The Lyme Vaccine That Got Away

Twenty years ago, you could get a vaccine for Lyme disease. Now you can’t. What happened?

Illustration by Julie Benbassat

How does a vaccine get developed, studied, approved, distributed, and administered, and then just … disappear? On Episode 34 of The Politics of Everything, hosts Laura Marsh and Alex Pareene explore what happened to LYMErix, a vaccine for Lyme disease that has been called the only safe and effective vaccine ever to have been voluntarily withdrawn from the market in the United States. What does the story of LYMErix tell us about vaccine hesitancy, liability, and how pharmaceutical companies decide what to sell? And can we expect another Lyme vaccine anytime soon? Guests include Rebecca Onion, who wrote about LYMErix for Slate, and Andrew Zaleski, who wrote about new prophylactic treatments for Lyme for Outside magazine.

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The article states that “LYMErix was the only effective, FDA-approved vaccine in the U.S. ever to have been voluntarily withdrawn from the market.”

Ha, ha, ha, that’s a good one.
  • If by “effective” you mean it caused many patients to have Lyme-like symptoms, then I agree but most people don’t expect a vaccine to maim them for life, so “effective” would be the wrong word.
  • Hopefully by now you are aware that the FDA has a long sordid history of “approving” very harmful and dangerous drugs and “vaccines.” Just because something is “approved” doesn’t mean it’s safe, needed, or even effective. Recently the FDA deceptively “approved” the Pfizer COVID injection despite massive fraud in reporting “vaccine” injuries which is maiming and killing thousands, and despite misleading the public on efficacy.  Doctors for COVID Ethics also state it is “needless, ineffective, and dangerous.”  The corrupt FDA is not to be trusted.
  • Further, as pointed out by Dr. Flemming, making an antibody isn’t always a good thing. He gives the example of how antibodies created to fight strep can result in Rheumatic fever due to antibodies attacking the body’s own tissues, beginning with the joints and then moving on to the heart and surrounding tissues. Making the wrong type of antibody can enhance infection. Antibodies are just not that simple, but vaccine zealots continue with the “vaccines are safe and effective mantra despite thousands suffering with severe reactions and even death.  Flemming  explained the antibody issue in his groundbreaking book, “Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon? A Scientific and Forensic Investigation.”
  • It’s interesting that Rebecca calls persistent infection with Lyme, so-called chronic Lyme.” She also states that people “believed” the vaccine injured them.  This should be a clear “heads-up” on her flagrant bias and lack of knowledge.  Of course an FDA study “contradicted” patient experience just like it is currently contradicting science on effective, safe COVID treatments.  The FDA has a long history of monopolizing medicine. Would you expect anything else?  They’ve been contradicting patients for over 40 years and aren’t about to change now.  Again the FDA is corrupt, has conflicts of interests and can not be trusted.
  • Lymerix was not covered by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program so SmithKline Beecham, now GlaxoSmithKline was liable.  They yanked Lymerix not out of concern for patients, but because they were concerned about lawsuits, and rightly so.  We would not be living through the current COVID injection nightmare if manufacturers were actually liable for damage.  Big Pharma should always be held liable if their products cause damage and death.  Losing money is the only thing that will keep these companies honest.  Right now they are accountable to no one and can do as they wish without fear of repercussions.  Circling back to Lymerix, please know that due to vaccine development, they took the most specific band for Lyme out of serology testing, which is labeled by many as a crime.  We can thank Lymerix for not only debilitating people physically but for stymieing testing for over 40 years – testing which is still used to this day despite its utter and complete failure. One expert accuses public health officials of setting an arbitrary level of antibodies for testing. Another expert has sued the CDC over monopolizing Lyme testing.  This same expert has filed a “stay of action” against FDA to stop approval of COVID injections for using faulty PCR tests in the trials.  The CDC, with FDA involvement, has a long history of monopolizing testing so they can control the narrative.
  • The people in this article obviously are not aware of the severe conflicts of interest regarding our government and Big Pharma. They also believe that the government should be the one to “nationalize” vaccines and manufacture them.  I couldn’t disagree more strongly.  Government and Big Pharma needs to cease and desist from interfering with medicine. Even a group within the CDC has stepped forward to reveal inter agency corruptionmuch revolving around vaccines.
  • They also erroneously state Lyme used to be a “weird regional infection,” when Lyme has been found all over for a long, long time – it’s just the very corrupt government they want to control everything denies it “Nothing to see here!”  These poor people have been denied diagnosis and treatment for decades because according to our government, Lyme doesn’t exist there.
  • The article then glorifies Klempner’s Lyme PrEP, which we keep being told isn’t a vaccine but a monoclonal antibody “preventative treatment,” that directly gives you the antibody.  What they fail to mention is Lymerix as well as Lyme PrEP both use OspA  – the very antigen of Lyme disease that is blamed for causing devastating Lyme-like symptoms. They erroneously state it’s “just antibodies.”  If only it were that simple.  Antibodies, as stated previously, are not always harmless. Watch this brief video to understand the interplay between antigens and antibodies.
  • Klempner was also the trial administrator of the Connaught OspA Lyme vaccine in the 1990s, and is quite aware of the adverse effects of injecting OspA into people.  He also was an author of the 2006 IDSA guidelines that were the subject of an investigation by Senator Richard Blumenthal which exposed undisclosed financial conflicts in many of the panelists as well as the fact they simply ignored alternative medical opinion (which is happening again with COVID). Those guidelines relied heavily on his 2001 “retreatment” study in which most of the participants had not been treated in the first place. 
  • To state that Lyme patients and advocates do not trust Klempner would be the understatement of the year and further, I’m with Lyme advocate Carl Tuttle: we don’t want any Lyme vaccines until the issue of chronic/persistent infection is acknowledged. As you can see from this article, there are those who still believe what we are suffering from is a “scam that should be condemned”.
  • The authors then regurgitate that since COVID is a “public health issue” it’s important that EVERYONE get the vaccine because of person to person spread of infection, but that Lyme is different because it’s solely spread by ticks, even though experts have disputed this oft repeated dogma.  This “for the greater good” narrative is continually used by vaccine zealots but ignores individual freedoms as well as individual medical/health status, including the very real issue of natural immunity which is currently being ignored, not to mention the elephant in the room which is effective, safe treatments which have been proven to be successful.
  • They then mention Sam Telford, also part of the Lyme Cabal, who blames the spread of deer, and suburbanization in America, never once mentioning experimentation on ticks by infecting them with numerous pathogens and releasing them, in fact dropping them, from airplanes.  Telford, a professor of infectious disease and global health at Tufts University, helped discover the mechanism that led to the development of Lymerix and ran one of the clinical trials that tested it. He is now part of a group of biotech professionals who have formed an alliance and want to bring back the vaccine. This article, written by a doctor, methodically records the devastation Lymerix caused but which is completely ignored by Cabalists like Telford who continue to state Lymerix was “effective.” Telford, a Chronic Lyme denialist, teaches biosecurity, specializes in the bioweapon Tularemia, and was the director of a bio-level 3 lab in Groton, Massachusetts that works on dangerous, tickborne diseases on the government’s select agent list.  He’s funded by the NIH and the military-industrial complex.
  • They then wrap it up by stating the conversation parallels everything else going on: climate change, sociological issues and economics, drug company treatment choices, and marketing.
Again, articles like this one give me gray hair and make me want to swear – a lot.
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