaty, and can be used for individuals ages 16 and older to prevent COVID-19. However, the vaccine is still under emergency use authorization (EUA) for adolescents ages 12-15, the agency said.  (See link for article)


The change the name switcheroo tactic has been done before with the AstraZeneca shots to attempt hiding the deadly nature of its experimental viral vector DNA injections.

Despite the fact clinical trails were designed to take two years, and that there was no control group receiving a placebo, the Washington Post, states this is the fastest approval (4 months) in the FDA’s history. This approval now allows doctors to give boosters before the FDA clears them.

Also due to FDA approval, the military will be mandated to get the COVID jab by the middle of September, despite the fact a study on the military shows heart inflammation is linked to COVID injections.  Importantly, as of the end of June, 2021, only 26 soldiers have actually died from COVID. 

Soldiers who refuse could face discipline including courts-martial, which has already happened when some refused to get the Anthrax vaccine. Many are now fighting back by filing a lawsuit against the Pentagon.

According to the New York Times, a full-blown public protest from nurses, med techs, infection control officers and staff has broken out against “vaccine” mandates.

Similar mandates are now expected in the private sector as well.

The Biden Administration has ramped up the pressure for full approval which will result in:

Pfizer and BioNTech have stated they intend to generate billions of dollars in revenues (and likely profits) from sales.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told The Defender:

“This is a sinister scheme for mandating a badly flawed vaccine that has already made history with record deaths and injuries, that neither prevents disease nor transmission, and does not improve mortality. Pfizer’s most recent six-month data show that while the jab prevents some COVID deaths, it causes more heart attacks yielding a net loss of life.”


Saw this coming a mile away.  Truth in science no longer matters.  There is a much bigger game at play here and lives just don’t matter when billions of dollars are at stake.

While the article states that this “vaccine” has met the FDA’s rigorous, scientific standards, please remember anyone getting these injections is effectively enrolled in an ongoing study.  You are the Guinea pig.  Never forget that. 

It also erroneously goes on to state the vaccine is “100% effective in preventing severe diseases, as defined by the CDC.”  Anyone in Lyme/MSIDS land should know by now that the CDC has been fraudulently defining diseases for decades based upon their own lucrative vested interests

When absolute risk is taken into account, these COVID jabs are less than 1% effective.

And a preprint paper from Oxford shows that fully “vaccinated” healthcare workers carry 251 times the viral load in their noses than the unvaccinated – showing clearly the reason for the rash of “break-through” infections seen globally. These healthcare workers, acting as powerful Typhoid Mary-style super-spreaders of the infection, acquired, carried, and transmitted the Delta variant to their unvaccinated coworkers and patients. 

And there is an ever-mounting list of reported adverse reactions and deaths.
Please remember that 1% of reactions are reported to VAERS.

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