New Vaccine Developed By Massachusetts Doctor to Prevent Lyme Disease in Humans

Clinical Studies have begun for making your enjoyment of the outdoors a lot easier.

By Tom Keer

March 1, 2021

A Massachusetts doctor may have discovered a shot that will prevent Lyme disease in humans.  the drug received federal approval from the Food and Drug Administration to be tested on people at the end of 2020.  The Phase 1 clinical trial on 66 human subjects began last week.  If effective, the shot will be available in Spring 2023.

Dr. Mark Klempner of Massachusetts Biologics at the UMASS Medical School has been working on a cure for Lyme disease for a decade.  (See link for article)



You may recognize the name of Klempner.  That’s because his  flawed study is still being used to keep chronically sick Lyme/MSIDS patients from extended treatment.  ILADS points out that the Klempner trial relied on average treatment effects, employed small samples (ranging from 37-129), and excluded over 89% of patients who sought to enroll.

Dr. Klempner has been in this game a long, long time.  

He was also the director the BU Biodefense Laboratory.


In February 2003, Boston University (BU) submitted a proposal to the NIH to construct a facility with the highest-risk level bioweapons research laboratory (called a BSL-4 laboratory) that would be sited within the BU Medical Center. The medical center is located in a dense, urban neighborhood with a majority of low-income and minority residents nearby. The process of proposal development, site selection and subsequent approval for funding took place in secret, without informing and consulting the local community. The site selected for the laboratory was pre-determined prior to BU undertaking a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) mandated environmental impact review and without involving the surrounding residential and working community – all in violation of federal policy. Nonetheless, NIH approved BU Medical Center’s proposal for $128 million.

But I’m sure this is all purely coincidental.

We are told his ‘pre-exposure prophylaxis’ (PrEP) delivers anti-Lyme antibodies, and they are “unlike vaccines” which trigger the immune system to produce antibodies. PrEP supplies the antibodies directly and kills the bacteria before a person becomes infected.  You would need the jab every single year as it only lasts 9 months.

Before you believe everything they say, you might want to read this.

As you can clearly see, this injection contains OspA, the same outer surface protein found to cause severe adverse reactions in the first Lyme vaccine called Lymerix.  (Please read about the bitter history of how our public ‘authorities’ eliminated from the Western blot two Bb proteins, outer surface protein A (OspA), from which LYMErix was made, and outer surface protein B (OspB), the intended component of next-generation vaccines. This has kept the sickest from being diagnosed.)

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These people notoriously repackage their ideas and hope we won’t notice. We may be sick but we aren’t dumb.

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