Just today, the CDC has estimated there have been over 1 million excess deaths in the U.S. since the start of the COVID ‘pandemic.’  What’s sad is many of those deaths could have been avoided if the CDC had not denied early treatments to push lucrative gene therapy injections that have been linked to more adverse reactions and deaths than any other vaccine in the history of VAERS, which many state is still woefully low. Further, the CDC is guilty of lying, flip-flopping on advice, and collusion with Big Pharma.

The mismanagement of the entire issue  of COVID needs to be acknowledged and dealt with or we will continue to revisit this. The following information is a great start:

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How the CDC Abandoned Science

Vinay Prasad MD

Article here:  https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/science/articles/how-the-cdc-abandoned-science

How the CDC Abandoned Science

Mass youth hospitalizations, COVID-induced diabetes, and other myths from the brave new world of science as political propaganda

The main federal agency guiding America’s pandemic policy is the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, which sets widely adopted policies on masking, vaccination, distancing, and other mitigation efforts to slow the spread of COVID and ensure the virus is less morbid when it leads to infection. The CDC is, in part, a scientific agency—they use facts and principles of science to guide policy—but they are also fundamentally a political agency: The director is appointed by the president of the United States, and the CDC’s guidance often balances public health and welfare with other priorities of the executive branch.

Throughout this pandemic, the CDC has been a poor steward of that balance, pushing a series of scientific results that are severely deficient. This research is plagued with classic errors and biases, and does not support the press-released conclusions that often follow.  (See link for article)


Important quote:

The next decade will be critical as we face an increasingly existential question: Is science autonomous and sacred, or a branch of politics? I hope we choose wisely, but I fear the die is already cast.

Prasad goes through numerous studies, outlining the flaws. Definitely worth your time.

Recently a Johns Hopkins professors states to “ignore the CDC” due to their refusal to recognize natural immunity from previous infection. The WHO also recently changed the definition of herd immunity to now only come from vaccines, essentially rewriting hundreds of years of scientific understanding.

Go here for an outstanding interview with Jeremy Hammond, an independent journalist on CDC lies and censorship.  The flu vaccine is also discussed.  Scroll to 4:30 to hear Hammond.



EXCLUSIVE: Former Harvard Prof. Martin Kulldorff: ‘Science and Public Health Are Broken’

By Charlotte Cuthbertson
February 16, 2022 

Dr. Martin Kulldorff is one of the most qualified public health pandemic experts in the United States. To the narrative-shapers, he’s a pariah.

As a prominent epidemiologist and statistician, Kulldorff has worked on detecting and monitoring infectious disease outbreaks for two decades. His methods are widely used around the world and by almost every state health department in the United States, as well as by hundreds of people at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Kulldorff has also worked on vaccine safety for decades, developing globally used methods for monitoring adverse reactions in new vaccines.  (See link for article)



  • Kulldorf left Harvard in November.
  • He states the public narrative was established and nobody was allowed to question it.
  • He tried to point out in March, 2020 that the focus should be to protect the elderly and high risk since the majority of people do not get severe COVID.
  • He experienced trouble publishing his paper in the U.S. due to censorship, so published in Sweden.
  • He also published the Great Barrington Declaration, with Dr. Sunetra Gupta and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya in October 2020.
  • He states the Declaration is nothing new and covers the basic fundamental principles of public health that existed in a plan that was prepared many years before but is currently being ignored.
  • He states the public is standing on firm scientific ground when they follow their intuition that the COVID restrictions aren’t based on public health science. 
  • Scientific consensus for lockdowns was formed through high-profile public health officials like Fauci, Collins, and Birx, along with mainstream media.
  • He states there aren’t any valid public health arguments against the Declaration, but that people wanting to criticize it have had to resort to slander and lies.
  • A FOIA request showed emails with Fauci and Collins communicating the need for a quick and devastating published takedown of  the Great Barrington Declaration. A day later Google began censoring search results for it.  Both men have gone on record stating the Declaration is “dangerous,” “ridiculous,” and “total nonsense.” Mainstream and social media giants then began a smear campaign against it.
  • His family members in Sweden understood his divergent tack as Sweden had a much more sane approach.
  • He stated that if you speak out against Fauci’s views, you lose funding.  If you agree with him, you get the funding.  There is currently a lot of fake science.
  • Four prominent scientists who were instrumental in shaping the COVID-19 “natural origin” narrative received substantial increases in grant money from Fauci’s NIAID in the subsequent two years.
  • Kulldorff is currently working with the Brownstone Institute as the scientific director, and is also part of Hillsdale College’s new Academy for Science and Freedom to promote and defend the importance of open, free scientific discourse.

“We shouldn’t have those conflicts. Research should be very broad, and we should fund broadly different ideas, and some pan out and some don’t, but that’s how you do good science.” Dr. Kulldorff

For more on the corrupt CDC:

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