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Aug. 9, 2022

A FOIA request finally received a response from the CDC.  The CDC states for the period between April to October 2021:

“The National Center for Emerging Zoonotic Infectious Diseases performed a search of our records that failed to reveal any documents pertaining to your request.”

It goes onto say:

“….during the period specified, no abstractions were performed for myocarditis: an association between myocarditis and mRNA COVID-19 vaccination was not known at that time.  Likewise, we have no reports during that period.:

This is a blatant lie.

The first reports of myocarditis (14 cases) in the military were being tracked by the Pentagon (as well as Israeli authorities) back in April of 2021.  A month later in May, 2021 the CDC investigated heart inflammation in “vaccinated” teens and young adults. And yet again in June, 2021 there were another 800 reports in the VAERS system of heart inflammation after the gene therapy shots. CDC researchers stated the available data:

“suggests an association with immunization.”

In August, 2021, those same CDC researchers put together a presentation describing the issue of heart inflammation as “harm from vaccination.”

The Epoch Times then reached out to Barbara Loe Fischer, head of NVIC, who states:

“[The claim that the link wasn’t known] is provably false….Either the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing at the CDC or federal health officials are disseminating misinformation about what they knew about myocarditis following mRNA COVID vaccines and when they knew it.”

Perhaps to the publicity the inquiry was generating, the CDC then offered a correction email which states:

“Apparently the CDC needs to make a correction! [The agency is acknowledging that by June 2021, data began to indicate a link between the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and heart inflammation, outlined that month in two presentations made to government vaccine advisory panels.] Additional data accumulated in subsequent months, ultimately leading to the conclusion that a causative association did indeed exist.  However, such a conclusion required time to accumulate and analyze data.”

While the CDC has issued a correction, albeit a late one and only done due to pressure, they still haven’t answered the FOIA request for the internal documents within the CDC regarding heart inflammation.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson has also attempted to get this information with the same result.

“[The CDC’s response] raises even more questions about the agency’s honesty, transparency, and use, or lack thereof, of its safety surveillance systems, such as VAERS, to detect COVID-19 vaccine adverse events.  I have sent two letters to the CDC about the agency’s inability to find records demonstrating its use of the vaccine surveillance systems.  To date, the CDC has failed to respond to my letters.” ~ Senator Ron Johnson

Where are the documents?

Why is it so difficult to get information, which should be transparent and readily available for the public, from America’s top public health agency entrusted with monitoring adverse events from vaccinations that they are pushing and mandating?

Answer:  they are hopelessly and utterly corrupt and undeserving of our trust.


Preprint From Thailand Shows 1 in 43 Teens Get Myocarditis After COVID Shot

Aug. 12, 2022

Kim Iversen & Dr. Peter McCullough



Professor Richard Ennos on the Increase in Sudden Deaths

“So Often We Are Told These Things Are Just A Coincidence.”

July 27, 2022

GBN News Mark Steyn interviews University of Edinburgh, Professor Richard Ennos, who explains the experiment they ran to determine the cause of the excess deaths.  At the beginning of 2022 we didn’t have excess deaths, but excess deaths began in Scotland about 10 weeks into 2022.  The deaths started in the older age groups first and then began in the younger age groups as well, exactly as they predicted  – that there is a relationship between the COVID shots and the excess deaths.

If that isn’t enough, Dr. Clare Craig (consultant pathologist in England who states the FDA should not have granted EUA of the shots for children) states:

“After Pfizer, Moderna, one in 500 had a serious adverse event. And after AstraZeneca is one in 142.”

After ‘coincidences’ are factored in, the approximated rate is between one in 500 and one in 5000.

She also gave written evidence on the many problems with data transparency and accountability regarding COVID.

New data from the Netherlands ALSO reveals a link between higher “vaccine” uptake and higher mortality.  Dutch researcher André Redetti compares mortality rate and vaccine uptake between municipalities in the Netherlands and finds no mortality-reducing effect from vaccination.

Instead he finds a statistically significant positive correlation between vaccine uptake and mortality.

The full analysis is not yet peer reviewed, but it is available on Researchgate(See link for article)

We’ve been told repeatedly that the mRNA “vaccines” are “safe and effective,” yet they don’t prevent transmission or infection, and they don’t prevent severe illness or death, and actually have negative efficacy with evidence of increased risk of myocarditis & pericarditis in the week following the injections and a positive correlation between “vaccine” uptake and increased mortality.


This news story shows that in Taiwan more died after the COVID Shot than from COVID.

This is not the first time this information was made public.  In fact over a year ago, one team published an engineering analysis to determine the current underreporting factor (URF) from the VAERS information and found the factor to be 41. When applied against the government data they found 173% more children died from the vaccine than from the illness.

Many scientists and health experts have warned that vaccinating children against COVID-19 is unnecessary and extremely risky.

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Unexpected 40% Increase in ‘All Cause Deaths’ in 2021

Feb. 2, 2022

KUSI presents Dr. Kelly Victory, Emergency Medicine & Disaster Specialist

In response to this bombshell, the DOD simply edited the military medical database to hide the COVID shot injuries.

If you are unfamiliar with the story on how the DOD “recalibrated” health surveillance data, see this article, as well as this article which states the Pentagon’s reaction only seems to be concerned with exonerating the “vaccine,” not fixing its own alleged health surveillance problem.


  • The DOD magically and suddenly discovered 5 years of “false data” only after attorney Renz came forth with shockingly dramatic increases in medical diagnoses among the military.
  • According to Horowitz, the DOD is only concerned with downplaying any potential culpability of the vaccine, not explaining how military health data could be so wrong.
  • This means the CDC was looking at data for months that showed insane safety signals and did nothing about it, and somehow nobody in HHS or the DOD all along thought the data was a “glitch.”
  • Horowitz further states that there is no way the “new” data could be updated so quickly.
  • Just take a look at the two graphs, the first of which shows the original data of total outpatient diagnoses before the Pentagon changed it:

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