Molecular Biologist: mRNA Vaccine Mandates Based on ‘Faulty Assumption’

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Calling mRNA “vaccines” gene therapies that the media have oversimplified based on a “faulty assumption,” Michigan molecular biologist Christina Parks gave a chilling testimony at a hearing on Michigan HB 4471, which would prohibit employers from discriminating against an individual who has not received the shot.

Saying mandates “basically take away our freedom of choice,” Parks said the faulty assumption is that vaccines prevent transmission when in actuality they don’t. “Does the vaccine for DTaP prevent transmission?” she asks. “No. Does the vaccine for flu prevent transmission? No.

Do the vaccines for COVID prevent transmission? No. In fact they were never designed to do that.” As far as the “95% effective” goes, that isn’t even a reality, she said, because the Delta variant is predominant now — and “these vaccines have no ability to prevent infection by and transmission of the Delta variant.”  She doesn’t mention the fact when absolute risk is taken into account these injections are less than 1% effective.  She also doesn’t mention that without looking at infection rates, efficacy numbers convey nothing useful.  Statistical ‘slight of hand’ shenanigans are misleading the public. Further, these injections have caused more adverse reactions and death than all the vaccines reported to VAERS in the past 30 years.

Asking the legislature to base their decisions on real data, Parks pointed out that, as someone with a Ph.D., she is among those who are most vaccine hesitant for the COVID vaccines. And, aside from understanding the science of what the vaccines can and cannot do, she is also keenly aware of why people — especially Blacks — with less than a college education are also hesitant to trust the government’s vaccine recommendations.

The question, she said, is “who are we going to exclude from the workforce? Are we going to continue with discrimination and segregation in the United States of America?”

SOURCE: YouTube August 24, 2021


For a powerful short video on why blacks are “vaccine” hesitant:

For an excellent expose on the “vaccine” mandates, watch a 9 min report by investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson on Full Measure.  Video Here if Youtube censors it below (Approx. 11 min) 


10 Minutes of Powerful Truth: “Vaccine” Mandates are Illegal

Tricia Lindsay gives a very powerful speech to the public about how the US government and governments around the world are violating human rights by imposing mandates and discriminate against the unvaccinated.

“This is medical rape.” Tricia Lindsay, Civil Rights Attorney

For more:

There’s been a lot of cover-up, fraud, and collusion in the public health arena.  A group of inter-agency scientists formed a group called SPIDER that has delineated the corruption.  These groups are known to manipulate data for their own nefarious purposes.  I am elated that someone from the black community is educating others on these true racial travesties which have been covered up by our corrupt public health ‘authorities,’ because it concerns the ‘golden calf’ of vaccines – therefore it’s simply swept under the rug because, “it’s for the greater good.”

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