**UPDATE July, 2022**

https://rumble.com/v12y1pz-dr-richard-urso-explosion-des-cancers-et-des-maladies-late.html  Video Here (Approx. 5 Min)

Dr. Richard Urso explains how the lipid nanoparticle mRNA COVID injection goes systemically into the entire body and doesn’t remain in the arm as thought.  It also continues to produce the spike protein at least 60 days out if not longer and also being found 15 months later.  It also interferes with cancer blocking genes and they are seeing an uptick in cancers as well as other viruses now after the shots and there’s been a 40% increase in deaths those ages 18-64 years of age and an 84% increase in the 25-44 age group according to insurance companies.

https://mobile.twitter.com/UK__Citizen/status/1464941141867089925  Video Here

Oncologist Dr. Ray Page explains what he is seeing in cancer patients post jab

Please watch this brief, two minute video of what an oncologist is seeing in his cancer patients after they get the COVID shots.

  • “Vaccines” are supposedly safe and effective, until they are NOT.
  • All “vaccines” have adverse events.
  • There are things that should cause a doctor to pause, and blood clotting is one of them.
  • He’s seeing clots in the splenetic artery, hepatic artery, ovarian artery, and in the veins, including the cerebral veins. This isn’t normal.
  • He’s seeing bleeding, including menstrual bleeding as platelets are disappearing.
  • There are unusual neurological events including TIA’s, strokes, Bell’s Palsy, exacerbation of neuropathies, cardiovascular events including heart attacks, and aneurysms.
  • He’s had cancer patients with stable aortic aneurysms for years, but after getting a COVID booster shot their aneurysm has exploded to 8.5 centimeters requiring emergency surgery.  He has never seen this before.
  • It is known that the spike protein causes vascular injury & inflammation.

Not mentioned is the discovery of graphene hydroxide by Dr. Andreas Noack, who very well may have paid with his life for exposing this ingredient in the COVID shots. This new nano-technology isn’t understood by doctors or toxicologists, and will not show up on tests as it is a mono-layer of sharp carbon which serves as razor-blades that spreads homogeneously in liquid including the blood. This ingredient would explain all the clotting and hemorrhaging as the body is working overtime to fix all the vascular trauma (disseminated intramuscular coagulation (DIC), thereby exhausting the coagulation system (thrombocytopenia). This event was discussed in a paper nearly a year ago by 12 scientists telling EU regulators to address urgent safety concerns or halt the shots.  Crickets.

For the latest VAERS data and a mounting list of adverse reactions & deaths:  https://madisonarealymesupportgroup.com/2020/12/21/warning-3150-injuries-in-1st-week-of-covid-vaccines-among-american-healthcare-workers-pregnant-women-included/  Please note all the sudden deaths, heart, and blood issues.

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