**UPDATE Aug. 16, 2022**

The “fact-checkers” continue to rewrite history in an Orwellian fashion in hopes that we will all just forget the flat-out wrong advice that was and IS being used to decimate our economy, ruin lives, coerce people take an experimental gene therapy based upon faulty premises, actually make people sicker, and destroy the social fabric of our world. Public health “authorities” willfully lied to the public to manufacture consent for the policy goal of achieving high “vaccine” uptake.  This includes but is not limited to Deborah Birx, previous COVID reponse coordinator of the White House.  Here’s another example on the CDC’s new “streamlined” COVID guidance full of inaccuracies, presumptions, and outright fables.

Birx appeared recently on a news program and stated that she knew the shots were not going to protect against infection and suggested officials overplayed the ability of the injections.  They have also lied by stating the shots protect against severe disease, hospitalization and death – when they don’t.

Please know Birx’s admission is a complete about-face from her previous stance, and similarly to the CDC’s “quiet” update of their website story below, is the way corrupt leaders handle error, and is similar to how science is now done by press release and a powerful, unelected cabal controls both scientific funding and health policy.  When facts finally become indisputable, just change your mind, and act like you always believed it. 

After all, the public is stupid and won’t remember.

Birx has created further damage by stating that testing and Paxlovid will save us.  Reminder: testing is a complete and utter farce and Paxlovid is one of the most toxic drugs on the market which interacts with 32 classes of drugs and actually causes a “rebound effect” after taking it.  (Why would you take a drug that gives you the disease again, and is often worse the second time around?)

Health ‘authorities’ righteously keep spinning tales.

Jeremy R. Hammond called out the author, Yacob Reyes, and PolitiFact on Twitter, demanding that they retract their hoax “fact check”. You can help by putting the pressure on by sharing both the article and tweet. I encourage you to retweet with your own comment demanding that they retract the article with a notice of retraction. Also be sure to follow Hammond on Twitter.

Lastly, the corrupt, bought-out, complicit media needs to be held accountable for their continued gaslighting, and propaganda techniques in their supposed “fact-checking” which in itself is a form of misinformation.

BTW: The CDC “quietly” updates its website frequently with life-altering information for those paying attention, but never bothers to publicly make the announcement. 


CDC (quietly) removes a massive claim on vaccine safety

and bolsters concerns about mRNA and cancer

when assessing the filings of anything from companies to pharmaceuticals much of the interesting information is conveyed in the changes. what has been added? what has been taken out?

you catch a company taking text out of a 10-K in some friday night filing and you know they wanted to bury it.

well buckle up, because the CDC just dramatically changed their claims about mRNA vaccine safety and this one is a doozie.

this is the current claim. it can be found HERE.

but if we rewind to late july using the wayback machine, we get THIS. notice anything that used to be in this “facts” assemblage but that has been “disappeared”?

(See link for article)



What’s changed is that the CDC stated initially that the mRNA innoculant injections remained localized in the injection site and were rapidly cleared by the body.

  • Point 1 has long been proven to be false and was known (but not disclosed) from animal data that predates EUA and was never even tested in humans pre-approval. It was rapidly abandoned.
  • Point 2 has long been shown to be false as well.  Over a year ago a vaccine researcher attempted to warn the public how the spike protein was found in the blood stream and is linked to blood clots, heart and brain damage, and potential risks to nursing babies and fertility. Now, even the CDC is no longer willing to make the assertion that the body clears it rapidly.

The author states we should get worried because the spike protein in the injections is far more dangerous than the spike from COVID infection – and especially now when compared to moderate variants. 

Further, the elicited S proteins are NOT the same genetic sequences as the live virus they are highly guanine-cytosine content (GC) enriched which has its own potential for danger.  GC content is the percentage of nitrogenous bases in a DNA or RNA molecule that are either guanine or cytosine.  The reason it’s dangerous is that such genes express more efficiently causing lots of inadvertently active areas.  This was not tested for in the trials.

  • actual virus is 36%
  • pfizer is 53%
  • moderna is 61%
  • those are, respectively, 47% and 69% more CG content than live virus
The danger played out in reality is the longer these “vaccine” spike proteins linger in the body, the increased risk of cancer, heart and brain damage, blood clots, and risks to nursing babies and fertility.
The exact things that are being seen in VAERS reporting.

It must be pointed out that claims by the CDC on these products have repeatedly been proven to be falseFurther, the CDC has repeatedly been caught lying, manipulating, and covering up “vaccine” damage.

The CDC’s quiet update has been pointed out by the ethical skeptic in so many threads  as well as their other nefarious deeds:

the CDC has stopped reporting on cancers (malignant neoplasms) and a variety of heart disorders.

it’s been 71 days since this “went offline” for “system upgrades.”

OOPS.  Those darned upgrades that are perfectly timed

This reminds me of how the DOD edited the medical database after whistleblowers from within the military came forward and testified in a legal challenge about the astronomical levels of strokes, blood clots, cerebral bleeding, and neurological injuries after the mRNA rollout.

Just “upgrade” or “edit” data that is inconvenient, and then act like nothing happened.

Never, ever forget the broken promises made by our corrupt public health officials that have maimed and killed people.
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