The great Ivermectin deworming hoax

writer’s pseudonym, graduated summa cum laude from Wabash College where he was named a Lilly Scholar. He attended Baylor College of Medicine where he was awarded the M.D. degree. He completed a residency in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at The University of California Irvine Medical Center. He is board-certified and has taught at The University of California Davis Medical Center in the departments of Family Practice and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. He has practiced medicine for over 35 years and maintains a private practice in Northern California.

In a normal year, the Kentucky Poison Control Center might receive one call from someone who has taken ivermectin, a drug commonly used to treat parasites in livestock. But amid increasing misinformation about the drug’s ability to both treat and prevent COVID-19, that number has increased to six this year.

This alarming news was published in Spectrum News – formerly known as Time Warner Cable – on August 24, 2021, and should be a lesson to every American.

The lesson is not about Ivermectin being poisonous because it isn’t, but about the pervasiveness of a type of new internet propaganda termed “informational flooding.”

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Beautiful article.  Please share.

I’m sure the author, a bona fide doctor using a pseudonym, is afraid of retaliation for this expose’ on how corrupt public ‘authorities’ are handling the treatment of ivermectin. Doctors are being threatened on a daily basis for defying the accepted narrative, a phenomenon that’s been happening for over 40-years in Lyme-land.

Important quote:

It was all untrue. We were all lied to.

We’ve heard this before.  Believe NOTHING you have been told. It’s all been a:

“pack of lies, from start to finish – pure propaganda.”  Dr. Hodgkinson

Also, regarding the assertion that Ivermectin is confined to animals:

On the contrary, Ivermectin is used every day for scabies and is not confined to animals any more than penicillin is purely an animal antibiotic.

I will also add that it is a common drug in the treatment of Lyme/MSIDS, due to the fact ticks also can transmit worms to humans.

Another important quote:

The fact that Ivermectin is so much SAFER than over-the-counter Tylenol should make you wonder exactly why these articles made the news. The reason is simple.

Pfizer and Merck are getting ready to launch expensive new anti-viral pills that can provide early outpatient treatment for COVID-19 and perhaps even be used preventatively. Yet Ivermectin remains effective, cheap, and safe and thus poses a HUGE threat to their profits.


The article also clearly points out that these new medicines will be 100-1,000 times pricier and have already been funded by the U.S. government to the tune of 1.2 BILLION.  This simply means WE, through our tax dollars have already paid for it.

Merck already knows Ivermectin is safe, as they developed it and have used it in over three BILLION doses IN HUMANS for River Blindness.

Well, there’s an inconvenient truth.

The author then painstakingly goes through the Ivermectin research on its success with COVID and points out there are 63 AND COUNTING studies involving 26,000 patients showing a 96% reduction in DEATH. 

Case closed.

Do not believe these charlatans who have patents on nearly every aspect of COVID and their minions who either blindly follow these characters or are in on the game.  A good doctor doesn’t blindly follow others.

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