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We Stand in Solidarity with Dr. Peter McCullough MD

We the undersigned stand in deep support and gratitude of Dr. Peter McCullough MD. We recognize his unwavering commitment to upholding his fiduciary responsibility to his patients, the highest standards of science and to the Hippocratic Oath.

Most notably Dr. McCullough has and continues to be a forerunner and promoter of early ambulatory treatment of covid symptoms. Due to Dr. McCullough’s contribution, protocols such as those described in  Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection, countless lives have been saved. Going further, Dr. McCullough, with other respected researchers and physicians developed an early treatment plan for senior care facilities as well as raised valid concerns over both the safety and efficacy of the  covid vaccines, especially considering the increasing number of breakthrough cases being experienced the world over, as well as the number of adverse events reported.

Instead of commending Dr. McCullough and backing these lifesaving discoveries, Baylor Scott and White has initiated a law suit, claiming that Dr. McCullough is falsely associating with their organization, and is demanding 1,000,000 in monetary aid as well as non monetary aid.

We the undersigned strongly and emphatically urge that the individuals working on behalf of Baylor Scott and White dismiss this case. Your time and energies are much better spent in supporting Dr. McCullough in saving lives.

Let it be known that the scientific, medical and lay communities are watching this development very closely and resolutely stand with Dr. McCullough.  (Sign Petition Here)

Dr. Sam White is a GP who has been telling the truth and therefore has been maliciously accused of spreading misinformation. He is facing a hearing by the General Medical Council to silence him and question his mental health. He urgently needs your support. Please help him by signing and sharing this petition.

Go to link to read Dr. White’s quotes and assertions which have also been given by experts globally.



For those of you just tuning in, Dr. McCullough has been outspoken about the availability of cheap and effective COVID treatments, and the dangers of the COVID injections.  He’s also stated that 500,000 lives could have been spared had information on ivermectin not been suppressed.

This undoubtedly has put him at the top of the hit list.

Now, he is being sued by the Texas-based health system, Baylor Scott & White (BSWH), after appearing on The Stew Peters Show to warn Americans about the COVID vaccines.

Dr. McCullough is being sued for having allegedly misrepresented himself as a spokesperson for BSWH during an interview in which he expressed his expert opinion and listed his concerns on the coronavirus vaccines.

The lawsuit coincides with a decision by BSWH to mandate vaccination for all their 40,000 employees.

Dr. White has stated:

  • The definition of death from COVID has resulted in a hugely distorted epidemiology
  • Risk of death from COVID is similar to that of the seasonal flu
  • There is no pandemic
  • PCR is over diagnosing COVID cases
  • NHS test and trace system is ineffective
  • Vitamin D has proven benefit in preventing and treating COVID but NHS ignores it
  • Vitamin C has proven benefit in preventing and treating COVID but NHS ignores it
  • Other micronutrients have proven benefit but NHS ignores them
  • HCQ is a clinically useful drug to prevent and treat COVID, but GPs are not educated or encouraged to employ it
  • And much more (see link for the rest)
For anyone reading posts on this website understands that numerous experts have stated the exact same things.
Similarly to Lyme/MSIDS doctors, Dr. White is being singled out and used as an example to frighten other doctors from speaking out and treating patients with effective, proven treatments.
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